17th Match, Bengaluru, Oct 17 2009, League B (N), Champions League Twenty20
(15.1/20 ov, target 139)
RCB won by 8 wickets (with 29 balls remaining)
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Royal Challengers Bangalore
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So Bangalore storm home with 29 balls to spare. This is a clinical thrashing. So Victoria and Cape Cobras are through to the semi-finals from this group. What this means is there will be no IPL team in the semis. Not what the organisers hoped for but life must move on.

The Royal Challengers do a lap around the ground. The crowd took the disappointment well at the start of this game but they couldn't have asked for a better consolation gift, courtesy Kumble, Taylor, Dravid and Kohli.

Here's the presentation.

Ross Taylor is the Man of the Match: "When you get crowd support like this it's hard not to entertain. I don't get this reception back home so have to thanks them."

Gambhir: "We thought we would score 170 but we were 30-40 runs short. Ross batted brilliantly. Their spinners bowled really well. It's important for us to play well in front of our fans in Delhi."

Kumble: "I thought we played really well in this tournament, just one bad game. It's a great birthday present. Ross was exceptional."

That's it from us. Hope all of you had a great Diwali. Two more games tomorrow. Join us for that. It's goodbye from all of us here.

Nehra to Dravid, SIX runs
game over! Dravid makes a bit of room to a pitched up delivery and swoops it just over the long-off boundary, finishes it in style
end of over 1518 runs
RCB: 133/2CRR: 8.86 • RRR: 1.20 • Need 6 runs from 30b
Virat Kohli24 (10)
Rahul Dravid26 (25)
Amit Mishra4-0-59-0
Dirk Nannes4-0-19-2
Mishra to Kohli, FOUR runs
That's 18 off the over! Bowls from wide of the crease and angles it on middle and leg, Kohli chips down the track and swoops it over the bowler's head
Mishra to Kohli, FOUR runs
that off side boundary is peppered again! Flighted outside off, he makes a bit of room and dabs hard past backward point
Mishra to Dravid, 1 run
drives to long-on
Mishra to Kohli, 1 run
drives to sweeper cover
Mishra to Kohli, FOUR runs
and again! Mishra bowls it flatter and quicker and Kohli drives squarer this time, squirts it past point and McGrath runs from short third man and gives up the chase
Mishra to Kohli, FOUR runs
they're running away with this, full outside off, Kohli gets a full stride forward and plays the neatest of square drives past backward point
end of over 147 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 115/2CRR: 8.21 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 24 runs from 36b
Virat Kohli7 (5)
Rahul Dravid25 (24)
Dirk Nannes4-0-19-2
Ashish Nehra3-0-17-0
Nannes to Kohli, 1 run
opens the face and gently dabs it down to third man
Nannes to Kohli, 2 runs
steers it just wide of the diving backward point and third man runs across to mop up
Nannes to Kohli, FOUR runs
full marks for timing, Nannes drops it on middle and leg and Kohli swivels, uses his wrists to clip it away past square leg, the ball speeds away
Nannes to Kohli, no run
angles it across him and gets it to fizz past Kohli who sways back to avoid it
Nannes to Kohli, no run
gets the ball to kick up off a good length and he manages to fend it iff

Entertaining effort from Taylor, he's put Bangalore on the path to victory here

Nannes to Taylor, OUT
timber! Nannes lands the off cutter on middle and leg and Taylor makes room for an agricultural heave, he swishes and misses and the middle stump is flattened
LRPL Taylor b Nannes 65 (38b 6x4 4x6) SR: 171.05
end of over 136 runs
RCB: 108/1CRR: 8.3 • RRR: 4.42 • Need 31 runs from 42b
Ross Taylor65 (37)
Rahul Dravid25 (24)
Ashish Nehra3-0-17-0
Amit Mishra3-0-41-0
Nehra to Taylor, 1 run
gets forward and drives to sweeper cover
Nehra to Dravid, 1 run
angles it on the pads and he plays his signature forceful flick down to deep square leg
Nehra to Taylor, 1 run
stays beside the line and taps the slower ball towards point
Nehra to Dravid, 1 run
stays beside the line and gently steers it wide of gully
Nehra to Dravid, 1 wide
the bouncer, Dravid ducks under it and wide called
Nehra to Taylor, 1 run
fuller in length and pushed down to mid-on
Nehra to Taylor, no run
Taylor makes room and tries to hoick it but mistimes it to the on side
end of over 1221 runs
RCB: 102/1CRR: 8.5 • RRR: 4.62 • Need 37 runs from 48b
Rahul Dravid23 (22)
Ross Taylor62 (33)
Amit Mishra3-0-41-0
Glenn McGrath2-0-25-0
Mishra to Dravid, FOUR runs
Dravid wants a piece of the fun! He chips down the track and clubs it over the bowler's head, couple of bounces and goodbye, that's 21 off the over
Mishra to Taylor, 1 run
gets on his knee and slogs hard but the ball scorches to the fielder at deep midwicket