Final (D/N), Birmingham, Aug 29 2015, NatWest t20 Blast
(20 ov, target 167)
Lancashire won by 13 runs
Player Of The Match
Nthnt Innings
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end of over 207 runs • 1 wicket
Nthnt: 153/6CRR: 7.65 
Alex Wakely4 (2)
Josh Cobb44 (37)
Gavin Griffiths3-0-23-2
James Faulkner4-0-25-2

10.10pm: Croft and his men lift the Blast trophy, then comes the champagne, bubbles all over the place... We'll leave them to it, thanks for all your comments today, George's report from the ground will be up on the site soon. All our Lanky readers, remember to enjoy yourselves responsibly. G'night!

10pm: Man of the Match is Alex Davies "I think it's six times now and the first time we've managed to get over the line, so happy for the lads. Me and Ashwell wanted to get us off to a good start. It was actually quite a nice surface to bat on, we thought it might be a bit worse, but we got a score and back our spinners. We knew we could defend a score like that. Without being too cheesy, it's probably the best day of my life."

Northamptonshire captain Alex Wakely: "We've played well this year, as a team, someone has always put their hand up. I'm really proud of the guys. We've got a lot of good young players coming through, it's quite tough playing teams with bigger financial backing but we'll keep trying to punch above our weight."

Lancashire captain Steven Croft, who has just made his 116th consecutive T20 appearance: "I've been playing for 10 seasons now, glad we got over the line, we've been playing good T20 cricket for a long time. We've had good one-day sides, not won a trophy, hopefully we can get something started. We built the momentum up as the tournament went along. The slow bowlers played brilliantly. [For the fans] Definitely, it's been a long time coming and a pleasure to celebrate in front of them."

9.40pm: Lancashire, beaten finalists last year, finally get their hands on the trophy. It was a super team effort that got them there, from a group of players that found form at the right time having sneaked through the group stage. The longest day in cricket has ended one of the longest waits - Lancashire have won more T20 games than any other side since the format's inception but never triumphed in five previous Finals Day attempts. Their last piece of limited-overs silverware came in 1999, at the end of a decade when they were one-day kings; they've been paupers ever since. They can savour this one now, though credit to Northants for scrapping the whole way. After two damp squib semis, we had a tense tussle to crown the champions. What a moment for Gavin Griffiths, too, a 21-year-old who only made his T20 debut this afternoon; he held his nerve brilliantly at the end and getting rid of Afridi was the moment Northants knew the jig was up.

Griffiths to Wakely, FOUR runs
full, Wakely aims down town, gets a thick edge to third man - it's not enough, Lancashire win by 13 runs and claim that long-awaited first T20 title!

One hand on the trophy now...

Griffiths to Wakely, no run
pitched up outside off, Wakely swings... and misses
Griffiths to Cobb, 1 run
full length outside off and driven into the covers

Miracles and snookers required now, as Alex Wakely comes out

Griffiths to Kleinveldt, OUT
wide, length delivery... and plopped into the hands of long-off! Kleinveldt falls, reaching for the ball, searching for the big hit, safely caught
RK Kleinveldt c Croft b Griffiths 11 (9m 8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 137.50
Griffiths to Cobb, 1 run
low full toss on the stumps, can't get it away, through the leg side but along the turf
Griffiths to Kleinveldt, 1 run
shuffles across outside off, slower ball, wide and edged down to third man, just a single

Griffiths to bowl, a huge order for Kleinveldt and Cobb

end of over 198 runs
Nthnt: 146/5CRR: 7.68 • RRR: 21.00
Rory Kleinveldt10 (6)
Josh Cobb42 (35)
James Faulkner4-0-25-2
Gavin Griffiths2-0-16-1
Faulkner to Kleinveldt, 1 run
low full toss from Faulkner, he can only squeeze a single out through the covers - so Northants are left needing 21 from the last over
Faulkner to Cobb, 1 run
pitched up on the stumps and Cobb drills it back down the pitch... into the stumps at the non-striker's end! That might well have been four (or an injury for the umpire)
Faulkner to Kleinveldt, 1 run
full outside off and thick-edged through gully
Faulkner to Kleinveldt, FOUR runs
slower ball, sits up outside off and Kleinveldt slices it away through backward point, that'll be four
Faulkner to Kleinveldt, no run
pitched up, Kleinveldt digs it out firmly but straight back to Faulkner in his follow through
Faulkner to Cobb, 1 run
up in the blockhole, Cobb heaves to leg, will only get one through midwicket

James Faulkner is back on and will bowl, 29 needed off 12 balls

end of over 187 runs • 1 wicket
Nthnt: 138/5CRR: 7.66 • RRR: 14.50
Rory Kleinveldt4 (2)
Josh Cobb40 (33)
Gavin Griffiths2-0-16-1
Arron Lilley3-0-20-0
Griffiths to Kleinveldt, no run
goes wide and fires the ball full, just inside the tramlines, Kleinveldt throws the bat and misses
Griffiths to Kleinveldt, FOUR runs
full outside off, swings and gets an edge, that will run fine of third man... They'll take them anyway they can
Griffiths to Cobb, 1 run
full and straight, swatted into the leg side

Rory Kleinveldt is in, they need a barrage to get home from here

Griffiths to Shahid Afridi, OUT
slower ball, slogged into the deep - gone, picks out the man! Afridi falls, by the sword, naturally, flat-batting the ball to the fielder at deep cover. Lancs closing in
Shahid Afridi c Livingstone b Griffiths 26 (24m 18b 2x4 1x6) SR: 144.44
Griffiths to Cobb, 1 run
full length outside off, Cobb skies it... but Davies puts down a dolly at extra cover! Straight through the hands and he falls to the ground and covers his head
Griffiths to Shahid Afridi, 1 run
pitched up on the stumps and driven down the ground for one

Faulkner still off the field, so Gavin Griffiths will bowl only his fifth over in T20 cricket

end of over 176 runs
Nthnt: 131/4CRR: 7.7 • RRR: 12.00
Josh Cobb38 (31)
Shahid Afridi25 (16)
Arron Lilley3-0-20-0
James Faulkner3-0-17-2

Excellent over for Lancs, the required rate up to 12 now

Lilley to Cobb, no run
very full again, smacked hard along the ground but Lilley shows cat-like reflexes to grab it and even threatens to run out Afridi backing up, too

Here's Mmuj: "Will be interesting to see how Croft uses last over of Faulkner. LALA likes to take game till last ball #Asiacuphitting..."

Lilley to Cobb, no run
speared on off stump, 66mph and dug out straight back to the bowler
Lilley to Cobb, FOUR runs
darted on off stump, somehow Cobb gets under it and rifles a lofted drive fine of long-off for four!
Lilley to Shahid Afridi, 1 run
full, in the slot but whacked down the ground, long-on cuts it off