3rd Match (D/N), Colombo (RPS), Sep 12 2009, Compaq Cup
(37.2/50 ov, target 308)
Sri Lanka won by 139 runs
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INDIA Innings
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Dhoni: "It was one of the worst days, starting in the season. Frankly, I have nothing to say right now ... they played very well ... Sanath batted well and Matthews bowled really. The only thing that went well for us was the warm-up before the game! It was one of the worst days. [asked whether playing second day in a row] it's demanding but that's the way it goes."

Sangakkara: "I thought we played really well. It was great to see Sanath coming back. It was a good solid start and the middle-order came into the game. The best time to be critical is when you win and I think we lost a few quick wickets in the middle. Every game is important. Every win you take momentum and confidence into the next game. We have to do it again on Monday. It's the process that matters to us. [On Angelo] He is a very solid player .. he is the allrounder we are looking for .. he has a great future. Talent is one thing but real hard work and consistency is another matter. He is on the right track, I am sure he won't get carried away and continue to work hard."

Man of the Match Angelo : "It was a dream spell. I was just trying to land the ball on the correct spot and the ball did the rest. Asked whether he is a batting or a bowling allrounder, he says with a laugh, " I am a genuine allrounder!"

That's it from us. Good bye and good luck.

Mendis to Sharma, OUT
Sri Lanka complete a thumping win. Ishant has holed out to long-on. A fine innings from Jayasuriya and a gem of a knock from Kandamby charged Sri Lanka to a daunting total before Angelo derailed the chase with a six-for. What a crushing win. What a wonderful game for the hosts; the visitors have lot to think about before the final.
I Sharma c sub (WU Tharanga) b Mendis 13 (29m 27b 2x4 0x6) SR: 48.14
Mendis to Sharma, no run
googly outside off stump, defended on the front foot

They have taken the batting Powerplay

end of over 375 runs
INDIA: 168/9CRR: 4.54 • RRR: 10.76 • Need 140 runs from 12 overs
RP Singh19 (25)
Ishant Sharma13 (25)
Thilan Thushara6-0-34-1
Ajantha Mendis5-0-22-0
Thushara to Singh, no run
on the middle stump line, pushed out to the off side. These two resisting rather valiantly. Chris Martin, the Phantom, wouldn't have approved.
Thushara to Singh, no run
length delivery in the zone outside off, RP is beaten, pushing inside the line
Thushara to Singh, FOUR runs
full delivery has been smashed past the non-striker!
Thushara to Sharma, 1 run
full and outside off stump, square driven to Jayasuriya standing at wide third man
Thushara to Sharma, no run
pushed across Ishant who tries to cut but doesn't connect