5th match (N), Chennai, Apr 6 2013, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 149)
Mum Indians won by 9 runs
Player Of The Match
Mumbai Indians
• The Report by Abhishek Purohit

Pollard trumps Dhoni in close clash

Not many sides win a Twenty20 game from 83 for 6 in the first innings. Not many sides have Kieron Pollard, who once again showed how much damage he can cause

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Scorer: Sanjay Murari
Commentator: Devashish Fuloria
Scorecard summary
Mumbai Indians148/6(20 overs)
Chennai Super Kings139/9(20 overs)
MS Dhoni51 (26)
end of over 202 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 139/9CRR: 6.95 
Ankit Rajpoot2 (6)
Dirk Nannes0 (0)
Munaf Patel4-0-29-3
Mitchell Johnson4-0-22-1

That brings us to the end of another cracker of a match. Abhishek Purohit's match report will be available soon. Thanks for all your comments and feedback, this is Devashish Fuloria signing off. Good night.


Ricky Ponting: "Last two games have both gone down the wire and I am happy that we have won this one. That partnership between Pollard and Harbhajan gave us a total that we could defend. The outfield was lusher and bigger than most Indian grounds and that helped us defend the total. Our bowlers did a great job, specially the spinners in the middle overs."

MS Dhoni: "The shot selection was bad in this game, the bowlers did very well, kept getting wickets at regular intervals. 150 runs target is what we should have chased. There was a time in the last two overs where I couldn't change strike because we didn't have wickets in hand. I didn't know what the strength of the current combination of bowlers were, we let them try it out and that allows Mumbai to get away, but we should have chased it down. The pitch is very good, fast bowlers had bounce, batsmen could play shots, but it will slow down as the tournament progresses."

Kieron Pollard is the Man of the Match: "Feeling very relieved after that over that I bowled to Dhoni. I like to contribute in all the departments of the game. That catch came to me in the end, had i dropped it, I would have been the match gone. I am not a finished product as a bat, but I am trying to do what the team situation requires. I told Harbhajan to just keeping knocking it around and build a partnership."

Pollard wins an award for hitting maximum sixes, Ponting wins the 'nayi soch' (new thinking) award.

Mumbai Indians win it in Chennai and it didn't come easy, Dhoni was threatening to take it away single-handedly like he has done so many times before. But that catch by Pollard made the difference.. The team owner is on the ground, she gives high-fives to Ponting and Tendulkar, then shakes hands with Munaf..

Mitchell Johnson: "It was nerve-wracking, the crowd was behind them, Dhoni got going too, but I bowled well and then Munaf bowled a good last over. It was tough to bowl in the sticky conditions and I was surprised when Ricky gave me a third over in a row, it worked out well. There was dew today, but it wasn't as bad as we thought."

Siva: "Munaf escaped with a descent stat for this match, thanks to Pollard's blinder!"

Kapil: "That catch by Pollard gives him the unique right to claim that he caught a ball that even his coach - Jonty Rhodes - could not have caught. Jonty isn't 6 ft and most players who are, are terrible fielders."

Rajesh Banda: "What a man Polly is, he is the one brought chennai back in game and he is the only man to throw them out of contest.. superb stuff.."

Patel to Rajpoot, no run
another short ball, it follows the batsman who ducks under it, but it's an ok delivery, Mumbai win, Ponting is all smiles, gives a hug to Munaf, DK and Polly.. and others in the queue..

Rohit Ramanathan: "Pollard seems to be breaking his own record of the best catches this year..towards the end of the year, the top ten best catches may all be Pollards.."

Patel to Rajpoot, no run
another short delivery that goes over the bat, to the keeper
Patel to Rajpoot, no run
moves outside the leg stump, Munaf follows him with a short one, the batsman swats it back to the bowler like he is getting rid of an irritating fly

Vicky: "@Schekar: "Sachin's duck is a good omen for mumbai. Indeed it is..."

Vishnu: "I take back what I said before. These West Indians love to put their best performance in the last over."

Patel to Rajpoot, 2 runs
fuller delivery on off stump, the batsman drives it to extra cover where Ponting dives and makes a half-stop, gives away two, but he doesn't mind it at this stage
Patel to Rajpoot, no run
length delivery outside off, the batsman swings and misses

Milind: "Catches win matches, without a doubt that will be the best catch of the year" -- No sir, it's the third best Pollard catch this year...

