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Scorer: Harshith Gowda | Commentator: Debayan Sen

4.35pm That's that from Potchefstroom for the moment. Stick around for Sreshth Shah's report and follow-up stories from the venue. India now await the winner of the second semi-final, which takes place the day after between New Zealand and Bangladesh. For now, this is Debayan Sen saying goodbye on behalf of Sreshth, Harshith Gowda and Varun Shetty.

Priyam Garg: "We're happy. It's one more step towards what we set out to achieve when we started out. (On the bowling attack) This is the best attack of the tournament, because all our fast bowlers hit 140+ consistently, and the spinners hit the right lines and lengths. (Jaiswal and Saxena) This isn't the first time. They have done this for the past one year. They bond well, and that leads to good running between the wickets and good communication. They play together a lot, and this helps them complement each other. (On the final) I would want us to follow the same process as we have done. We have to approach the final just as another game that we have to play."

Rohail Nazir: "The pitch was good, and we didn't put enough runs on the board. (On winning the toss) I think Haider and I had a great partnership, we were at a good position at the 25-over mark, but Haider got out at a crucial point, and the rest of the batsmen weren't able to take enough responsibility. I also got out to a bad shot, but that was when only 10 overs were left. (On India) I think they were brilliant in the field, and their batting was exceptional. They took good catches, and took wickets whenever we were looking at getting a partnership going on. (On the World Cup experience) We learn from all our mistakes, and the boys are confident and happy that we played some good cricket in the tournament. You have to learn to be calm in crunch situations. Inshallah, we'll do well in the third-place match."

Noel Dsouza: "@Glanny We need a fast bowling allrounder. we have a spin bowling all rounder like Jadeja."

4.15pm And Player of the Match does go to Yashasvi Jaiswal. Jaiswal tells Ian Bishop after receiving his award: "It's a dream come true for me. To be able to do this for my country is a great feeling. To score a hundred against Pakistan in a World cup semi-final is something I can't put into words. We were talking about how we needed to stick at the wicket. They bowled well initially and we wanted to ride that out and we knew we could dominate them after that. It's a lot of hard work for all of us, the support staff, the management. They put in efforts, and I appreciate all Indian supporters and every Indian who prays for us."

Sandeep: "Mishra to be MoM for the 3 wickets or Jaiswal for the century and a wicket? " ---- Probably would have to go with Jaiswal

Glanny: "This may be too early, but i have been following in this lad Jaiswal since his Acc playing days and can surely say that if groomed well can be the next best allrounder. He can bowl decent and has a vide variety of shots in his arsenal. Can end Indias reliability on Hardik Pandya. "

4.14pm A little underwhelming as a contest, and largely down to the excellence shown by this Indian unit. Their bowlers set the ball rolling with a superb performance, backed up by some outstanding fielding. Ironically, it was Jaiswal who struck a crucial blow with the ball just when Pakistan were stitching together their best partnership. The seocnd half has been all India. Jaiswal with the hundred, and Saxena more than an able ally with the bat. The first 10-wicket win in ICC U-19 World Cup knockouts!

Aamir Ali to Jaiswal, SIX runs, done in some style! Jaiswal likes the deep mid-wicket region, and that's where he deposits one tossed up around middle. All the way for his fourth six of this innings. A first World Cup hundred of this campaign for Yashasvi Jaiswal. A comprehensive Indian win is sealed with a six!

Field comes in for Jaiswal. Could get this hundred with a boundary now

Aamir Ali to Saxena, 2 wides, slow, wide down the leg side, and Haris is able to get a foot to it. This runs away towards fine leg, and they take a single for that wide too
Aamir Ali to Saxena, no run, lofted up around off, and he politely drives this towards mid-off

35 | 7 Runs | IND19: 168/0 (5 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 4.80, RRR: 0.33)

  • Yashasvi Jaiswal99 (112b)
  • Divyaansh Saxena59 (98b)
  • Qasim Akram8-0-37-0
  • Aamir Ali5-0-30-0
Qasim Akram to Jaiswal, no run, length, just around off. Very slow, and he is beaten by the lack of pace in this. Almost edges it through to the keeper
Qasim Akram to Jaiswal, 2 runs, wide of off, and he slashes this hard. Gets it to deep point. A misfield almost trickles over to the ropes, but he gets one for that
Qasim Akram to Jaiswal, FOUR runs, flatter, and he slogs this over mid-on. Not off the middle, but good enough to trickle away to the fence