4.01 pm: The match is over guys. Kolkata have won by 11 runs by way of the D-L method. Another disappointing game for Punjab, who've been affected by the rain once again, although Kolkata - who have opened their account - were all over them during the opening stand between Gayle and McCullum.

Yuvraj: "It's a bit unfortunate, but we also dropped a catch and that let them get ahead. Batting looked pretty good but we need to sort out our bowling. It's a similar start like last year, but we need to push on from here."

McCullum: "Nice to get a result go our way, and this win should give us some momentum. We thought a score of 150-160 was par on this ground, but Gayle got us off to a superb start. It could have been a potentially close game, but for the rain."

Chris Gayle is the Man of the Match: "I'm happy with the result though the spectators would have wanted a full game. McCullum eased the pressure off me. I tried to get my eye in, and the first couple of overs where we were a little more careful, were vital."

Thanks for joining us. Join us in a bit for the next game - though it may not start on time given the rain - between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals. Until then, it's Siddhartha Talya signing off. Cheers!

3.57 pm: Apparently, the rain has subsided but there's still a consistent drizzle. So that's still bad news.

3.52 pm: We are forced to wait here, folks. But we've heard unofficial reports that the cut off time is 4.07 pm local time, around 15 minutes from now. It's still unofficial, but we'll try to confirm it asap. Hold fire.

Gareth: "Ah Vijay, i think there's a lot of curators who are already mad by that. Football studs on a pitch? Three overs into it and the once lovely and white pitch would begin to look like a sand box. Unfortunately it really is a summer game. Unless you want to go with more modern venues with roofs, but that will strip cricket of its heritage venues."

Vijay: "With so much change being brought into cricket , why not make cricket playable in rain also. Like play in rain would be with tennis ball since being wet it would be as hard as leather ball.Bring boundaries shorter and some sort of D/L method to calculate the runs made during rain. Now running on the field can be made simpler with football spikes, since they run the same in all conditions,be it raining or snowing."

3.41 pm: We'll get you the cut-off time soon. But if there's no further play, Kolkata will have won. Duncan: "Sitting at my desk in Durban looking out the window. I see no end to the rain unfortunately."

Sanjeev: "If the game resumes, will we still have a "Strategic Break" after 4 balls at scheduled completion of 10 overs?" I hope not, that'll be the limit!

James: "The momment the IPL said the English weather was a factor in their choice of South Africa as their venue I knew we were nailed on for a cracking spring & got my sun chairs out! It is another beautiful day here in London. Sorry about the Durban rain."

3.25 pm: It's pouring down in Durban, so if there's no play before the cut-off time, Kolkata will have won this.

It's raining down in Durban, and the players are walking off. It's gotten heavier and the covers have come on. However, Kolkata are ahead and are currently 11 runs ahead on Duckworth Lewis. The pitch size cover comes from the pavilion, while the bigger cover over it, comes from midwicket. And the staff now run to the other side to the cover boundary and start running in with the other big cover.

Bopara to Hodge, no run, short of a length on the off, chopped down to cover off the back foot
Bopara to Gayle, 1 run, full on the off stump, driven through the line to long-off

Bopara comes on

9 | 2 Runs | KKR: 78/1 | RR: 8.66

  • Brad Hodge10 (13b)
  • Chris Gayle43 (25b)
  • Piyush Chawla2-0-8-0
  • Vikramjeet Malik2-0-23-1
Chawla to Hodge, no run, slightly short, got back to play it down towards cover, good over but Kolkata have their noses in front here
Chawla to Hodge, 2 runs, googly, but he spotted it, made room, got back and chopped it well behind point for a couple
Chawla to Hodge, no run, short and wide, cut straight to point, good over so far
Chawla to Hodge, no run, flighted on the off, tried to drive it down the ground, mistimes it and it drops dead on the pitch
Chawla to Hodge, no run, on the off stump again, pushed towards cover
Chawla to Hodge, no run, tossed up on the off, not quite there to cut but he manages to chop it down to point

8 | 10 Runs | KKR: 76/1 | RR: 9.50

  • Chris Gayle43 (25b)
  • Brad Hodge8 (7b)
  • Vikramjeet Malik2-0-23-1
  • Piyush Chawla1-0-6-0
Malik to Gayle, SIX runs, smashed it! Slower one, bowled really short, a gift ball really and Gayle got back to dismiss it miles into the stands
Malik to Gayle, no run, shapes himself for a pull by getting his front foot across, but adjusted well to the length and cut it straight to point
  • Playing hot, staying cool

    Chris Gayle played a typically audacious innings, with some stylishly cool big-hitting, to give Kolkata their first win of the IPL season

  • Gayle helps Kolkata home in rain-hit game

    Sourav Ganguly made yet another comeback, with the ball this time, to help Kolkata Knight Riders keep Kings XI Punjab down to 158 for 6 before Chris Gayle took Kolkata 11 ahead of the Duckworth-Lewis par-score

  • Teams keen to get off the blocks

    Both Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders lost the opening game of their IPL campaigns on a rainy Sunday in Cape Town and the teams are now preparing to take on each other in Durban, where unfortunately the weather forecast for Tuesday is also bleak