9th Place Play-off Semi-Final, Cox's Bazar, Feb 8 2016, ICC Under-19 World Cup
(22/50 ov, target 92)
Zim U19 won by 8 wickets (with 168 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Zimbabwe Under-19s
ZIM19 Innings
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end of over 226 runs
ZIM19: 94/2CRR: 4.27 
Jeremy Ives34 (54)
Ryan Murray26 (31)
Luke Philander2-0-9-0
Chad Classen7-1-38-0

So, it's been an easy victory for Zimbabwe.Congratulations to them for their landslide victory over SA for 8 wickets.

At the beginning it seemed like there will be a tough contest but it eventually didn't.Zimbabwe have outplayed

their mighty neighbours in every department, be it batting, bowling or fielding.

South African batting has been a horror show today.They couldn't put up any fight and consequently failed to

give something to their bowlers for defending.It's been Zimbabwe all over South Africa.They have

wrapped up the match in a very professional manner.Today they were just outstanding.

We have just come to know that Richard Ngarava has been awarded Man of The Match for his outstanding bowling figure of 9 overs 2 maidens

10 runs and 4 wickets with an economy of 1.11.

That's all for today.Tomorrow We will be back again with live coverage of ICC U19 World Cup matches.

Till then, take care and good bye.


Philander to Ives, FOUR runs
shorter length outside off, cut powerfully through cover for a boundary, great shot, it's all over.And that brings up the victory for Zimbabwe.
Philander to Ives, no run
Philander to Ives, 2 runs
short and wide outside off, cut through point for a double
Philander to Ives, no run
tossed up outside off, defended to cover
Philander to Ives, no run
pitched it short and wide, cut to point
Philander to Ives, no run
end of over 216 runs
ZIM19: 88/2CRR: 4.19 • RRR: 0.13 • Need 4 runs from 28 overs
Jeremy Ives28 (48)
Ryan Murray26 (31)
Chad Classen7-1-38-0
Luke Philander1-0-3-0
Classen to Ives, 1 run
short outside off, cut through point for a single
Classen to Ives, 1 wide
wide down the leg side
Classen to Ives, no run
back of length outside off, defended to bowler
Classen to Ives, FOUR runs
pitched it short on middle and leg, pulled powerfully through square leg for a boundary, beautiful shot
Classen to Ives, no run
Classen to Ives, no run
back of length on middle and leg, pushed to mid on
Classen to Ives, no run
length ball on middle an doff, defended back to bowler