20 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | RR: 162/7 | RR: 8.10

  • Chris Morris6 (8b)
  • Tim Southee0 (0b)
  • Anureet Singh4-0-23-3
  • Mitchell Johnson4-0-34-2

Ashish: "WC MOM and MOS in same IPL team." Spot on Anish, significant Aussie flavour to this clash.

AYUSH: "Nice comeback from Rajasthan Royals. Hooda and Faulkner revived them after a poor start. It will be a good contest when the Royals' bowlers come out to bowl as the pitch may also assist them early on.

Bharath Seervi: "KXIP has chased targets of 160+ 10 times in IPL. Only CSK has chased more number of times (11)."

Nice camaraderie from Mitch there, giving credit to James Faulkner. Sandeep and Anureet exploited the green-ish pitch early on and reduced Rajasthan Royals to 35 for 3. However, Deepak Hooda and Steven Smith repaired the damage, after which Faulkner "the finisher" provided the nitrous-boost at the close of the innings to lift Rajasthan to 162 for 7. Be back for part two of the game and its denouement.

Mitchell Johnson: They batted well at the end, we would have probably wanted less. It was a nice wicket, Faulkner played well. We were not sure what was going to happen. There was a little bit in it. We have a strong batting line-up. We are confident. Faulkner, he is the finisher. He got me this time. Hopefully, I can get him next time.

Anureet Singh to Morris, 2 runs, yorker from Anureet, Morris chips down the track and jabs it to the leg side
Anureet Singh to Morris, no run, well-disguised back of the hand slower one from Anureet, Morris swings and misses. He was completely hoodwinked by that one
Anureet Singh to Morris, no run, short and outside off, he throws his bat at it and only meets with thin air

Bounty for pace


Wickets for the pace bowlers in this match, for 195 runs in 29 overs; spinners had combined figures of 1 for 92 in 11 overs

The all-round team


Number of times a Royals player has scored 40-plus and taken 3 or more wickets in an IPL game. Overall in the IPL, it's been done 15 times

The chase masters


The number of times Kings XI have chased 160 or more and won in the IPL, easily the highest. CSK are next with 14 such wins

A dozen ducks


Zeroes for Virender Sehwag in all T20 games. Among Indian batsmen, only Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan, Piyush Chawla and Amit Mishra have more ducks

Chalk and cheese


Runs scored by Faulkner off Johnson in 13 balls. In the 11 balls that Johnson bowled to other batsmen, he conceded 1 run

Expensive Johnson


Runs conceded by Mitchell Johnson in the 19th over, his joint highest in a T20 game. He has conceded 20 runs eight times

King among strike bowlers


Sandeep Sharma's strike rate in IPL games, the best among all bowlers who've bowled at least 50 overs

A Royal duck


Number of ducks for Rahane when playing for Royals in the IPL. Among Royals batsmen, only Warne (7) has more

Royals' favourite opponent


Royals' win-loss record v Kings XI, the most games they've won versus any team in the IPL