Player of the Match
Player of the Match

7.11pm So, that wraps up the formalities at Headingley. What an utterly absorbing, extraordinary match. I've loved every second of it, like I've loved few Tests in recent times. A proper ding-dong from first day to fifth, and a result that will resonate down the ages. Well played West Indies, and good night from all of us!

Finally, here's the Man of the Match, it's Shai Hope! "I feel elated. We've worked hard as a team and we're pleased to get over the line. I am professional cricketer for a reason so I always believe in myself. We fought hard throughout the game, so we needed to do well with the bat."

On his stand with Jermaine Blackwood. "We all know the character that Jermaine is, pleased he got some runs."

Here's Jason Holder. "I always believe in this group, we've done some outstanding things. I sent a text in our team chat this morning, 'just believe'. I urged no-one to move from their seats, and it was nervewracking in the end. Credit to Shai, and Kraigg Brathwaite. I'm extremely proud of these guys. We've come up playing a lot of cricket together for Barbados. It's about delivering on the big stage."

"There've been some hard times, but we've felt the support here. We have a number of areas to improve, we need to hold our chances, and need some consistent scores and partnerships. But it sets it up nicely for Lord's."

First up, here comes Joe Root "It was a great Test match for everyone watching, but it wasn't great to be on the losing day. Fifth day, on a used wicket against high-quality bowling, great knock [from Shai Hope]. I'm pleased with the character and fight that we showed to get into position to declare, but it wasn't to be."

On the option of bowling first: "If we are brutally honest we weren't good enough with the bat. Anytime you bat first and don't get 300, you're disappointed."

On Stoneman and Malan's fifty. "They stood up and showed their class. The way we approached that second innings was good. We wanted a positive declaration, when you get an opportunity to win games, you've got to take it."

7pm Almost time for the presentations.

balark: "With all the talk of Shai and Blackwood giving WI hope, spare a thought for Braithwaite. 229 runs as an opener this test while the other openers scored 133 between them." Incredible effort. He misses the limelight by five runs, but that's kind of apt as well. He just exists to endure, not to take the glory. But good Test teams can't be built without such solid foundations. Jason Holder, in a different way, epitomises this truth too.

6.53pm Enjoy your night ... "Don't worry about that!" says Law. He's got some plans for this evening alright! I am blown away by what we've witnessed. England were outplayed from first day to last, albeit they had some moments of their own, and got the beating they deserved. It was a cakewalk in the final analysis, but had West Indies taken any of their seven dropped catches, they could have sealed it with a day to spare!

6.49pm Abhishek: "Shai Hope is the new HOPE for West Indies" He's so good, he should be a Star Wars meme ...

"What a five days we've had, after the kicking at Edgbaston," says Stuart Law, a very proud coach. "There's a lot of doubters out there put to bed. A lot of guys thought it wasn't possible. It's a tremendous effort."

Ishan Jain: "Like many people, I was so critical of WI after the first match that I even wanted to revoke their test status, but wow they have surprised us all by this. Great moment for Caribbean fans!"

6.47pm Shai Hope has just been told by Ian Ward that he's the first man to score two hundreds in a first-class match at Headingley. "Yeah? Thanks for the news..." Too cool for school!

"We heard a lot after the first game, and it hurt a lot," says Brathwaite. They were motivated, to put it mildly.

6.44pm Wow. Wow. Wow. West Indies have risen from the dead with what, without hyperbole, has to rank as the single most extraordinary comeback in Test history! West Indies weren't just written off after Edgbaston, they were mocked, pilloried, ridiculed. They were a disgraceful rabble, not fit to wear the maroon cap. But now look at them! In Kraigg Brathwaite and Shai Hope, they have had two titanic performers, and the chase of 322 is now destined to be mentioned in the same Headingley annals as Bradman's Invincibles in 1948!

Woakes to SD Hope, 2 runs, up on the toes, clipped square, and there it is! West Indies have won an extraordinary, historic Test match!
Woakes to SD Hope, no run, Woakes isn't done yet, hanging the ball outside off and drawing a calm push

91 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | WI: 320/5

  • Shai Hope116 (209b)
  • Moeen Ali25-3-76-2
  • Chris Woakes12-2-42-1


Ali to Blackwood, OUT, down the track, Blackwood wants the glory blow, and he's stumped by a mile! What a glorious, ludicrous, perfect way for an unhinged matchwinning hand to end!

J Blackwood st †Bairstow b Ali 41 (78m 45b 3x4 2x6) SR: 91.11

Ali to SD Hope, 1 run, worked to the leg side. One to tie ... but they aren't looking at that ...
Ali to Blackwood, 1 run, off comes the helmet, Blackwood wants to be seen in the hour of glory! Smashed to mid-off

Hasan Talpur: "England won in the dark against Pakistan at Karachi...history repeating against them...take that " I was there. It was beyond dark...

Ali to SD Hope, 1 run, flipped off the front pad, four more needed...
Ali to SD Hope, no run, onto the back foot and defended
Ali to Blackwood, 1 run, smashed into the deep and dropped! Well, how fitting is that! And it's Stokes of all people, he doesn't drop many, but the gloom has descended in every sense!

90 | 4 Runs | WI: 316/4

  • Shai Hope114 (206b)
  • Jermaine Blackwood39 (42b)
  • Chris Woakes12-2-42-1
  • Moeen Ali24-3-72-1

Prathamesh Nagn: "I remember when Shai Hope debuted in 2015; he was, for lack of a better word, hopeless! But he has redeemed the faith shown in him today and hopefully for many years to come. " Hasn't he just. What a moment. What a match!

