Qualifying Pool 2 (D/N), Centurion, Oct 10 2012, Champions League Twenty20
(18.5/20 ov, target 149)
Yorkshire won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
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Yorks Innings
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Yorkshire celebrate, T&T are distraught.

Tim Bresnan tweets: "Unbelievable partnership between @AdilRashid03 and Gaz very well played lads look forward to watching and supporting. Take a bow son."

T&T really had no depth in their bowling, Rampaul and Badree were terrific at the top but the likes on Emrit, Mohammed, Simmons and Cooper were just not enough of a threat. Of course, with Dwayne Bravo, Pollard and Narine missing, you can't be too harsh on them.

Sujan: "Its such a IRONY that two teams from the world T20 finalist countries wont be participating in the main tournament."

Yorkshire and Auckland's wins means we will have two dead rubbers tomorrow, matches which will be up there in the list of meaningless matches.

Ravi B: "So, what is the point of the 2 matches tomorrow? It's better they call off these matches." I'm with you.

Post-match presentation:

Denesh Ramdin: "I think it was a good target, we were three down early, they bowled quite well. 150-160 was probably a good target, we didn't get the target we wanted. In the middle overs, Adil and the other guy batted very well. We are here to put on a good show, we'd like to win tomorrow."

Andrew Gale: "We are over the moon to get through the qualifying phase. We felt we could have bowled them out, it was a little bit below par, we need we had to play well. Me and Jaques didn't get many runs, we needed something special, Ballance and Adi provided it. Ballance has played some special knocks for us in the domestic competitions for us. Adil has batted twice in pressure situations, he has played phenomenally well, I take my hat off to him."

Man of the Match is Gary Ballance: "Absolutely delighted, we have worked hard all season. Basically, we just wanted to keep going, score a boundary an over, and take it deep."

Arthur: "The tourney already has concerns regarding spectator attendance. To spice things up, we have two dead rubbers tomorrow. Awesome!"

Righto, we are done with today's games. Join us, if you have absolutely nothing better to do, for tomorrow's totally pointless matches. G'night!

Cooper to Ballance, SIX runs
Yorkshire are through! T&T are out, as are Uva Next, Ballance confirms the result with a six over midwicket, Bravo there seemed to have a chance for a moment, but it clears the rope, great hitting from Ballance towards the end of the innings to kncok ut T&T
Cooper to Ballance, no run
short of length ball outside off, Ballance wafts at it and misses
Cooper to Rashid, 1 run
shortish and outside off, guided down towards third man for a single to tie the scores
Cooper to Ballance, 1 run
a single to long-off now
Cooper to Ballance, SIX runs
Cooper sends a length ball outside off, Ballance gets down on one knee and launches that over the sweeper cover boundary for six, Yorkshire need just three now

Rampaul can't work the magic.

end of over 188 runs
Yorks: 140/4CRR: 7.77 • RRR: 4.50 • Need 9 runs from 12b
Gary Ballance51 (33)
Adil Rashid32 (26)
Ravi Rampaul4-0-22-1
Rayad Emrit3-0-29-1
Rampaul to Ballance, 1 run
another muscular hit towards long-off for a single, just nine away now Yorkshire
Rampaul to Ballance, FOUR runs
length ball is crunched to the sweeper cover boundary, terrific stroke to bring up his half-century
Rampaul to Rashid, 1 run
eased towards mid-on for a single

Simon: "If we're going to change the format, how about an equal number of sides from each country and no pre-tournament mini-tournament." Don't expect it any time soon Simon.

Rampaul to Ballance, 1 run
full ball just outside off, powerfully hit towards deep point for a single

T&T can afford to play out this over with a few singles.

Rampaul to Rashid, 1 run
back of a length ball on middle, a single towards point
Rampaul to Rashid, no run
a yorker to start, Rashid can't do much about that
end of over 1714 runs
Yorks: 132/4CRR: 7.76 • RRR: 5.66 • Need 17 runs from 18b
Adil Rashid30 (23)
Gary Ballance45 (30)
Rayad Emrit3-0-29-1
Lendl Simmons2-0-20-0

30 runs in the last two overs has turned this game. It also means Rampaul has to be brought back earlier than T&T wanted.

Emrit to Rashid, 1 run
low full toss outside off, squeezed towards point for a single
Emrit to Ballance, 1 run
a low full toss on off stump, Ballance making room and stabbing that towards sweeper cover
Emrit to Rashid, 1 run
length ball is coolly driven towards sweeper cover for a single
Emrit to Ballance, 1 run
pitched up and that is thumped back towards the bowler, Emrit sticks out his right hand to slow that down
Emrit to Ballance, FOUR runs
short of length ball, Ballance moves towards leg stump, the ball follows him, top edge towards third man, Rampaul makes a hash of fielding that, lets it through for four
Emrit to Ballance, SIX runs
Emrit's first ball is slammed over long-on for six by Ballance, lovely taken by a kid in a Juventus shirt, the kid is jubilant after that
end of over 1616 runs
Yorks: 118/4CRR: 7.37 • RRR: 7.75 • Need 31 runs from 24b
Gary Ballance33 (26)
Adil Rashid28 (21)
Lendl Simmons2-0-20-0
Kevon Cooper2-0-14-0
Simmons to Ballance, 1 run
full ball is pushed towards long-on for a single
Simmons to Ballance, (no ball) SIX runs
high full toss and Ballance slices that over third man for six, just cleared the rope there, and that is deemed a no-ball as well, this is the sort of over Yorkshire needed
Simmons to Rashid, 1 run
length ball is punched by Rashid towards long-off, one bounce to the fielder
Simmons to Ballance, 1 run
full again, punched towards long-off