1st Quarter Final (N), Nottingham, Oct 1 2020, Vitality Blast
(20 ov, target 140)
Match tied
Player Of The Match
• George Dobell

Leicestershire let Finals Day appearance slip as Samit Patel hauls Notts through

Nottinghamshire progress on higher Powerplay score after securing dramatic tie off last ball

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Commentator: Andrew Miller
Scorecard summary
Leicestershire139/7(20 overs)
Nottinghamshire139/7(20 overs)
end of over 2012 runs
Notts: 139/7CRR: 6.95 
Imad Wasim3 (2)
Samit Patel28 (16)
Will Davis3-0-22-0
Gavin Griffiths4-0-21-3

8.57pm My goodness. That will take some debriefing to get over. Leicestershire were dead and buried in their Powerplay. They were dead and buried in Nottinghamshire's Powerplay, but they were firmly in control as the penultimate over finished, only for Lilley's misfield to wreck their dream! Samit Patel, wily old fox, outfoxed the Foxes. The scores are level, but Nottinghamshire scored more runs in the Powerplay, so that is the decider!

Peter: "That bit of fielding by Klein may be the most tragic thing I've ever seen" It's true. The ball zipped past his fingers, and he just pulled his cap over his eyes, and hid.

So, Surrey v Gloucestershire and Lancashire v Nottinghamshire will be the line-ups for Finals Day. See you then!

Davis to Imad Wasim, 2 runs
full toss, swung away to deep midwicket, and another abysmal misfield! That's pure panic from Leicestershire... just needed to get the ball in the air ... but Klein took his eyes off it at the crucial moment, and Notts are through!

Three to win, but two will secure progression, assuming there's no run-out

Davis to Patel, 1 run
cracked hard to deep extra cover, Patel wants two... but it's only one!
Davis to Patel, SIX runs
clouted over long-off! Supreme composure from Patel, gives himself room, gets under the stroke, and hoists it into the stands! Now then... how crucial is that misfield about to be?
Davis to Patel, 2 runs
waits on the slower ball this time, and times the biff to long-on, but long-on slides round the rope to save the four,..
Davis to Patel, no run
superb slower ball! Patel winds up, and misses as the ball slides inside the legs, past the leg stump. No inside-edge this time!
Davis to Imad Wasim, 1 run
low full toss outside off, flogged hard to long-on where this time there's no mistake...

Davis to close it out...

end of over 1910 runs • 1 wicket
Notts: 127/7CRR: 6.68 • RRR: 13.00 • Need 13 from 6b
Samit Patel19 (12)
Imad Wasim0 (0)
Gavin Griffiths4-0-21-3
Will Davis2-0-10-0

Isaac Marshall: "For me, regardless of the result, Colin Ackermann has to get man of the match though. The Netherlands men are really rising this English season."

Griffiths to Patel, FOUR runs
an appalling misfield at deep midwicket! Oh my, Aaron Lilley has had a shocker. A simple pick-up from a mistimed pull. It was a single and no more. But now it's given Nottinghamshire a real sniff!
Griffiths to Mullaney, OUT
swung to deep midwicket and that's a huge wicket! Griffiths has been superb tonight, another slower ball, backing the difficulty in timing off this deck, and that's a calm take on the edge of the rope. A vital dot too!
SJ Mullaney c Lilley b Griffiths 7 (18m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 77.77
Griffiths to Patel, 1 run
shorter in length, a big wind-up on the swing, and the pace-off saves Griffiths as deep midwicket gathers
Griffiths to Patel, no run
flat-batted back at the bowler! Slower ball, and Patel was through it too soon, had to wait, and did well to time it, but couldn't place it
Griffiths to Patel, FOUR runs
crashed with power, wide of long-on! Fractionally short, and Patel pummelled it, rocking back to make room on the full length. Superb experience showing
Griffiths to Mullaney, 1 run
back of a length, slower ball, honked to the leg side, and Mullaney is a bit miffed at Patel's refusal of the second
end of over 188 runs
Notts: 117/6CRR: 6.5 • RRR: 11.50 • Need 23 from 12b
Samit Patel10 (8)
Steven Mullaney6 (7)
Will Davis2-0-10-0
Dieter Klein3-0-21-0

Isaac Marshall: "I still back Notts with these two and Imad. All are quality ball strikers."

Davis to Patel, FOUR runs
inside-edged for a vital boundary! So unlucky for Davis, inches from chopping on, and a despairing dive at fine leg can't claw it in!

Big final ball now...

Davis to Mullaney, 1 leg bye
well bowled again, following Mullaney into an arcing swing, and thumping the pad
Davis to Mullaney, no run
now it is two a ball! Superb slower ball, line and length, Mullaney swung so hard he almost hit it in his followthrough
Davis to Patel, 1 run
full toss again, but Patel once again picks out the leg-side sweeper with a firm pull. It's nearly two a ball now.... singles are fine for Leicestershire
Davis to Mullaney, 1 run
length ball outside off, just another single as Mullaney drives through the wide line to long-off
Davis to Patel, 1 run
slower ball, low full toss. Patel connects well, too well, and it's only a single to cow corner
Match details
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
TossNottinghamshire , elected to field first
SeriesVitality Blast 2020
Player Of The Match
Samit Patel
Series resultNottinghamshire advanced
Match days1 October 2020 - night match (20-over match)
Tim Robinson
Neil Mallender
TV Umpire
Paul Baldwin
Match Referee
Stuart Cummings