7.22pm: And that, people of the universe, is that. Do pop over here for live commentary from the Royals-KKR game. It's been fun bringing you this game, as always. Until next time, good night!

Pawan Negi is the man of the match. "I was just trying to bowl on good areas. Jadeja is a great fielder and he took a brilliant catch. First time in the IPL I bowled with the new ball, so I was excited."

MS Dhoni: "It just gives you that extra match. If you have that one bad game, it gives you another chance to get into the final. We took it as a game we have to win but we were not desperate. It was a slightly slow wicket and the spinners bowled very well on this track. At times on a wicket like this you try to aim too big. 150 would have been a good total on this wicket. David Miller's catch was a fantastic one. Jadeja made it look easy and it was a great effort. The art lies in making it look easy. Same as in batting. We have made it quite simple. We want to adapt, we want to improve. A lot of teams emphasise bringing in youngsters and make them good players. We have not emphasised that, but you could say we have had international cricketers and made good captains of them." Vishnu: "So KXIP 2014 reads 14M 11W 3L and 2015 reads 14M 3W 11L. Small change but a big difference!"

George Bailey: "Disappointing season, but I guess the new year will hopefully promise better things. We'll regroup, look to improve where we can, and come back better and fresher. I don't think anyone has had an outstanding year, we haven't had anyone at the top of the runs leaderboard or the wickets leaderboard. That's the nature of the tournament. We'll start on 0 the next year, won't we? The key, when you look at the best sides, is they don't have a big gap between their best and worst. This year, the gap between our best and worst has been too wide."

7.07pm Super Kings ensure a top-of-the-table finish with an exceedingly comfortable win, and they're into the first Qualifier. They have two shots at reaching the final now.

Anureet Singh to Raina, FOUR runs, full and wide and Raina slices it away with an open face past short third man, who falls to his left and fumbles a fairly straightfoward fielding effort. I'm not sure who the fielder was, but anyway, a terrible final act in a terrible season for Kings XI

1 to win now

Anureet Singh to Dhoni, 1 run, back of a length slower ball wide outside off, Dhoni steers it to third man
Anureet Singh to Dhoni, SIX runs, down the track now, converts this ball into a full-toss, and lifts it over long-off
Anureet Singh to Dhoni, SIX runs, whoa. That's the sort of shot we haven't seen Dhoni play too often recently. It's another slower short ball outside off, and he moves a long way across and swings his body around, feet in the air, to whip/pull/scoop it over the fine leg boundary
Anureet Singh to Dhoni, no run, slower ball, back of a length outside off, defended towards point off the back foot

14 to win. Here's Anureet.

16 | 6 Runs | CSK: 117/3 (14 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 7.31, RRR: 3.50)

  • MS Dhoni12 (12b)
  • Suresh Raina37 (33b)
  • Beuran Hendricks3-0-25-1
  • Anureet Singh2-0-13-0
Hendricks to Dhoni, 1 run, full slower ball on off stump, Dhoni plays a checked drive to sweeper cover

around the wicket now

Looking down the barrel


Number of times that a team has beaten CSK in the IPL after batting first and scoring 130 runs or less (RCB in 2008).

Quick Hands


Number of stumpings for MS Dhoni in the IPL, joint-most with Dinesh Karthik.

Power-less Play


Wickets lost by Kings XI during the first six overs of an innings this IPL, by far the most for any team.