Final (N), Bengaluru, Jun 1 2014, Pepsi Indian Premier League
(19.3/20 ov, target 200)
KKR won by 3 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Kolkata Knight Riders
KKR Innings
Full commentary
end of over 205 runs
KKR: 200/7CRR: 10.25 
Piyush Chawla13 (5)
Sunil Narine2 (4)
Parvinder Awana3.3-0-43-0
Mitchell Johnson4-0-41-2

And so it ends, this season, with dry ice, fireworks, and a torrential confetti downpour. We've had a great time bringing it to you, and we hope you've enjoyed our coverage as well. Thanks a lot for tuning in, match after match, and sending in your comments, even though you know it's physically impossible to put them all up. That's it for us from the final, and what a match it was too. Good night!

Presentation time! The excitement's gotten to Ravi Shastri, who says it's been a fantastic final, and "no team deserved to win."

After an incredible century to completely turn Kings XI's innings around after a slow start, Wriddhiman Saha has to make do with just the maximum sixes award. The Man of the Match award goes to Manish Pandey.

"We have got four achievements, Ranji Trophy, Irani, cherry on the cake was the IPL," Pandey says, and misses out mentioning the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, the third domestic tournament his team, Karnataka, won. "I'm very optimistic, and I love to play the crunch game. We got ten in the first over, and that was the time I thought, if we kept doing that, we'll get 200."

The catch of the season goes to Kieron Pollard, for his catch of Kevon Cooper Shreyas Gopal, Mumbai Indians' Bangalore boy, collects it on his behalf. I got a little frazzled and thought Shreyas had won it.

Glenn Maxwell wins an award for the maximum sixes for the season, and Akshar Patel wins the Emerging Player award

"I'm very proud I've beaten so many domestic and international players to No. 1," Akshar says. "Our bowling coach Joe [Dawes] makes a lot of plans for different batsmen, and I've worked on those. I think I'm a batting allrounder, but after this performance, maybe bowling allrounder."

Chennai Super Kings win the Fair Play award, which Mohit Sharma picks up.

Robin Uthappa gets the orange cap. "It's been surreal," he says. "I'm at a loss for words. I'm happy I've contributed in a meaningful manner. If I have to pick one innings, the one against Mumbai Indians, because I played with a broken toe, and I broke through a physical barrier."

Mohit Sharma wins the purple cap "I bowled a lot in the slog overs this season," he says. "I learned a lot. I've discovered more weaknesses than strengths, so I'll work on those ahead of the next season."

Those orange and purple caps were more like helmets, made of some heavy, blingy material, and both Uthappa and Mohit struggled to put them on. Glenn Maxwell is the MVP

George Bailey says it was a match worthy of being a final. He congratulates KKR, and congratulates Manish Pandey for a "ballsy innings."

"We've got a special bunch of guys, we've had a wonderful tournament, and our guys can hold their heads high." Asked to talk about his memories of the season, he says, "I enjoyed this one, I got to play a few games."

Gautam Gambhir collects the winners' cheque for Rs. 15 crore, and has a broad grin on his face as he walks up to talk to Shastri. "Where we were after first seven games, not many people thought we would be here," Gambhir says. "They absorbed a lot of pressure, a lot of credit needs to go to the team.

"This is a ground where it is very difficult to defend. We wanted to get it down to 5 overs, 50 or 60 to get. Manish played a fantastic innings, Yusuf chipped in, and Chawla hit that important six. Wriddhiman played an unbelievable innings. Manish is fearless."

Faras: "Both innings had a costly drop. Narine dropped Saha on 60, and Saha almost doubled his scored after that drop. Panday was dropped on 60, and scored crucial (quick) 34 after the drop catch. "

What a wonderfully controlled chase that was from Kolkata. It started with some really busy running during the Powerplay, in which they only played out eight dot balls. Manish Pandey then came up with a big shot whenever called upon to do so. Three times, he hit sixes immediately after KKR had lost a wicket.

Kings XI stayed in the game thanks to a superb spell from Akshar Patel, and Mitchell Johnson was one ball away from bowling a brilliant 19th over, before Chawla smashed that half-tracker out of the ground to leave them with just five to get from the last over.

Wriddhiman Saha put Kings XI in a brilliant position with the first-ever century in an IPL final, but his team might now wonder whether their slow start - they only scored 58 in their first ten overs - might have cost them the final.

Chawla: "The short ball was coming anytime," he says, when asked about that six off Johnson.

Shakib "Two times in three years. Can't feel better!"

Narine says there wasn't too much tension. "Just wanted to make contact and give it to Piyush"

"Freaking fantastic!" says an ecstatic Robin Uthappa.

Yusuf Pathan, the only player to win three IPL titles. "I shouldn't have played that shot. We might have finished the match two overs earlier."

"Incredible performance, nine games on the trot, true champions," says Wasim Akram "They enjoy each other's company and success."

Manish Pandey gives his home crowd a big wave, stump in one hand.

"Wriddhiman Saha played a blinder of an innings and we needed someone to match that," says ten Doeschate, when asked about Pandey's innings. "It's just been a great final."

