44th match (D/N), Delhi, Apr 11 2010, Indian Premier League
(18.4/20 ov, target 112)
Kings XI won by 7 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
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Kings XI Punjab
KXIP Innings
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end of over 191 runs
KXIP: 112/3CRR: 6 
Adrian Barath2 (5)
Yuvraj Singh21 (25)
Daniel Vettori3.4-0-27-0
Paul Collingwood4-0-19-2

So Punjab have chased down the target of 112 with relative ease on a sluggish pitch. "Punjab are turning out to be the giant killers!!!" shrieks Anand. Delhi failed to assess the pitch - slow, low and turning - quickly and lost crucial wickets to poor running. They failed to hit a six in their innings, and Punjab too also managed only two.

"It was slow, turning, you had to put your head down and play down the ground," says Yuvraj. "You get confidence from beating Mumbai and if you play well you can beat any team."

Gambhir: "Three run outs in a row, I've never had such an experience. We are not up to the mark, 111 on this track was not enough. We should have got 140 or 150. We can never get into the game with only 111 on the board. It's been [topsy turvy] with all the teams. None of the teams are in the semis as yet. We don't want to get into a situation where we need to win two out of two so the next game is very crucial for us."

Sangakkara: "We realised we're a good side and we shouldn't be in the position we put ourselves in. We just want to go forward and build on this. Chawla's given a masterclass in legspin bowling in this game, Irfan and Rusy Theron bowled well as well. As well as Ramesh Powar in the Powerplay."

The Man of the Match is Piyush Chawla. Well that's it from this game, but Rajasthan-Mumbai is beginning shortly. Join us for that one. Cheers.

Vettori to Barath, 1 run
that's it! Punjab have won. Barath goes down the track and hits to mid-on, he runs the single and has to sprint, Sehwag throws the ball to Vettori who doesn't collect cleanly, he would have been in anyway, it needed a direct hit
Vettori to Barath, no run
played off the back foot to point, the crowd love it, the delay
Vettori to Barath, no run
driven off the front foot to mid-off
Vettori to Barath, no run
played off the back foot to short cover

The scores are level, Barath has the opportunity to hit the winning runs.

end of over 183 runs • 1 wicket
KXIP: 111/3CRR: 6.16 • RRR: 0.50 • Need 1 run from 12b
Adrian Barath1 (1)
Yuvraj Singh21 (25)
Paul Collingwood4-0-19-2
Daniel Vettori3-0-26-0
Collingwood to Barath, 1 run
he's away with a single through point

Adrian Barath from Trinidad is the new batsman.

Collingwood to Sangakkara, OUT
bowled him! Sangakkara plays down the wrong line and Collingwood hits middle stump
KC Sangakkara b Collingwood 33 (30b 4x4 0x6) SR: 110.00
Collingwood to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run
Yuvraj muscles the ball to deep midwicket where Manhas prevents the four with a diving effort
Collingwood to Yuvraj Singh, no run
he slog sweeps again and gets a top edge that goes behind Karthik and falls safely before Sehwag reaches it from short fine leg
Collingwood to Yuvraj Singh, no run
Yuvraj goes for a massive slog sweep but misses, Collingwood appeals but gets rejected by Bowden
Collingwood to Sangakkara, 1 run
Sangakkara sweeps but Sehwag prevents the four by diving at short fine leg
end of over 1713 runs
KXIP: 108/2CRR: 6.35 • RRR: 1.33 • Need 4 runs from 18b
Yuvraj Singh20 (22)
Kumar Sangakkara32 (28)
Daniel Vettori3-0-26-0
Paul Collingwood3-0-16-1
Vettori to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR runs
Yuvraj rocks back this time and pulls powerfully to the deep midwicket boundary, another one of these blows will do it
Vettori to Yuvraj Singh, no run
Yuvraj tries to close the face but gets a leading edge to Vettori
Vettori to Sangakkara, 1 run
played through midwicket for a single