20 | 15 Runs | DC: 180/4 (5 runs required, RR: 9.00)

  • Jean-Paul Duminy20 (7b)
  • Manoj Tiwary23 (13b)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar4-0-40-0
  • Dale Steyn4-0-33-2

So there we go, the first thriller is done but it's a double-header today so do shift over and tune into the action at Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians. This is Alagappan Muthu saying sayonara

Aaron Finch is the Man of the Match "Nice, slow start to the tournament. Remained positive and in this kind of format when we get on a winning streak it can last. The wicket we knew would be hard for the new batters and we made a conscious effort to bat long. It's T20, you cant win them all as long as we can win them when it counts we're happy"

"Finally we are off the mark, Great feeling to win and we needed it to boost our confidence. We knew we had the people and we just needed to click," Dhawan says, "Started off with a great partnership and Aaron and Warner too us through. Moody is very fit and gives his beautiful lectures and we have mentors to motivate the players. Anyday, me [on the winner of the contest of moustaches with Ravi Jadeja]"

"Great game of cricket," says Pietersen. "Very close. Not that far off [from getting a win]. Quinny and Vijay started well but credit to Finchy, he played fantastically and Warner also chipped in. He doesn't like being lethargic in the first six overs. Says they have to get into the game early and take the momentum. "Hand is good as gold, proved in the dismissal. Shouldn't have hit it that far. Fantastic to be back. Just have to get over the line in a couple of the nailbiters and will be back"

Prashant: "There is no point blaming KP and Co batting at the moment.. The total was huge to chase! Need to focus on bowling department! "

5.45 pm They have over 9 an over to chase, but their best batsman has faced only seven balls in the innings. Daredevils need to chalk out a better strategy than that. The openers laid a decent platform, but an out of form KP and a lack of acceleration in the death set up Sunrisers' first win of the season

Kumar to Duminy, 2 runs, gets in the yorker on off stump, JP can only punch it all along the ground to long-off. Steyn gets the ball and doesn't even bother throwing.
Kumar to Duminy, SIX runs, he walks down and smashes the low full toss over long-off! JP Duminy, hit one more of those and we have our first Super Over of the IPL

Rohan Naik: "Goregaon: One Kumar did it yeaterday, lets see how well the other do today!!" Two sixes to tie the game

Kumar to Tiwary, 1 run, comes down again but the low full toss can only be hit down to long-off
Kumar to Tiwary, FOUR runs, goes for the yorker again but this was a full toss with ample width, Tiwary has skipped down the track and smashed it over point. What a shot!
Kumar to Duminy, 1 leg bye, what a time to bowl a yorker! JP's in immense form and yet he's been duped. Goes for the whack through the on side and gets stuck on the back boot

Around the wicket

Kumar to Tiwary, 1 run, slower ball well outside off, Tiwary reaches out and pushes it into the covers. Had he left that it would have been a wide

Ratna (SRH Supp: "Vikas Kitchen Again please... I smell Split milk....." Bhuvi has to soak in all the pressure now. Dhawan is in deep conversation with him. Tiwary is pacing at the batsman's end. Long-off is back, fine leg is up

19 | 11 Runs | DC: 165/4 (20 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.68, RRR: 20.00)

  • Manoj Tiwary17 (10b)
  • Jean-Paul Duminy12 (4b)
  • Dale Steyn4-0-33-2
  • Amit Mishra4-0-38-0
Steyn to Tiwary, 1 run, finds the yorker on leg stump, Tiwary was backing away and gets a thick outside edge that goes down to deep third man. They've taken the single. JP will not be on strike, with 20 off 6 required
Steyn to Duminy, 1 run, low full toss just outside off, JP steers it to extra cover for a single
Steyn to Duminy, FOUR runs, JP is in red hot form! This was short and wide and he hoists it over point. Last time he took to Morkel, now it's Steyn

Vikas: "ok, this isnt cool man... everytime I go to the kitchen, something changes in the game. I went to the kitchen with KP and DK on the crease. "

Steyn to Tiwary, 1 run, that's a terrific ball seeking the base of middle, Tiwary clips it through to midwicket
Steyn to Tiwary, FOUR runs, this was full and outside off, Tiwary walks across and laps him to the right of short fine leg. That's a very brave shot, considering he was almost taking his eyes off the ball
Steyn to Tiwary, no run, back of a length, he swings off his feet and misses extravagantly outside off. Shades of that last over against NZ in the World T20

