Player of the Match
Player of the Match

So that's it from the first match. The next match starts in an hour from now and it's between Sangakkara's team and Sangakkara's team. Over to the other side. Ciao ciao.

Misbah, who flew in from Zimbabwe yesterday, says, "It was a very nice pitch to bat, but we didn't make a good start. As a professional, you have to adjust and play."

McCullum says that there was some help for the bowlers available which their bowlers used well.

Otago Volts have produced a strong performance to brush Faisalabad Wolves aside. As is the case, whenever Baz gets into his innings, he is hard to stop. Wolves lacked intensity in batting and a lot more was expected from their bowling, but there wasn't much in it today. In the end, the batting depended too much on Misbah, the bowling looked too dependent on Ajmal. For Volts, their bowling was economical, their fielding expectedly top notch and their batting looks very strong as well. On the evidence of what we have seen today, Volts are going to be a team to watch. Faisalabad are not out of it. They still have two more matches, which they need to win.

Imran: "Anyone else think that Ajmal might be on the verge of rage-quitting the sport? Dropped catches, misfields, constantly bailing out teams that let him down... such a thankless job"

Asad Ali to BB McCullum, FOUR runs, bowls a slower delivery which is a low full-toss, the batsman just slices it over the infield. The fielder at deep cover runs in and realises that he has misjudged it soon as it goes over his head to the boundary
Asad Ali to BB McCullum, 2 runs,
Asad Ali to BB McCullum, no run, quick short delivery and the batsman is beaten in his pull
Asad Ali to de Boorder, 1 run, he blocks the yorker to point and is called for a run, had the fielder hit the non-striker's end, he was gone
Asad Ali to BB McCullum, 1 leg bye, oi! Baz tries to make room but the bowler follows him with a short delivery, the batsman tries to get away from the line, but it hits him on the chest and goes past the keeper's right

17 | 10 Runs | OTAGO: 134/2 (6 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.88, RRR: 2.00)

  • Brendon McCullum77 (61b)
  • Derek de Boorder29 (27b)
  • Saeed Ajmal4-0-23-1
  • Asad Ali2-0-22-0
Saeed Ajmal to BB McCullum, 1 run, quicker delivery on the pads, it's turned to deep square leg for a single
Saeed Ajmal to BB McCullum, FOUR runs, shorter delivery outside off, this time the batsman goes through with his pull shot and that beats the man at deep square leg
Saeed Ajmal to BB McCullum, 1 wide, floated down the leg side and it's called a wide
Saeed Ajmal to BB McCullum, no run, pushes it through on the middle stump line, Baz defends it to midwicket
  • McCullum powers Otago to win

    A menacing opening burst from Otago Volts' fast bowlers and a well-measured mauling from Brendon McCullum delivered them an eight-wicket victory over Faisalabad Wolves, who failed to compete in any discipline

  • Faisalabad 'ready for the big stage'

    Faisalabad Wolves are upbeat about their chances in the CLT20 after undergoing two weeks of "thorough" preparation in Pakistan

Otago 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0NT BroomHD Rutherford
2nd41BB McCullumHD Rutherford
3rd101BB McCullumDC de Boorder