2nd Semi-Final, Birmingham, Sep 21 2019, Vitality Blast
(18.4/20 ov, target 161)
Essex won by 34 runs
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5.15pm: Spin it to win it, that was the only way for Essex. Simon Harmer and Aron Nijjar shared seven wickets as Essex won a game at Finals Day at the fifth time of asking. Can they now go one more and dethrone Worcestershire? We'll be back to find out in an hour or so, with the toss at 6.15pm. Here's Ravi Bopara on the Edgbaston surface: "It's a tough challenge for the batters. Everyone is saying it will be a completely different pitch this evening, but I don't know, it looks pretty dry." There you go, the wisdom of R-Bop. Back in a bit!

Here's Khan: "Finals Day is day for captains? Of course, winning captains. Mo already bagged MOM and Harmer looks strong contender now. Who will finish better late tonight is more important?"

Delport to Rampaul, OUT
slower delivery, Rampaul twonks it down the ground... well taken by Nijjar running in! An excellent catch to finish a clinical display with the ball from Essex, and a good day for the young left-armer playing his first game in this season's Blast
R Rampaul c Nijjar b Delport 6 (6m 8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 75.00
Delport to Rampaul, no run
length ball outside off, poked to backward point
Delport to Rampaul, 1 wide
back-of-the-hand slower ball, too wide for the umpire's liking
Delport to Rampaul, no run
appeal for lbw but I think that's whacked the inside edge
Delport to van Beek, 1 run
on the stumps and worked to leg

Two overs to go, Essex have almost exorcised their semi-final ghost

Here's Matt again: The good news for Derbyshire is that Ravi Rampaul has more runs from No. 11 than anyone else in the Blast this season. The bad news is that they need 37 off 12...

end of over 186 runs • 1 wicket
Derby: 124/9CRR: 6.88 • RRR: 18.50 • Need 37 runs from 12b
Ravi Rampaul6 (5)
Logan van Beek15 (11)
Simon Harmer4-0-19-4
Cameron Delport1-0-9-0
Harmer to Rampaul, no run
flighted, wide of the stumps, Rampaul heaves across the line and misses
Harmer to Rampaul, no run
fired in full, dug out on off stump
Harmer to Rampaul, SIX runs
gives it some tap! A massive mow into the stand at deep midwicket! Rampaul brings out the gun show in an act of late defiance
Harmer to Rampaul, no run
pushed through from round the wicket, Rampaul taps it away
Harmer to Rampaul, no run
spins this through past the outside edge

Ravi Rampaul bulldozes out at No. 11. Slip in, a first Finals Day five-for in prospect

Harmer to Smit, OUT
tossed up, Smit reverse-sweeps - picks out backward point! Harmer pumps his fists, does the job straight away, ending a useful stand for the ninth wicket to put Essex on the brink
D Smit c Delport b Harmer 19 (25m 18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 105.55

Harmer brings himself back, three overs to go

Matt's back: This is officially... still nowhere near on. But the hand is at least hovering somewhere near the dimmer switch for the first time in a long time

end of over 179 runs
Derby: 118/8CRR: 6.94 • RRR: 14.33 • Need 43 runs from 18b
Logan van Beek15 (11)
Daryn Smit19 (17)
Cameron Delport1-0-9-0
Dan Lawrence3-0-20-1
Delport to van Beek, FOUR runs
full and wide, pace off but van Beek squeezes it out off the toe of the bat, past short third man and away for four!
Delport to Smit, 1 run
shuffles across and plops this out towards deep square leg