11.05 pm So much for me hoping for a close game. The contest was one-sided from the moment David Hussey was dismissed. Kings XI were set for much more at that stage but collapsed from 106 for 3. They had 138 to defend but their fielding was poor. Chawla dropped Hussey and Gilchrist failed to stump Vijay. A deserved result, this is.

Joe: "I want to be Kings XI's bowling coach. First advice -- don't keep bowling short to a batsman who has learned to play the pull shot in Perth."

"I had Raina and Dhoni in my Fantasy team. But i am not worried, since i am a CSK fan." Team before self, Madhavan, that's the spirit.

The presentation ceremony is beginning, no prizes for guessing who the Man of the Match is.

Gilchrist: "They just out bowled us and then out batted us. Completely outplayed us. We weren't that far off with the bat in the early stages but let it slip in the end. We were well short with the bat but the guys were prepared to go for their shots. It was a beautiful wicket so we needed a big score ... We were about 40 short, and that might not have been enough. We then dropped a couple of chances and they're not playing run outs anymore so that makes it tough (laughs) ..."

Dhoni: "The bowlers bowled really well, the fast bowlers did a very good job and Ashwin and Jadeja backed them up. Hussey and Vijay played well, gave a bit of respect to the fast bowlers but then finished it off ... I think it was overall a good fielding performance but we can still improve. We did [need this win], it was important that we did well with the bat."

Hussey had already picked up two cash awards, for his sixes and his catch at leg gully off Gilchrist, and now he gets the Man of the Match prize. "Great conditions out here, outfield was really fast, enjoyed batting with Vijay, he kept me calm," Hussey says. "Had a bit of luck, you always need some luck. Vijay was great support for me out there today."

So the Super Kings have their first win of the season; Kings XI have a defeat to add to their opening win. Here's how the teams stand in the points table.

That's all we've got for you today, thank you for all your emails. Do come back for the double-header tomorrow. Cheers.

Kumar to Hussey, 1 run, the winning run is a single to long off, it's a ten-wicket victory, as emphatic as they come in T20 cricket
Kumar to Hussey, SIX runs, he's launched that high and far over the square leg boundary. Hussey was on the front foot and he was in great position to hammer the short ball for six

17 | 13 Runs | CSK: 132/0 (7 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.76, RRR: 2.33)

  • Michael Hussey79 (52b)
  • Murali Vijay50 (50b)
  • Azhar Mahmood4-0-34-0
  • Rajagopal Sathish1-0-15-0
Azhar Mahmood to Hussey, 1 run, Hussey drives a good length ball towards long on
Azhar Mahmood to Vijay, 1 run, 110 kph, Vijay dabs the slower ball close on the off side and jogs the single to reach his fifty
Azhar Mahmood to Hussey, 1 run, stays back to this one and dabs the ball in front of point for a single
Azhar Mahmood to Hussey, SIX runs, Hussey charges, gets to the pitch of the ball and launches it over the long-on boundary. Measured at 84 metres, that was