2nd Semi-Final (N), Chennai, Oct 8 2011, Nokia Champions League T20
(20 ov, target 161)
Mum Indians won by 10 runs
Player Of The Match
Mumbai Indians
Somst Innings
Full commentary
end of over 204 runs • 2 wicket
Somst: 150/7CRR: 7.5 
Arul Suppiah0 (2)
Alfonso Thomas3 (2)
Lasith Malinga4-0-20-4
James Franklin3-0-16-2

Join us tomorrow for the all-IPL final between MI and RCB. Let us see if that gets the crowds back in Chepauk. This is Abhishek Purohit signing off along with our scorer Gopi Rangarajan, and leaving you to read Sid Monga's match report. Cheers, and watch out for the toe-crushers.

Malinga is the Man of the Match. Malinga: "I had to take the wickets. It was important to strike in the start. That was the main thing. I then came back with the old ball and tried to take wickets with my variation. I have to use it at the right time. 19th over went only for few runs. Doesn't matter any team [in the final] I believe in my ability."

Harbhajan: "We won the toss and it was a bat-first wicket. This was a better wicket than earlier ones. We got to a total where we could defend. Malinga and Franklin were fantastic in the end. It is a matter of a wicket or two in this format. When I got the wicket we kept things tight. Most important was the 19th over. Franklin bowled his heart out. He was the only bowler who was the bowling the right sort of length. I think I made the right choice. I had an over left but the batsmen were doing well and this side of the boundary was small as well."

Thomas: "We have just finished pushing a very very top team. Obviously gutted but we have provided some good entertainment. That guy Malinga is a quality performer. Some of the boys will go back as men. We look at someone like Dibble who has come in and done fantastically well."

Mumbai are in to the all-IPL final. It is that 19th over again, bowled by Franklin, helped of course by Malinga;s unplayable missiles on either side. 160 was going to be tough with Malinga's four overs to contend with. 4 for 20, all dismissals bowled. Priceless in this format

Franklin: "I think it was a bit last-minute [decision]. Bhajji had faith in me. Good to come on the right side of it. It was Bhajji's decision. Couple of overs ago, it was supposed to be Pollard. Malinga is awesome, he is one of the bests pace bowlers in the world."

Steve: "I still cannot understand how Sri Lanka lost the CWC 2011 with Malinga in their side.."

Malinga to Suppiah, no run
slower length ball to finish things off from Malinga, a confused batsman cannot get any bat onto it as he backs away outside leg
Malinga to Thomas, 1 run
makes room outside leg but Malinga hurls in another full delivery that follows him, squeezed down to long off
Malinga to Thomas, 2 runs
fine work on the sweeper cover boundary, down the track and driven hard but the man in the deep got the slide behind it
Malinga to Kartik, OUT
middle stump out of the ground, make near-impossible into impossible, the yorker zooms in on the stumps with no regard for the batsman, and Kartik cannot do anything other than walk back, he tried to push it away but ended up playing inside the line
M Kartik b Malinga 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Murali Kartik is the new batsman

Malinga to Compton, OUT
Timber. You don't try such cuteness against Malinga, but this seems to be Compton's favourite mode of operation. He shuffles across the line to try to scoop, Malinga is full and straight. Not quite a yorker, but too full for that shot. Middle stump knocked back
NRD Compton b Malinga 5 (3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66
Malinga to Suppiah, 1 leg bye
length ball, rare length ball, into the pads, but Suppiah misses and takes just the leg-bye