Dhawan, Sammy and Steyn are in the midst of a conference

18 | 18 Runs | DC: 154/4 (31 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 8.55, RRR: 15.50)

  • Manoj Tiwary11 (6b)
  • Jean-Paul Duminy7 (2b)
  • Amit Mishra4-0-38-0
  • Dale Steyn3-0-22-2
Mishra to Tiwary, 1 run, shortish and outside off, Tiwary has no intention of getting in line and cuts. Goes aerial and away to the sweeper
Mishra to Tiwary, 2 runs, tossed up outside off, Tiwary launches it over the top of extra cover but he has not timed it at all
Mishra to Duminy, (no ball) 1 run, he's overstepped on the googly, JP steers it behind point for a single
Mishra to Duminy, SIX runs, oh my! He shuffled across and slog swept the flighted delivery into the stands behind midwicket. That was a majestic hit

JPD has to finish another game for Daredevils

Mishra to Tiwary, 1 run, flighted outside off, he hacks it away to deep midwicket
Mishra to Tiwary, SIX runs, races down the track and smashes this over long-on. That's a pretty big blow in the context of the game
Mishra to Tiwary, no run, googly, tossed up just outside off. He mistimes a drive into the covers

SRH in trouble, call Steyn. He's changed the complexion of this game, but can the rest back him up. It's 49 off 18 and here's Mishi

17 | 7 Runs 2 Wkts | DC: 136/4 (49 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 8.00, RRR: 16.33)

  • Manoj Tiwary1 (1b)
  • Jean-Paul Duminy0 (0b)
  • Dale Steyn3-0-22-2
  • Darren Sammy3-0-34-1
Steyn to Tiwary, 1 run, good length ball with a hint of away shape, Tiwary gets an outside edge that wanders down to third man

Tiwary is the new batsman, wonder if he remembers those dropped catches

Steyn to Pietersen, OUT, Sammy pulls out the chainsaw after clinging on to a flat, hard hit from Pietersen. Steyn is on a hat-trick. It was full and KP moved his front leg to give himself room, he struck it well but has pinned down the man in the deep

KP Pietersen c Sammy b Steyn 16 (26m 17b 1x4 1x6) SR: 94.11

Steyn to Karthik, OUT, slower ball on off stump, he goes for a slog but doesn't connect well enough. Rahul is at deep midwicket and holds on to a straight forward catch

KD Karthik c Rahul b Steyn 15 (20m 14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 107.14

Steyn to Pietersen, 1 run, full on off stump, KP drills it to the left of mid-off. Sammy dives a little early but he is tall enough to reach his hand out and cut the progress of the ball

Tiwary v Steyn


Manoj Tiwary’s strike rate against Steyn in 4 innings (29 runs of 17 balls)

Karthik v Steyn


Number of times Steyn has dismissed Karthik in 5 innings. Karthik has scored 6 runs off 12 balls against him

Death-over stats


Daredevils’ average score in the last five overs while batting second - they need more than double today

KP v Mishra


Pietersen’s strike rate against Mishra before today’s game. He has 27 runs off 16 balls without being dismissed even once.

Chasing stats


Number of times Daredevils have successfully chased a 180+ target in the IPL (in 11 previous attempts)

High-total nerves?


Number of times Hyderabad have successfully defended a score in excess of 150 (3 previous attempts).

A new high score


Sunrisers' total today is their highest in the IPL, beating their previous best of 178, against Mumbai

Economy-rate stats


Shami’s economy rate will bowling in the last 5 overs of an innings in the IPL

Death-over stats


Sunrisers’ average score in the last 5 overs of an innings while batting first in the IPL - they will get to 168 at that rate.

The beginnings of a bunny?


Number of times Shahbaz Nadeem has dismissed Shikhar Dhawan in 3 IPL innings

A rarity


Number of times Jaydev Unadkat has dismissed any of Sunrisers' top eight batsmen (dismissed Naman Ojha once)

Ten-over stats


This is Sunrisers' second best score after ten overs, after 87 against Mumbai



David Warner's score when he was dropped second ball by the keeper Dinesh Karthik off Shahbaz Nadeem

Best Powerplay score


This is Sunrisers' best Powerplay score. Their previous best in six overs was 52