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Rain washes out Bangalore game

A persistent downpour in Bangalore forced the match between Chennai Super Kings and Lahore Lions to be called off without even the toss having taken place

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Commentator: Alagappan Muthu

Super Kings and Lahore walk away with two points without a ball being bowled. With Kolkata Knight Riders already qualifying from this group, the remaining teams are in a nail-biting race to make the remaining spot to the semi-finals. Thank you for your company. This is Alagappan Muthu, vehemently claiming this was really not my fault. The rain just happened to be there while I was on comms

9.00 pm This is a reminder, folks. The match has to start by 10.45 to have a measly five-5. Will that please you fantasy fanatics? Well, this certainly wont. CLT20 tweets: The #CSKvsLIO match at Bengaluru has been called off due to heavy, persistent rains. #CLT20"

Vinod Kannan: "Did everything right, got approval to work from home , with hot vada and tea was sitting in front of espn app to watch the game only to see the downpour. " Uh... Oops?

"Who is Amol Muzumdar ??", prompts MahaSach, "Should we discuss about the unsung heroes??" For those wanting to learn the latest on one of Indian domestic cricket's giants, jump headlong into here

Siddharth: "Since the discussion about Indian players not playing the CLT20 has come up. The BCCI should've sent a team for the Asian Games. Rahane , Dhawan , Yuvraj , Kohli make a formidable line up. Naman Ojha could've been handed the gloves. Would've been a good way to groom Virat- The captain!"

"why is there no fantasy league in cricinfo this time? I had to register in a different site. Did not like it." This weather would not help Shobith's discontent at all.

Kris: "Lets use our time productively to discuss...... what do you think the indian players who are not playing in the CLT20 are currently doing? hmm.. Virat Kohli - any guesses?" I know what Che Pu was doing. Belting Leicestershire around in the County Championship in England to score 100 off 115 balls. And before that, he did this

"STOP watching cricket matches on TV." wails Shankar. "Instead, take the scorecard of the previous match....do some analysis and try to predict the future.....try to find out,what each number means....be the next Ramanujan." Uhm, well.. I suck at math so.. can I stick to rain updates and the odd random links to useless things?

8.25 pm Karthik is huffing and puffing over the lack of T20 madness: "Has the cricinfo office been flooded too? No updates/comments here for nearly half an hour now..." Nothing much to update, folks. Rain's still marchin on. Match, of course, is still not. Kolkata Knight Riders have already punched their ticket into the semi-final. The other three teams from Group A are in a seriously tight race to secure that second spot.

"Is there a reserve day for the match?!" Suzz, my friend. You are expecting too much of a tournament that is already wildly packed. No reserve days whatsoever.

7.55 pm Coverage switched to the ground for a brief few seconds and it is not a pretty picture. The covers are under a few inches of water and it is pelting down. Only the square is protected, the boundaries are quite flooded. There's wind, there's thunder, there's lightning and there will be no cricket anytime in the near future. 10.45 pm is our deadline tonight. If we can't get a match started by then, well...

7.50 pm "Rain in bangalore,this means CSK can enjoy their biriyani. Has anyone provided the home made biriyani this time?" Partha has found the most important question of the match. Meanwhile, the rain is the only thing that's roaring/ belting/ thundering in Bangalore. Guess it's just getting into the T20 spirit

"Ofcourse Shane Warne!!" Adit roars.

"Mcgrath or brett lee..." shushank isn't as gung-ho

"Non-Asian with the most number of wickets-Shaun Pollock with 393 wickets.." Sajal cracks it.

7.35 pm For those less inclined to strap in with me on rain-watch, here is the showdown from the finale of CricIQ doosra. So, do you know who the non-Asian with the most ODI wickets is?

Pankaj Vishwaka chips in to make my job easier: "Latest tweet by CLT20 official twitter handle "Right. The rain has gotten heavier, forcing the players off the field. This is getting frustrating. #CLT20 #CSKvsLIO""

We are hearing news that the umpires are out in the field and that they're hoping to keep to the schedule as long as there is no rain. However, the weather is not so accommodating, as the CLT20 twitter handle notes: "The drizzle in Bengaluru is intermittent. Covers going on and off continuously. Teams are warming up, no word on the toss"

"Usually it rains only Cats and Dogs...today the whole zoo is raining in Bangalore.." Rajan Singh enjoys his turn of phrase. "I stay just 14 kms from ground and it is already flooded here" Luckily the situation isn't so dire at the Chinnaswamy.

7.15 pm A crack of thunder, flashes of lightning and the drip-drip-drip of rain welcomes you to ESPNcricinfo's live coverage of the CLT20 match between Chennai Super Kings and Lahore Lions. Although it is Bangalore, so hopefully the water's not been turned on in the stadium. Doesn't seem to be the case as the groundsmen hurry to bring the covers back onto the field

6.35 pm A bit of rain is threatening to play spoil sport.. For now, though, those clouds, despite looking quite ominous, are keeping to their best behaviour. The covers are on in Bangalore. We shall keep you posted

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