40th match (N), Bengaluru, May 6 2015, Pepsi Indian Premier League
(13.4/20 ov, target 227)
RCB won by 138 runs
Player Of The Match
Royal Challengers Bangalore
KXIP Innings
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That's all we have for you. Thanks for joining us, and your comments as well. Hope we have your company again tomorrow for another double-header. Until then, this is Alagappan Muthu signing off

Chris Gayle is the Man of the Match. "Just want to thank the crowd for their support. Overall, it was a great team effort. We discussed in the team meeting that Sandeep got the better of us last year, so we had to look at the new ball and then take on from there. Got some momentum in the Mitchell Johnson over. Managing the back well. Just take some rest in between, travel is the big issue. But I'm really happy to be back on the field. Crucial time now, every win will matter. [On his Christiano Ronaldo-style celebration] Yeah, he [Christiano Ronaldo] gave me a call as well"

"If I don't smile after that performance, something is wrong with me. The top three contributed and then Chris Gayle's innings and then we bowled really well as well. It;s the way he plays, almost impossible to stop him in Bangalore and I'm glad it came off for him and his contribution is massive for us. I was telling the guys from slip that he might not be at the Orange cap list, but he only needs one innings to go up to the leader and say 'gimme my cap'," says Virat Kohli. Especially with the bowlers backing up. They didn't take things for granted. [On S Aravind's four wickets] It was brilliant, after getting hit for a six in the first over and he came back to take four wickets. Bowled in the right areas, got 40 wickets in the first-class season. We backed him and you couldn't have asked for a better performance. Starc is always willing to help the youngsters, he's the best bowler in the world. We backed our decvision to buy him last year, we're really happy for him. He's boosting the confidence of the team [You're at fourth place now] I would like to correct you, we're on third, we have a better run rate as well, in these kind of games, the moment we saw an opening, I told the boys to close it out"

11.05 pm A very quick finish indeed. Chris Gayle punched the life out of Kings XI Punjab with his century earlier in the evening and after that, the visitors were just sitting ducks. Chasing down 227 wasn't the most enviable of situations, but they way the batsmen walked out with very little purpose, or clarity made for a very, very one-sided match. So with that thumping victory, RCB are at No. 3 in the table with 11 points, joint with KKR but with a much better net run-rate.

"Been two years, have been working hard. This is what I train for and it came off well," S Aravind says, "I am grateful for the Adam Milne injury, sorry for him, but I did well. Taking good wickets like Maxwell, Miller and Bailey. Bangalore always supports us and I've given them an opportunity to cheer for me. Starc's given me a lot of tips, bowling in the right areas and change of pace and yorkers"

archit: "If we consider gayle for duck they got defeated by 21 runs - and that was the required run rate"

"We gave him a couple of chance, I've got to bear responsibility for that," Bailey says, "We created a couple of good chances. We have a loyal bunch of fans and we're letting them down and that's hard to live with. I guess we talk about looking forward, we had Anureet bowling absolutely superbly, Axar batted well, but we have to put it together. In many cases, I think we're trying too hard. We've talked about getting the enjoyment back in the game. We'll keep trying. [What went through your mind when Gayle was going bonkers?] 'Why did you drop him, you idiot',"

ajit: "This match perfectly sums up Kings XI this season. They just have not belonged in the match and the league. They can still be party poppers though. Watch out!"

Chahal to Sandeep Sharma, OUT
there we have it! Two runs shy of the worst IPL defeat in history. Sandeep gets down the track and yorks himself. Jams his bat down and gives a dolly back to the bowler
Sandeep Sharma c & b Chahal 7 (11m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 77.77
Chahal to Patel, 1 run
watchfully turns a good length ball to deep midwicket. He had danced down, but having not got to the pitch of it, adjusted well
Chahal to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run
steps out of his crease, but Yuzi pulls his length back and fires it in quick. Clipped through midwicket
Chahal to Sandeep Sharma, FOUR runs
down the track to meet a googly and he's managed good connection. Slugged away over deep midwicket
end of over 134 runs
KXIP: 82/9CRR: 6.3 • RRR: 20.71 • Need 145 runs from 42b
Sandeep Sharma2 (6)
Axar Patel39 (20)
David Wiese1-0-4-0
Yuzvendra Chahal2-0-18-0
Wiese to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run
leading edge as he squares Sandeep up with a back of a length delivery that seams away. Flick shot ends up looping over to deep point
Wiese to Patel, 1 run
leaps up to handle a rising delivery on middle and chops it to deep point
Wiese to Sandeep Sharma, 1 run
full and outside off, Sandeep leans forward and drills it to the left of Starc at mid-off. Single taken

Aravind: "Take out Arvind's and Starc's spell of 8-0-42-8, and you are left with 4-0-36-1 -> not too shabby for KXIP eh? ;-)"

Wiese to Sandeep Sharma, no run
back of a length on off stump, a little more ably handled as he guides it to point
Wiese to Sandeep Sharma, no run
back of a length on off stump, Sandeep dabs it off the outside edge to point

Slip in for the No. 11