Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's all we have for you from commentary. Thank you for joining us, hope to see you for the first double-header this season tomorrow. Goodnight

Amit Mishra is Man of the Match in his 100th IPL game. "I think nothing much to say. Just trying to take wickets, I got success, really happy today. Wicket was on the slower side, little effort needed to spin the ball. I wanted [to bowl the fourth over] but I supported the captain. We worked hard on batting and bowling and fielding, and it came out very well on this game. We hope to do good work in later matches too"

"It was required. The win was required for us. Happy with the way we put our efforts on the field. It was a good toss to win," Zaheer Khan says, "The energy out there was fantastic. We want that young energy, you want to see that energy on the field and very happy with the way the boys threw themselves around. We kept taking wickets, Mishra was really good. We want to build momentum at the right time, let everyone express themselves freely. We are playing RCB in a couple of days, and this will will definitely help"

11.00 pm So an early night for us then. Delhi Daredevils' openers were a tad nervous at the start. They were 28 for 1 at the Powerplay, but with only 112 to chase, there was never any pressure on them. Quinton de Kock anchored the innings with a strokeful fifty - gets a pat on the back of his head from the opposition captain and his South Africa team-mate David Miller. Amit Mishra, though, was the match-winner tonight with his 4 for 11 from three overs.

"Exactly, not enough runs. Quick turnaround on Sunday, had a few chances on the field, the guys out their bodies on the line. Massive difference, momentum gets broken when you lose quick wickets. Have to look at the batting line-up," says Miller.

Aman: "Bizarre captaincy by Miller. Took off Sandeep Sharma after a wicket maiden and never bowled him again. Took off the seamers when they were doing well, brought on spinners who were by and large leaking runs, but kept them going. Lack of experience and nous showing?"

Sahu to Negi, SIX runs, in the slot for the slog sweep and Negi does not disappoint. Sends it soaring over the midwicket boundary to stamp Daredevils' dominance on this match
Sahu to de Kock, 1 run, shortish on middle and leg, pulled to deep square leg
Sahu to de Kock, FOUR runs, goes against the spin, but he had reached the pitch of the ball and therefore doesn't have to worry about the risk. Lashes a flighted delivery over cover

13 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | DC: 102/2 (10 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 7.84, RRR: 1.42)

  • Pawan Negi2 (1b)
  • Quinton de Kock54 (40b)
  • Axar Patel3-0-25-1
  • Mitchell Johnson3-0-28-0
Patel to Negi, 2 runs, on the pads and Negi plays a neat little leg glance to get off the mark

Pawan Negi's been pushed up the order again

Jarin: "Dravid for president!!!!" ---- And there ends that debate

Patel to Samson, OUT, he's missed a straight one. Samson hared down the pitch and looked to slap one down the ground. But Axar bowled it quicker and flatter, it sneaks below his bat and knocks the stumps

SV Samson b Patel 33 (51m 32b 3x4 1x6) SR: 103.12

Patel to de Kock, 1 run, shortish and outside off, patted into the covers
Patel to Samson, 1 run, flighted on off stump, driven to long-off
Patel to de Kock, 1 run, shortish and angled across the left-hander from around the stumps, de Kock glides it behind point
Patel to Samson, 1 run, gets down the track to knock a good length ball to long-on

3rd biggest


Daredevils' margin of win in terms of balls remaining - their third biggest in the IPL.

Easy target?


The lowest total successfully defended at Kotla, - by Charges against Daredevils. Teams have defended sub-165 totals only thrice from 24 attempts here in the IPL.

Kings XI stumble at Kotla


No. of totals lower than Kings XI's 111/9 that teams have made at the Kotla from full quota of 20 overs in the IPL; 110/8 by Super Kings against Daredevils in 2012

Mishra leads


IPL Wickets Amit Mishra started the match with - joint highest by any spinner along with Harbhajan and Piyush Chawla. He is now the clear leader.

Stumping stat


Number of batsmen Amit Mishra has dismissed stumped in the IPL. Most for any bowler. Harbhajan is next in this list with 14 such wickets.

Rare success


Number of wins for Daredevils against Kings XI in the 2015 IPL. Kings XI are the only team that Daredevils have beaten twice in a season in the last three IPLs.