2nd match (N), Bengaluru, Apr 4 2013, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 157)
RCB won by 2 runs
Player Of The Match
Royal Challengers Bangalore
MI Innings
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end of over 207 runs • 2 wicket
MI: 154/5CRR: 7.7 
Kieron Pollard5 (2)
Harbhajan Singh1 (1)
Vinay Kumar4-0-27-3
Jaydev Unadkat4-0-26-0


Ponting: "I may lose most of my finger nails. Disappointing not to have won the game. We have to analyse our game. I think with our bowing today we were a bit behind. We had a good chat about Jaspreet and he didn't let anyone down."

Kohli: "Chris batted beautifully. We knew 157 was enough, The dew came on. They way they fielded was good. The way Unadkat bowled that over towards the end was good."

Gayle is the Man of the Match: "I might come out swinging early in another game. I needed to stay there. The ball was seaming around. The key was to put up a partnership with Christian. If I was bowling offspinners I'd probably take 4 for 10 runs because I'm the best offspinner around!"

Show us Chris! Been ages since we've seen you with the ball.

That's it from us here. We hope you enjoyed the coverage. Tomorrow's it's Sunrisers taking on Pune Warriors in Hyderabad. Thanks for the mails. Cheers!

End of match: Virat Kohli was the most pumped up of the lot, rushing towards the bowler. Plenty of red shirts gather for the huddle. A tight finish to make up for the lukewarm start yesterday.

Vinay: "I was always looking to bowl a yorker to Pollard. Many things going through my mind. We had planned not to bowl a length ball. Three years back I would have bowled to his strength, but I am more mature now. It was a wonderful effort."

Every season we keep asking why Mumbai are so conservative with Pollard. Had he batted one position higher today, it could have been a different story. You have to feel sorry for Dinesh Karthik. He really turned the game. Couldn't go all the way.

The spells by Kartik and Unadkat's final over were also crucial. Dan Christian outdid himself once again at the death.

Vinay Kumar to Pollard, 1 run
Vinay holds his nerve and bowls a yorker! All Pollard can do it drill it down to long-on, Vinay stretched his arms in deliht as soon as Pollard played the shot because he knew there was no way that was going for four

Are we in for a Super Over?

Vinay Kumar to Pollard, FOUR runs
well he's bashed a four! It was a low full toss and he made room and smashed it over the bowler, it was dead straight, appeared to fall on the rope on the half volley, the umpire signalled a four but then decided to check again. From one angle it looked like it bounced just before the rope so a four it is

8 from 2. The big man has to give it everything here

Vinay Kumar to Harbhajan Singh, 1 run
no hat-trick for Vinay but it will only be a single to deep midwicket, Harbhajan swings and gives Pollard the strike
Vinay Kumar to Rayudu, OUT
Vinay knocks down the off stump and he has taken two in two! Vinay gets the ball to nip back in, Rayudu was deep in the crease looking to cut, he was cramped for room and the ball crashed onto the off stump and sent it back by a few yards
AT Rayudu b Vinay Kumar 18 (33m 18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Pollard walks in.

Vinay Kumar to Karthik, OUT
Karthik's fighting knock comes to an end! He tries to club a length delivery over the on side, gets high on him and it results in a top edge, Agarwal runs forward from deep midwicket and takes the skier
KD Karthik c Agarwal b Vinay Kumar 60 (66m 37b 3x4 4x6) SR: 162.16

Kohli has a chat with Vinay

Vinay Kumar to Rayudu, 1 bye
beats him first ball as he tries to force it through the off side, they try to sneak in a bye, Arun K's under-arm throw misses the stumps, Vinay picks up and dives, he hits the stumps but Karthik's home

Down to the wire folks, 10 required off 6 balls.

end of over 197 runs
MI: 147/3CRR: 7.73 • RRR: 10.00
Ambati Rayudu18 (16)
Dinesh Karthik60 (36)
Jaydev Unadkat4-0-26-0
Muttiah Muralitharan4-0-30-0
Unadkat to Rayudu, 1 run
bowls a full delivery and he pushes it down to long-off

Unadkat stops short before delivery on seeing Karthik back up too far. That was a sporting gesture

Unadkat to Rayudu, 2 runs
yet another collision! Makes room and bashes it down to long-off, Rayudu and Arun K collide as the batsman tries to make his ground
Unadkat to Karthik, 1 run
short of a length outside off and he pulls it down to deep midwicket
Unadkat to Rayudu, 1 run
Karthik gets a life! Rayudu mistimed the pull along the track and Karthik was backing up a long way, Unadkat has a shy at the bowler's end but misses and it's an overthrow
Unadkat to Karthik, 1 run
Unadkat to Rayudu, 1 run
this is short and wide and he carves this one down to third man, falls short of the fielder
end of over 1810 runs
MI: 140/3CRR: 7.77 • RRR: 8.50
Ambati Rayudu13 (12)
Dinesh Karthik58 (34)
Muttiah Muralitharan4-0-30-0
Daniel Christian4-0-42-0

Anxious faces in the RCB camp for sure. 24 runs off that over from Christian

Muralitharan to Rayudu, 1 run
stays back and slaps that in the air over point
Muralitharan to Rayudu, no run
down the track and he's beaten in flight and the ball clips his pad and rolls away
Muralitharan to Karthik, 1 run
tossed up and worked away down to midwicket
Muralitharan to Rayudu, 1 run
works it to deep square leg and it brings up the fifty stand
Muralitharan to Karthik, 1 run
Muralitharan to Karthik, SIX runs
he's not done yet! Tossed up and Karthik gets on his knee and slogs him clean over deep midwicket
end of over 1724 runs
MI: 130/3CRR: 7.64 • RRR: 9.00
Dinesh Karthik50 (31)
Ambati Rayudu11 (9)
Daniel Christian4-0-42-0
Murali Kartik4-0-24-1
Christian to Karthik, 1 run
full outside off and pushed to cover and it's his fifty! One over here has changed everything
Christian to Karthik, (no ball) FOUR runs
if things can't get worse for the bowler he now bowls a full toss above the waist! Karthik laps it up by clubbing it down to deep square leg
Christian to Karthik, SIX runs
three in a row! Karthik's turning it on! This was a length delivery and Karthik swings and gets enough to clear the keeper and the boundary at fine leg, where are the yorkers?
Christian to Karthik, SIX runs
we're used to seeing Christian slaughtered in the death overs! This was pitched up on middle and leg and he lofts him high over long-on