Woakes to SD Hope, no run, tapped on the up to mid-off
Woakes to Blackwood, 1 run, easy off the pads. England are gone. That final six killed their resolve
Woakes to SD Hope, 1 run, worked to the leg side

Jazz: "Dobell mentioned that England is not learning anything from this WI tour ..Hopefully, He learnt his lesson now :) .." Not sure what they've learned to be honest, other than don't declare too early, which is a bit pity as I liked the intent. They remain a talented team with major flaws, but we knew that

Woakes to Blackwood, 1 run, up on the toes, pushed into the off side. Eight needed

Archie: "Does such a thing as a "fully fit Wood" exist?" Harsh. Fair

Woakes to Blackwood, 1 wide, a genuine wide! They are rare in Tests, but that was barely on the cut strip. It's into single figures!
Woakes to Blackwood, no run, yeehar! Attempted mow off a good length, he could get them in singles now, but that's not his style ...

Dhaval: "Another team will be more happier than the WI.. They have a match to win tomorrow but I am sure they will be on their TVs watching and grinning. :)" You may have a point. But I still back Bangladesh for the underdog double!

Woakes to Blackwood, no run, dangled outside off stump, Blackwood gives himself room, then can't reach it

89 | 2 Runs | WI: 312/4

  • Shai Hope113 (204b)
  • Jermaine Blackwood37 (38b)
  • Moeen Ali24-3-72-1
  • Stuart Broad25-4-91-1

balark: "an overtired Broad getting smashed now, but the fault is in having three all rounders who can't be trusted to get through their overs. Ali, Stokes, Woakes, jokes" Harsh, but clever rhyming. But yes, there is a lack of a killer specialist quick in that attack. A fully fit Wood, in essence

Ali to SD Hope, no run, a big striding dot-ball
Ali to SD Hope, no run, tapped into the off side. West Indies allow themselves a breather as if to compose themselves for the final push
Ali to SD Hope, no run, calmly down the ground to mid-on
Ali to SD Hope, no run, tucked off the pads, a strange calm has descended in this over
Ali to SD Hope, no run, defended on the back foot
Ali to SD Hope, 2 runs, forward and blocked through third man

88 | 12 Runs | WI: 310/4

  • Jermaine Blackwood37 (38b)
  • Shai Hope111 (198b)
  • Stuart Broad25-4-91-1
  • Moeen Ali23-3-70-1
Broad to Blackwood, no run, forward and pushed to the off side

MUZAMIL : "Jermaine, just swing about at everything. For Jarrod Kimber's sake at least. Win it for him"

Broad to Blackwood, SIX runs, slashed high and mighty over third man! West Indies are galloping home now! Short and wide, a perfectly timed uppercut, and we're nearly into single figures!
Broad to Blackwood, 2 runs, tucked into the leg side, more convenient flick
Broad to Blackwood, no run, now this is interesting. The ball has gone to the boundary but umpire Ravi has signalled dead ball. He wasn't leaving the ball, he just played an incompetent stroke to a late inducker, and got his bat tangled in his pad. Wrong call, I reckon ...

Glory at young age


No. of 100s for Brathwaite. Among openers, only G Smith (11) and A Cook (7) have scored more 100s before the age of 25.

After a long time


Last time West Indies a double-century partnership in Tests, between Chanderpaul and Ramdin in Hamilton. Brathwaite and Hope have shared one in this game.

Windies leading


Last time West Indies gained first innings lead in England, at Old Trafford. They have taken the lead in this match.

hope's high


Last time a West Indies batsman made a bigger score in West Indies than Shai Hope's 147 in this game. Lara scored 179 & 152 in the 1995 tour, at The Oval and Nottingham respectively.

Anderson's attack


No. of 5-wkt hauls for Anderson in last 2 Tests at Headingley, including this. In his first 7 Tests at Headingley, he had taken only 19 wkts at 41.36 with no 5-fors.

Unbeatable lead?


No. of Tests lost by West Indies after gaining a first inns lead of over 150 runs, in 116 instances before this match. They attained a lead of 169 runs this Test.

Can England overturn?


Last time England won a Test after facing a deficit of 150 or more runs, v NZ in Old Trafford. They will need to overcome deficit of 169 in this match.

Fifty & fifty


This is the first time in his ongoing streak of 12 Tests with 50+ scores that Root has scored 50+ in both innings of a Test.

Stokes' double


No. of times Stokes has scored a century and a fifty in the same Test, including this; other was v NZ, Lord's, 2015. Since his debut, Root (twice) and Cook are the only other England players to do so.

Expensive drops


Total runs cost to the fielding side by dropped catches in this Test. Bairstow's drop was the 10th drop of the Test - 7 by WI and 3 by Eng.

Big total, no hundreds


No. of higher totals for England without a hundred than the 490 in this match. It is also the highest 2nd inns total without a hundred for any team.

Tough Task


Highest successful run-chase by West Indies in Tests in last 5 years, that came against England in Bridgetown in 2015. They need 322 in this game.

Special double


Last time a visiting opener scored a century and a fifty in the same Test at Headingley, Mark Taylor (136 & 60). Kraigg Brathwaite has done the same in this match.

Brathwaite & Hope


No. of West Indies pairs to share century partnerships in both innings of a Test, including Brathwaite & Hope in this match. Last were Lara & Sarwan v SL, Colombo SSC, 2001-02.

Leeds' lord


Shai Hope is the first ever player to score 100s in both innings of a first-class matches at Headingley.