Match Day

484dThe Bulletin by Sriram Veera

Seamers set up Bangalore win

On a slow pitch that lacked bounce, Bangalore restricted Rajasthan to 130 before they knocked it off without much fuss to win a crucial encounter in Jaipur.

484dJamie Alter

Bangalore reprise a familiar script

Much had changed statistically since these two teams last met, but in terms of familiarity of sequence it was pretty much the same story

RCB 2nd innings Partnerships

1st6JH KallisMK Pandey
2nd36KP PietersenMK Pandey
3rd60KP PietersenRV Uthappa
4th11KP PietersenV Kohli
5th6LRPL TaylorV Kohli
6th13R DravidLRPL Taylor