Fourteen to defend for Malinga. Most of the times you would say it's surplus, even against set batsmen. Here we have two new men at the crease, but you can never say with this tournament

end of over 197 runs • 2 wicket
Somst: 146/5CRR: 7.68 • RRR: 15.00
Nick Compton5 (2)
Arul Suppiah0 (0)
James Franklin3-0-16-2
Lasith Malinga3-0-17-2
Franklin to Compton, FOUR runs
he has got the reverse sweep away, one bounce for four through third man
Franklin to Kieswetter, OUT
that should be the game for MI, Kieswetter has holed out to Pollard at long on, Franklin all over somerset this over, Kieswetter had to go for it, he had to, but could not get enough distance on the slog, Pollard settled under it at long on
C Kieswetter c Pollard b Franklin 62 (46b 7x4 1x6) SR: 134.78
Franklin to Compton, 1 run
down the track but cannot get more than a single towards long off with a mistimed swing

Got to be MI's game now with Malinga to bowl the last over

Franklin to Buttler, OUT
Franklin has gone through Buttler, it has been a struggle for Buttler, he shuffles and tries to mow a length ball on the leg side, misses it completely and is bowled
JC Buttler b Franklin 19 (22b 2x4 0x6) SR: 86.36

Kieswetter is down on the ground in pain, he is now back up though after some help from the physio

Franklin to Buttler, no run
Kieswetter has copped a hard blow on the forearm, else it was a straight boundary, Buttler had absolutely smashed the full ball straight back at Kieswetter who could not get away in time, he had no chance actually
Franklin to Buttler, 2 runs
swings the length ball hard, Pollard saves the boundary on the wide long on boundary with a desperate run and a brave slide, parries the ball to deep midwicket

Franklin to bowl the 19th over, the over of death in this tournament, Harbhajan has one left

Chandru: "I feel sorry for Rayudu .. hell a lot of pressure on him .. After all he is a part time keeper .. Had it been Davy, its game over !!"

end of over 187 runs
Somst: 139/3CRR: 7.72 • RRR: 11.00
Jos Buttler17 (19)
Craig Kieswetter62 (45)
Lasith Malinga3-0-17-2
Abu Nechim4-0-31-0
Malinga to Buttler, 1 run
it is going to be near-impossible to consistently get runs off Malinga, length ball slung in fast around leg, he is backing away again and flailing, makes a bit of contact this time in the region of mid on
Malinga to Buttler, no run
well bowled, coming in from a length outside leg as the batsman stands a mile further outside leg, misses with a flail, but Rayudu holds on to the ball
Malinga to Buttler, FOUR runs
he has somehow found the boundary, somehow, backed away again, this time Malinga went full on off stump, he reached out and dragged it in the air wide of the man running across from long on
Malinga to Buttler, no run
makes room outside leg, Malinga follows him with a 90 mph full delivery angled in, he connects but on the bounce to midwicket
Malinga to Kieswetter, 1 run
keeps it full, slings it in, inside edge as he has a huge swing
Malinga to Buttler, 1 bye
tries to scoop Malinga but misses after walking outside off, the ball whizzes past off stump, Rayudu has failed to collect again, this is a nightmare for him

29 off three overs. Malinga has two left

end of over 1716 runs
Somst: 132/3CRR: 7.76 • RRR: 9.66
Jos Buttler12 (14)
Craig Kieswetter61 (44)
Abu Nechim4-0-31-0
Harbhajan Singh3-0-25-1
Ahmed to Buttler, 1 run
smashed along the ground past extra cover but long off gets to it quickly and gets rid of the ball quickly as well
Ahmed to Buttler, FOUR runs
oh well, have bat, will get boundary, doesn't matter how, he has walked outside off, Nechim has followed hi with a full ball, but even as the ball was slipping past him, he has withdrawn out of the attempted scoop and instead turned the face to send the ball high in the air to the fine third man boundary, incredible
Ahmed to Buttler, no run
well bowled, very full at 85 mph, he was backing away outside leg and could not get enough bat under it, just managed to get it back to Nechim
Ahmed to Kieswetter, 1 run
another full toss, he slams it past a diving extra cover who takes some pace off it
Ahmed to Kieswetter, FOUR runs
he gets the a four now, advances down the track and opens the face as he goes hard at a low full toss, beats point, wide of third man as well