That is all from us from this game. Hop over here to follow the Mumbai v Deccan game. This is Abhishek Purohit signing off. Cheers

Chris Gayle is the Man of the Match.

Sherul: "The number of wickets that fell in that chase shows how much RCB rely on Gayle and Dilshan. Seems worrying for them if Gayle doesn't perform now that Dilshan is gone as well."

This is the longest winning streak in the IPL, seven matches and Bangalore go top of the table, and in to the play offs, first team to do so

Balaji to de Villiers, FOUR runs, finally, the game is over, AB latches on to a full ball and clatters it through the gap between extra cover and mid off
Balaji to Tiwary, OUT, oh gosh, another wicket, Tiwary pushes away towards covers and tries to get to the other end, sees the ball overtake him and crash in to the stumps, nothing he could do about it

SS Tiwary run out (Gambhir) 1 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

Balaji to Tiwary, no run, slants this one wide outside the off stump, gets away with it
Balaji to de Villiers, 2 wides, Balaji helps bangalore with a high full toss outside leg stump, boucher somehow manages to parry it away with the dive

RCB 2nd innings Partnerships

1st44CH GayleLA Pomersbach
2nd21LA PomersbachV Kohli
3rd7AB de VilliersV Kohli
4th23M KaifAB de Villiers
5th1AB de VilliersKB Arun Karthik
6th5SS TiwaryAB de Villiers
7th4AB de VilliersA Mithun