What a match! Roll the clock back to last year, when Yuvraj Singh pulled off a run out off the last ball of the match to seal a nerve-wracking win for Kings XI Punjab,. The opponents, then too, were Mumbai, and they suffer an almost identical fate this time. Nayar had played a superb knock to put Mumbai in front, and with 4 needed off the last over, just one hit, you had to favour the batting team. But Rajasthan held their nerve, Mumbai didn't, as three wickets fell, two run outs and an lbw, to hand the match to the defending champions. One of the best matches in the competition so far, and the result is that Rajasthan go up to No.3 on the points table, and Mumbai slip to sixth.

The ploy to save the better batsmen for later backfired as those three quick wickets early on put serious brakes on the scoring. Jayasuriya and Tendulkar restrained themselves in an attempt to get the chase back on track, and when Tendulkar eventually fell, Rajasthan had the game. However, Nayar gave them a serious scare, hauling Mumbai back into the match, smashing 35 off 18, but falling at the wrong time. The players who followed failed to cope with the tension, and panicked to hand Rajasthan a crucial victory at a critical phase in the competition.

Time for the presentation. Who's your bet for Man of the Match?

Tendulkar: "You always try out certain things. With the same batting order, we fell just short by 2 runs. Towards the end, there was some panic. We lost in a similar manner last year, and we have to try and win everything we can from here."

Warne is also the Man of the Match: "The guys showed a lot of character. I'm really proud of them. Munaf Patel at the end was sensational. It was a big game for both teams, and we just wanted a smile on our faces and play well. The Mumbai Indians played well, but we hung in there and never gave up. There is a great spirit in our group."

Phew, that was some match. We still have around 14-odd games remaining, and hopefully they'll end up keeping us on the edge just as this one did. Thanks for your feedback, and hope you enjoyed the coverage. Until tomorrow, it's goodbye from all of us here at Cricinfo. Goodnight, sleep well, take care. Cheers!

Patel to Malinga, OUT, run out, full on middle, squeezes it to cover and sets off for a single, he lobs a throw back to the bowler who throws down the stumps to seal a thriller!!

SL Malinga run out (Warne/Patel) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

3 off 2.......Tension, Tension, Tension

Patel to Harbhajan Singh, 1 run, fullish on middle, pushed towards cover for a single, Rajasthan wouldn't mind that

4 off 3....

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Mum Indians 2nd innings Partnerships

1st9YV TakawaleDJ Bravo
2nd14YV TakawaleAM Rahane
3rd0ST JayasuriyaYV Takawale
4th33SR TendulkarST Jayasuriya
5th20SR TendulkarJP Duminy
6th27SR TendulkarAM Nayar
7th37Harbhajan SinghAM Nayar
8th2Harbhajan SinghDS Kulkarni
9th0Harbhajan SinghC Nanda
10th1Harbhajan SinghSL Malinga

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