11th match (D/N), Chennai, Apr 26 2008, Indian Premier League
(17/20 ov, target 148)
Super Kings won by 9 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Chennai Super Kings
CSK Innings
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end of over 1713 runs
CSK: 152/1CRR: 8.94 
MS Dhoni43 (27)
Matthew Hayden70 (49)
Murali Kartik3-0-33-0
Ishant Sharma3-0-26-0
Kartik to Dhoni, SIX runs
seals it with a six, down the ground and a big hammer over long-on for a big one, finishes it in style

So a comprehensive win for Chennai on a near-perfect day. Once they dismissed Brendon McCullum, Chennai never looked back. Oram and Murali led a fine bowling effort before Hayden and Dhoni finished it off easily. They've played three good games so far and remain the team to beat in this competition.

Bangalore v Rajasthan starts in a bit. George Binoy is ready for the commentary and you can switch screens for that. Chelsea lead at Stamford Bridge. Thanks for joining us for this one. Good night, and good luck

Kartik to Hayden, 1 run
pushed through to middle and leg, turned away to leg side
Kartik to Hayden, no run
Kartik to Dhoni, 1 run
punched off the back foot to mid-on, easy single
Kartik to Hayden, 1 run
89kph, on the pads, turned away to midwicket for a single
Kartik to Hayden, FOUR runs
down the leg side and easily done, helped along to fine leg for a four, only five needed now

Hayden needs 16 more for the orange cap. Can't manage it in this game, though. Kartik on now.

end of over 1618 runs
CSK: 139/1CRR: 8.68 • RRR: 2.25 • Need 9 runs from 24b
Matthew Hayden64 (45)
MS Dhoni36 (25)
Ishant Sharma3-0-26-0
Laxmi Shukla2-0-18-0
Sharma to Hayden, 1 run
full and straight, pushed down the ground for a single. 18 off the over, a big one for Chennai