Awana to Chawla, FOUR runs
low full-toss, and it's all over! Chawla makes himself room and slices it over point and it runs away for four. Chawla is running around the ground like a madman, before he's pulled down to the ground by his teammates who fall all over him and smother him into the turf. What a win this is for Knight Riders!
Awana to Narine, 1 run
whoa. Bailey dives to his left to make a super stop at midwicket after Narine flicks, and sends in a throw to the bowler's end. Narine was well short of his crease, but Awana was nowhere near the stumps, and Sehwag fumbles after backing up, but they don't run the overthrow
Awana to Narine, no run
that's a good yorker, and Narine gets it off the bottom of his bat, straight to cover. Pressure!

After all those yorkers, why bowl the short ball? With that shot, it's now just five to get from the last over. Who will bowl it? It's Awana, who's had a shocker so far.

end of over 1910 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 195/7CRR: 10.26 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 5 runs from 6b
Piyush Chawla9 (4)
Sunil Narine1 (2)
Mitchell Johnson4-0-41-2
Axar Patel4-0-21-0
Johnson to Chawla, SIX runs
that's short, and that's six! He didn't seem to be in the best possible position to pull, but Chawla's got more than enough bat on it after walking across his crease to send it soaring over the deep backward square leg boundary
Johnson to Narine, 1 run
that's in the blockhole again, following Narine who's opened up his stance. He can only bunt it onto his front pad
Johnson to Narine, no run
Narine makes himself room, and Johnson follows him with the full ball. He swings and misses, and the ball rolls down, narrowly past leg stump, to the keeper
Johnson to Chawla, 1 run
he's pushed this full ball towards mid-off, who throws to the batsman's end, but Narine's home safe

Narine's come in now. He's had a terrible day so far, with the ball and on the field. Can he do it with the bat?

Johnson to SA Yadav, OUT
that's full, angled towards off stump, and Surya looks to go leg side. Doesn't get hold of it at all, and Manan takes a simple catch at deep midwicket. Oh yes, it was the slower ball with the off-cutter action. May have deviated away from Surya after pitching
SA Yadav c Vohra b Johnson 5 (9m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 83.33
Johnson to SA Yadav, 2 runs
Surya slogs across the line from outside off, and doesn't really get hold of it, midwicket slides to his right to keep it down to two

What a spell from Akshar. 4-0-21-0 when the match run rate is around 10 an over. Johnson now, to bowl his last over, with 15 required from 12

end of over 186 runs
KKR: 185/6CRR: 10.27 • RRR: 7.50 • Need 15 runs from 12b
Suryakumar Yadav3 (4)
Piyush Chawla2 (2)
Axar Patel4-0-21-0
Karanveer Singh4-0-54-4
Patel to SA Yadav, 1 run
skids in towards off from back of a length, and they risk the quick single to Bailey at cover and pull it off fairly easily
Patel to SA Yadav, no run
that's flat and quick again, pushed through towards off stump, and he can only defend it back to the bowler
Patel to Chawla, 1 run
slides across Chawla, who opens his face and pokes it towards point
Patel to SA Yadav, 1 run
another of those skidders homing into middle stump. Surya flicks it to midwicket
Patel to Chawla, 1 run
slower now, and Chawla flicks it towards deep midwicket
Patel to Chawla, 1 wide
Chawla walks across his stumps, and it's called wide as Akshar fires it marginally down the leg side

over the wicket to the left-handed Chawla

Patel to SA Yadav, 1 run
that's flat, and angled towards the stumps again, and he's got an inside edge onto the front pad, trickles into the leg side

Piyush Chawla is in now, to join Suryakumar Yadav. Neither has faced a ball. Can they get 21 off 18?

end of over 1718 runs • 2 wicket
KKR: 179/6CRR: 10.52 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 21 runs from 18b
Suryakumar Yadav0 (0)
Karanveer Singh4-0-54-4
Axar Patel3-0-15-0
Karanveer Singh to Pandey, OUT
oh no! Pandey's been hitting against the turn with a lot of success, but doesn't get hold of it this time. It's sliced up high over cover, and Bailey takes a simple catch. Super innings, and he raises his bat to the crowd as he walks off
MK Pandey c Bailey b Karanveer Singh 94 (81m 50b 7x4 6x6) SR: 188.00
Karanveer Singh to Pandey, 1 wide
tries to go wide of off stump again, but overdoes it, and it's way wide of the tramline, and wide of the return crease as well

Pandey pulled away from that, but Karanveer bowled anyway. Dead ball called

Karanveer Singh to Pandey, FOUR runs
moves his line from wide outside off to wide outside leg, and Pandey's swept it away powerfully, behind square
Karanveer Singh to Pandey, SIX runs
that's another six, third time he's hit one right after a wicket's fallen. Again he's gone over long-on, and again he's made a super connection
Karanveer Singh to ten Doeschate, OUT
Karanveer has his third! that's full and very wide again. Tendo tries to do a Pandey, looks to go over long-on, but he doesn't get the distance, and hits it straighter than he intended, and Miller is under it to take the catch well inside the boundary
RN ten Doeschate c Miller b Karanveer Singh 4 (6m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33
Karanveer Singh to Pandey, 1 run
tries a similar sort of shot, but it's too full to get under, and he's hit it along the ground towards long-on
Karanveer Singh to Pandey, SIX runs
that is some shot. He made it look easy. It was a legbreak tossed up well outside off, but he's swatted that with a lot of bottom hand and hit it clean over long-on

Jay: "If my maths is correct at ten minutes per match for strategic timeouts, that comes out to be 600 minutes lost to strategic timeouts which is the equivalent of ten hours which is around 3 IPL matches!" I cannot vouch for your maths, but you may well be right.