4th ODI (D/N), Johannesburg, Feb 12 2016, England tour of South Africa
(47.2/50 ov, target 263)
South Africa won by 1 wicket (with 16 balls remaining)
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South Africa
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9.44pm So, that pretty much sums it up. An incredible game, an incredible finish, and a thrilling finale to come in Cape Town on Sunday. George Dobell has the story of the night in his match report, so have a read of that. and tune in in two days' time for the finale. From myself and Alan Gardner, goodnight

9.35pm Right, time for some presentations. Here's Eoin Morgan.

"At the halfway stage it was South Africa's game to lose, Joe Root was magnificent again but we pegged it back with some great bowling. The game ebbed and flowed, but it was our game to win at the end."

"Woakesy got the ball moving around, they played out of their skin but we had chances in the field and that's the disappointing thing. But to see the fight they showed is hugely encouraging."

AB de Villiers: "We didn't need a nine-downer tonight, but what a fantastic game. Very happy at halfway, we had an opportunity to bowl them out for 150 but we thought that 260 was very chaseable. A bit naughty with my run-out and a couple of soft wickets. But I'm happy to be on the winning side and take it to Cape Town."

The Man of the Match, unsurprisingly, is Chris Morris. "A lot of work on my batting in the last few months, and just happy to take the win tonight. When Dave got out we were in a bit of strife. Luckily they dropped me and I thought, this is a chance to play cricket for your country, when it's in your arc, you can hit it."

And some. And the jolly nice chap has decided to hand over his match fee and his match award to the Pink Day coffers. He's got a few spare rand lying around his kitbag these days, but that's a lovely gesture.

9.30pm Ebb, flow, give, take, runs, wickets, cut, thrust, it's been a fantastic night, probably the best one-wicket South Africa victory at the Wanderers for ... oooh, maybe one month shy of ten years?

Anil: "Morris reminds me of Lance Klusener, specifically his exploits at the 1999 World Cup" Oh, good shout. And a happier ending too ...

Jayesh Mohan: "Men did the same as that of women. Eng women scored 262 and SA women chased that down.....what a day for he proteas!!!!!!!!!cheers!!!!"

9.25pm Tahir has his glory run with the pads on for a change, and wow, what an incredible match we have witnessed! South Africa have squared the series, from 0-2 to 2-2, with the decider at Cape Town to come. Incredible gritty resolve, with Chris Morris's 30-ball fifty turning the contest on its head. Credit too, to Tahir, for his three-wicket haul in the first instance and his calm slotting of the winning stroke too. Kagiso Rabada's four wickets were vital in snuffing out England's fightback with the bat, and let's not forget Joe Root's heroics with the bat too. His 109 ensured that we had a contest at all, after England's collapse to 108 for 6.

Rashid to Imran Tahir, FOUR runs
legbreak, big spin, Tahir mows through the covers, for the win!

So, all that training at Adelaide Strikers... comes down to this

Legspinner to legspinner. Scores level. Jeepers creepers

Rashid to Morris, OUT
googly, and Rashid has stunned the Wanderers! Wow, it's like a vacuum cleaner has parked its nozzle over the top of the stadium. Morris had a wipe, glory in sight, but didn't pick it whatsoever!
CH Morris b Rashid 62 (38b 3x4 4x6) SR: 163.15
end of over 477 runs
SA: 262/8CRR: 5.57 • RRR: 0.33 • Need 1 run from 18b
Kyle Abbott3 (11)
Chris Morris62 (37)
Ben Stokes10-0-45-2
Stuart Broad7-0-55-1

Siva: "Some one having so hard time in eating up their words "they aren't winning the series" in reference to SA" I reiterate, that was present tense, not a prediction. But on we go, a mighty finish!

Stokes to Abbott, no run
dabbed into the covers, Abbott does his part of the bargain ... now then Chuck

Mohd Irshad: "What is the state of mind of Rashid???" Perplexed. The game was in his hands ...

Stokes to Morris, 1 run
smashed down the ground, is that the match? No! Well fielded at mid-on, and Abbott has one ball to face
Stokes to Morris, no run
low full toss but booming inswing, that's the ball for the moment and Morris can't get it away

two runs. 21 balls ... someone has kept that six as a souvenir, so here comes a replacement. Surprised that doesn't happen more often ... actually, it's been coughed up now. Here we go...

Stokes to Morris, SIX runs
on the pads, a swivel-pull over the leg-side and that is a stunning riposte! South Africa are almost home and hosed!
Stokes to Morris, no run
shorter but straight again, taking the pace off the ball, and Morris tries to wind up a leg-side wallop but is beaten ...
Stokes to Morris, no run
that is a nut and a half in the circumstances. No close fielders whatsoever, and a pearling inswinging yorker that demands a block and nothing else

Ben Stokes. Who Makes Things Happen. Needs to make things happen

end of over 4615 runs
SA: 255/8CRR: 5.54 • RRR: 2.00 • Need 8 runs from 24b
Kyle Abbott3 (10)
Chris Morris55 (32)
Stuart Broad7-0-55-1
Chris Woakes8-1-42-1

krish: "Is it chuck norris or chris morris playing" ... too good, no comeback ...

Broad to Abbott, no run
solid crease-bound defence, and an utterly redundant raise of the palm to his colleague to stay 'stay there!' You don't say!

Vikas Jangid: "I asked "Who is Morris?" on IPL auction day.. I got my answer this guy deserves 7 crore.. Completely stealing the game single-handedly.."

Broad to Abbott, no run
outside off, and Abbott earns one of the biggest cheers of the day for a calm shouldering of the arms
Broad to Morris, 1 run
driven more circumspectly for a single to long-off, and Abbott has two balls to survive. In the absolute most literal sense. It's a one-man show now ...

Karthik: "And, few eyebrows where raised when Morris went for more than a million in the IPL auction!" Not no more ... who knew!

Broad to Morris, FOUR runs
slower ball, but it makes no difference! Morris is seeing it like a comet, and Broad is burning up like the Philae Lander as it approaches the sun!