2nd Semi Final, Birmingham, Oct 4 2020, Vitality Blast
(11/11 ov)
(8.2/11 ov, target 95)
Notts won by 5 wickets
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Notts Innings
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7pm Dan Christian is Player of the Match: "Our season has gone that way, our spinners and medium-pacers have done the job through the middle and end. The wicket played a little better than in the first game, we'll wait and see if it starts to skid on. Chris Nash, we'll speak to the brains trust, Peter Trego is waiting in the wings. Not sure how Nashy is so we'll find out shortly..."

Indeed we will. Time to switch browsers once again ... from here, to here.... for Surrey against Nottinghamshire in the fInal of the 2020 Vitality Blast!

Here's Dane Vilas: "We can reflect on a good season and be proud of the boys. With everything that's gone on it's been difficult but thanks to the ECB. Playing in October is strange, but Notts are a very good side, they bat deep, and are a good side to reach the final."

Duncan Ward: "Is the final still 16 overs or could they increase it?" All will be revealed... But there's been some impressive flexibility from the ECB in the last few days. In fact, here is the news...

"The final is 16 overs," say the ECB. "One bowler can bowl 4 and any others 3. Powerplay is 4.5 overs. Toss at 7:10pm. Match starts at 7:30pm 7.25pm."

Parkinson to Imad Wasim, FOUR runs
in the slot, and slogged over long on to book that slot in the final! That's the way to do it. One over makes the difference, as Surrey await!
Parkinson to Christian, OUT
a gallop to the pitch, and Christian is done! Went for the big wind-up, but Parkinson's more flighted leg-spin undoes his murderous intent. Tossed up, dipping before he can reach the pitch, and Davies whips off the bails with Christian already halfway to the dressing room
DT Christian st †Davies b Parkinson 30 (12m 13b 0x4 4x6) SR: 230.76
end of over 825 runs
Notts: 91/4CRR: 11.37 • RRR: 1.33 • Need 4 runs from 18b
Daniel Christian30 (12)
Samit Patel1 (1)
Liam Livingstone2-0-37-0
Matt Parkinson2-0-8-1

Peter: "Taking of bad language, I bet Leicester fans are swearing at the tv right now. " Oh yes ...

Livingstone to Christian, 1 run
goes for the fifth, but drags it to square leg! No matter ... he's booked a final with Surrey in four blows!

Never in doubt ...

Livingstone to Christian, SIX runs
round the wicket, and that's vanished as well! The change of angle does nothing to confound Christian's pumping adrenalin. Butchered over the leg side once more!
Livingstone to Christian, SIX runs
faster, flatter, straighter ... same result! Christian is seeing it like a comet now, another swing over midwicket, right into his arc...
Livingstone to Christian, SIX runs
belted over cow corner, and it is utterly nailed! Slower ball, wider line, down on one knee, with a violent swing across the line! The report of the bat said everything!
Livingstone to Christian, SIX runs
tosses up the leg-break, swept on length, and pounded into the stands! That'll help settle Notts' nerves!
Livingstone to Christian, no run
pressed to cover, on the front foot
end of over 75 runs
Notts: 66/4CRR: 9.42 • RRR: 7.25 • Need 29 runs from 24b
Daniel Christian5 (6)
Samit Patel1 (1)
Matt Parkinson2-0-8-1
Tom Hartley2-0-21-2

Aravinth Subram: "Do we have the Finals after this today or is it on Wednesday?" Indeed we do, looking at a 7.30pm start

Parkinson to Christian, 1 run
flicked firmly to long-on, just the single. Nottinghamshire still have this in their grasp, but it's a battle now!
Parkinson to Christian, no run
lovely bowling, grip and dip, outside leg stump
Parkinson to Christian, no run
sharp spin from a tight line! Squirted out to point as that one skids, and so does the fielder!

Clarence: "Five penalty runs for bad language? Australia would end an innings on about minus 500 if they ever have Martin Saggers do one of their games."

Parkinson to Patel, 1 run
dipping on a full length, clipped around the corner to square leg
Parkinson to Christian, 1 run
leaning on the full length again, to mid-on
Parkinson to Christian, 2 runs
flicked off the full length, to deep midwicket, and swiftly back for two
end of over 69 runs • 2 wicket
Notts: 61/4CRR: 10.16 • RRR: 6.80 • Need 34 runs from 30b
Daniel Christian1 (1)
Tom Hartley2-0-21-2
Matt Parkinson1-0-3-1

Now then Samit... back up to No. 6 as well you'd expect of the man who kept his cool on Thursday

Hartley to Clarke, OUT
full and flatter, pings back leg stump, and now Nottinghamshire are worried! The surprise yorker, Clarke wasn't expecting that at all, as he plays all round it, and Lancashire are cock-a-hoop!
JM Clarke b Hartley 17 (18m 8b 0x4 2x6) SR: 212.50
Hartley to Christian, 1 run
full face of the bat, eased down to long-off
Hartley to Clarke, 1 run
tip and run, into the covers, Clarke needs to take this home now...
Hartley to Moores, OUT
honked high in the air, a miscued slog from Moores, he's no-where near the pitch of the ball, and that's a well-judged swallow at deep cover. Poor choice there, with Clarke going so well. Are Nottinghamshire going to choke as they did in the quarters?
TJ Moores c Vilas b Hartley 1 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Abhijato: "This Hales fellow looks talented, but mere cameos won't cut it if he ever wants to see himself in an England shirt ..."

Hartley to Clarke, 1 run
tickled to the leg side, another single
Hartley to Clarke, SIX runs
down on one knee, and pummelled over deep midwicket! His 22nd of the competition

A switch of ends for Hartley.

end of over 53 runs • 1 wicket
Notts: 52/2CRR: 10.4 • RRR: 7.16 • Need 43 runs from 36b
Tom Moores1 (2)
Joe Clarke9 (4)
Matt Parkinson1-0-3-1
Liam Livingstone1-0-12-0
Parkinson to Moores, no run
a big heave as Moores sizes up the short boundary but can't connect. That's the over Lancashire needed

Alex Hales' last four T20 Blast dismissals:

b C Parkinson 11

c Clark b Trevaskis 4

b C Parkinson 9

b M Parkinson 29

Parkinson to Clarke, 1 run
on the back foot, shuffling at the crease, and flicked to the on-side
Parkinson to Moores, 1 run
outside off, very wide line, pumped off a toe-end out to cover

Martin Saggers has warned Nottinghamshire for bad language! Five penalty runs if there are any more expletives! Gosh ...

Hales' is audibly unchuffed by that one. Here's Tom Moores, another of Nottinghamshire's main men this season

Parkinson to Hales, OUT
bowled him with a beauty! He was done like a kipper by Callum Parkinson the other night, and Matt Parkinson gets him tonight! Drift, dip, spin ... timber! That's beautiful bowling ... and Hales' collection of cameos is extended again!
AD Hales b Parkinson 29 (22m 17b 2x4 2x6) SR: 170.58
Parkinson to Hales, no run
low full toss, thumped back down the track to bring up the 50