2nd Match (D/N), Colombo (RPS), Sep 11 2009, Compaq Cup
(40.3/50 ov, target 156)
India won by 6 wickets (with 57 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
INDIA Innings
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Vettori: "When you win the toss here you want to put up a competitive total. The wickets gets easier when you have played yourself in; I found it that my self. Dhoni and Raina showed it as well. Some of our boys would be disappointed. It wasn't a bad fight back from us; we put them under some pressure. You can't expect to play on good decks all the time, when you come across deck like this you need to adapt."

Dhoni: "We wanted to get them out as cheap as possible. Nehra did well and then Yuvraj singh, our new find with the ball, did a good job. Sachin gave us a good start ... Raina also batted well with me. Every body was slightly tensed at the start of the game [as India are playing after a break]... the bowlers bowled really well. If there was one more spinner like Yuvi in their side, we would have been under more pressure. [on no 1] Frankly we are not thinking about it. We are just concentrating on what we do in the field. If we play good cricket, we eventually would be no 1 team in the world."

Man of the Match: Nehra : "I was struggling because of the injuries but I am back on track for the last 6-7 months. I wasn't too nervous today. I have been bowling well in the recent months and I just want to concentrate on line and length. The important thing was to pick up early wickets."

Stylish player of the day Tendulkar wins a bike.

That's it from us. Good bye and good luck.

Mills to Raina, 2 runs
the slower one, shorter in length, swatted to deep square-leg region. India push New Zealand out of the tournament.
Mills to Dhoni, 1 run
jumps down the track to drive to mid-on
Mills to Dhoni, no run
leans forward to steer it to point
end of over 407 runs
INDIA: 153/4CRR: 3.82 • RRR: 0.30 • Need 3 runs from 60b
Suresh Raina43 (53)
MS Dhoni34 (63)
Shane Bond10-3-30-0
Daniel Vettori10-0-33-2
Bond to Raina, FOUR runs
drops it short, Raina opens his stance up and lifts it over wide mid-on region... thumped away
Bond to Raina, 2 runs
another slower one, fullish, turned behind square-leg
Bond to Raina, no run
118.1 kmph slow bouncer, Raina drops his wrists and sways away
Bond to Raina, no run
128.4 shortish delivery, backs away and ends up swatting it weakly towards mid-on
Bond to Raina, no run
from round the stumps, short in length, just outside off, goes for the cut but is beaten as he was cramped for the room there
Bond to Dhoni, 1 leg bye
shuffles across, tries to clip the ball off the hips and the ball rolls away to backward square-leg
end of over 394 runs
INDIA: 146/4CRR: 3.74 • RRR: 0.90 • Need 10 runs from 66b
MS Dhoni34 (62)
Suresh Raina37 (48)
Daniel Vettori10-0-33-2
Shane Bond9-3-24-0
Vettori to Dhoni, 1 run
lunges out to push it uppishly towards cover point
Vettori to Dhoni, no run
on the middle and off, pushed to point
Vettori to Dhoni, no run
on the off stump line, defended to the off side
Vettori to Raina, 1 run
chips down the track and drives to left of mid-off
Vettori to Raina, 2 runs
flighted full outside off, raina stretches across to ease it through covers ... he loves that shot and plays it very well too
Vettori to Raina, no run
takes a couple of steps forward and defends
end of over 382 runs
INDIA: 142/4CRR: 3.73 • RRR: 1.16 • Need 14 runs from 72b
MS Dhoni33 (59)
Suresh Raina34 (45)
Shane Bond9-3-24-0
Daniel Vettori9-0-29-2
Bond to Dhoni, no run
full in length, on the middle and off, driven to midoff
Bond to Dhoni, no run
Bond to Raina, 1 run
pushed towards mid-on and he rushes across for a quick single. There is a direct hit from Dan but Raina is home
Bond to Raina, no run
124.5 kmph bouncer from round the stumps, Raina goes for the pull but gets in a bit of bother; his head is yanked up, eyes looking away and he is too early into the shot .. done in by the slow pace .. the ball bounces over the blade and goes to the keeper