Patel to Dhoni, OUT
Polly has done it! He has pulled off another stunner at the boundary! It was a length delivery, one of those which disappeared in the previous over, it looked like this was going out of the ground too, but Polly intercepts just in time with the tall frame of his, outstretched arms, bucket palms, is that the match?
MS Dhoni c Pollard b Patel 51 (55m 26b 5x4 3x6) SR: 196.15

Ponting has his arms on Munaf's shoulder, now Sachin joins in the discussion. Both of them sharing their wisdom with Munaf, he accepts it with a shake of head. Did he understand everything? We will find out now.. Long off, long on, deep midwicket, deep square leg

end of over 1911 runs
CSK: 137/8CRR: 7.21 • RRR: 12.00
MS Dhoni51 (25)
Ankit Rajpoot0 (1)
Mitchell Johnson4-0-22-1
Kieron Pollard4-0-40-1
Johnson to Dhoni, 1 run
slower delivery on off, it's full too, the batsman pushes it to long off for a single
Johnson to Dhoni, SIX runs
see it sailing over deep midwicket everytime it is bowled on a length on the stumps - that is one lesson Mitchell Johnson would learn from this delivery
Johnson to Dhoni, 2 runs
length delivery on off stump is mauled on the leg side, Bhajji at deep midwicket does well to come around it and keep the batsmen to two
Johnson to Dhoni, 1 wide
he gives away an extra run with another wide outside off

22 off 9 now..Just one off this over till now

Johnson to Dhoni, no run
fuller delivery outside off, he punches it to mid-off, there was a single but he stays back again..
Johnson to Dhoni, no run
length delivery on off stump, he tries to swing it big, but ends up dragging it to deep midwicket, he turns down the single again
Johnson to Dhoni, no run
this time it's a good yorker just outside off, Dhoni tries to whip it to the leg side but doesn't make any contact
Johnson to Dhoni, 1 wide
bowls it full and wide outside off, Dhoni lets it go and it's a wide

Mitchell Johnson comes in ..

MK: "@rajan, and now a "Thriller"...."

end of over 1817 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 126/8CRR: 7 • RRR: 11.50
Ankit Rajpoot0 (1)
MS Dhoni42 (19)
Kieron Pollard4-0-40-1
Harbhajan Singh4-0-31-2
Pollard to Rajpoot, no run
length delivery on off, the batsman chips it over the bowlers head, it doesn't go too far but Dhoni turns down Rajpoot's request for his first IPL runs..

New batsman is Ankit Rajpoot

Vishnu: "One West Indian bowled his team to victory out of nowhere and another West Indian bowls his team to defeat out of nowhere."

Pollard to Laughlin, OUT
he bowls a slower delivery outside off, the batsman was too eager to push it to the leg side and falls over a bit, gets an inside edge and the ball hits the stumps..
B Laughlin b Pollard 0 (9m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

rajan: "@Viral Patel,, which now turning into a horror for MIs"

Pollard to Dhoni, 1 run
bowls a high full toss on the stumps, the batsman punches it to extra cover for a single
Pollard to Dhoni, 1 wide
bowls a slower wider delivery, this one is wide indeed
Best performances - batsmen
KA Pollard
57 runs (38)
4 fours
5 sixes
Productive shot
on side drive on front foot
22 runs
1 fours
3 sixes
MS Dhoni
51 runs (26)
5 fours
3 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
23 runs
3 fours
1 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
MM Patel
PP Ojha
Match details
MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai
TossMumbai Indians , elected to bat first
SeriesIndian Premier League 2013
Player Of The Match
Kieron Pollard
Hours of play (local time)20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.25, Interval 21.25-21.45, Second Session 21.45-23.05
Match days6 April 2013 - night match (20-over match)
Vineet Kulkarni
Marais Erasmus
TV Umpire
Krishnaraj Srinath
Reserve Umpire
Krishnamachari Srinivasan
Match Referee
Javagal Srinath
PointsMumbai Indians 2, Chennai Super Kings 0