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Commentator: Debayan Sen

5.30pm So, from the 16 teams that made their way to South Africa hoping to walk away with the U-19 World Cup crown, just two remain in the running. Defending champions India were always tipped to be there, but their noisy neighbours Bangladesh have a fantastic shot at knocking them off the perch. Even if they don't, what a fabulous campaign this has been for Akbar Ali and his boys! Should be a final worth waiting these remaining three days for. Join us for Sunday for all the action from Potchefstroom. Hang around for reports, analyses and other meat from our man Sreshth Shah. This is Debayan Sen, bidding adieu on behalf of the two Andrews - Miller and Fidel Fernando. See you all on Sunday!

5.23pm Not long before we hear from the two captains now. Jesse Tashkoff: "Not enough runs. It was a tough toss to lose. There was some moisture on the pitch, but credit to them for the way they bowled. Once the sun came down, it got harder to bowl, but they batted really well. We had played them in the series at home and in a warm-up game before the World Cup, but this was also the first game where we were batting first in this World Cup. I'm really proud of my team. We won just a handful of games coming in, and to finish in the top four is something we can be proud of. (On Wheeler-Greenall) He showed real grit and gave us something to bowl at. We have to approach the third-place match to give our best, and just make sure we give everything we have." Akbar Ali: "Our bowlers did really well, and then our batsmen needed to have a big partnership up front. We were able to do that. Our three spinners are bowling really well. We had specific plans against New Zealand. We had played them away recently, and we needed to bowl to our plans. The way they (Joy and Hridoy) batted was exceptional. They work really hard, and it's commendable. (On facing India) We will play it as a normal game. We can't take the pressure of thinking that this is our first final. India is a very good side, and we have to play our 'A' game. We have to do the best in all three departments. Bangladeshi cricket fans are crazy, and I hope we will continue to get the same support that we've been getting. Keep supporting us."

Dr N K Chandras: "Your comments rightly predicted the outcome of this match. Good side on a given day wins. New nations like BD should replace the existing high ranked countries. Changes are to take place to maintain spectator interest. Congratulations BD Under 19!"

5.18pm Mahmudul Hasan Joy is the Player of the Match. Says: "I thought I will bat till the end and rotate the strike. My role is to rotate strike for the team and bat till the end, and that is what I tried to do. During the last New Zealand series, I got one score in the 90s and made a mistake and got out, but I wanted to set it right today. I feel good. Thanks to Allah, our support staff, and all the supporters for today."

Abdullah Al Mam: "So Bangladesh is going to play the first ever final of the U19 WC. Hoping that we will go beyond what we have acheive now. Brovo boys!! Thats the end. Congratulations!!!. " --- The young Tigers taking a walk around the ground to acknowledge their fans. There's a fair share of them around the ground too!

5.12pm February 6, 2020 will rank right up there in the annals of Bangladesh cricket. They continue their merry run at the ICC U-19 World Cup, with a fantastic chase against New Zealand. They haven't done much wrong on this day, beginning with the toss. Akbar Ali won the toss and put New Zealand in under murky overhead conditions, and his bowlers responded with a disciplined effort. Shoriful Islam was perhaps the pick of the bowlers, and the spinners complemented him perfectly. When chasing, they lost their openers early, but then Mahmudul Hasan Joy and Towhid Hridoy took the game away from New Zealand. The equation was skewed in their favour when Hridoy got out, and then Shahadat Hossain joined Joy as he waltzed his way to a splendid century. A win by six wickets, and a historic date with neighbours India in what is effectively a rematch of the Asia Cup final last year for these U-19 teams! All of the Bangladesh players and support staff out in the middle, and they are breaking out their best dance moves. This is a win that will be enjoyed and relished for a long time to come, and perhaps heralds the arrival of a few superstars of world cricket for the future.

Wheeler-Greenall to Akbar Ali, FOUR runs, driven past mid-on to a fuller ball, and that is that!

All the fielders come in

44 | 10 Runs | BD19: 211/4 (1 run required from 36 balls, RR: 4.79, RRR: 0.16)

  • Akbar Ali1 (1b)
  • Shahadat Hossain40 (51b)
  • Kristian Clarke9-0-37-1
  • Jesse Tashkoff10-0-57-1

Scores level! This will be a resounding victory by a very good Bangladesh team

Clarke to Akbar Ali, 1 run, length, and he plays this dead at his feet and sets off. Terrific response from the non-striker, as Sunde tries to kick the stumps down, but misses

Wahid: "Made 100 and out! He has pefectly done what needs to be. He is the man of the match today. Akbar Ali will finish the game "

Clarke to Shahadat Hossain, 1 run, length, plays this towards mid-on and gets an easy single with some hard running
Clarke to Shahadat Hossain, no run, length, swings further away from outside off, and he presses forward and then leaves
Clarke to Shahadat Hossain, no run, short, outside off, and left alone
Clarke to Shahadat Hossain, FOUR runs, oh, they're running away with it now! Strays down the leg side, and he just helps it along fine, and beats the man at long leg

B'desh U19 2nd innings Partnerships

1st23Tanzid HasanParvez Hossain Emon
2nd9Parvez Hossain EmonMahmudul Hasan Joy
3rd68Towhid HridoyMahmudul Hasan Joy
4th101Shahadat Hossain (3)Mahmudul Hasan Joy
5th14Shahadat Hossain (3)Akbar Ali