Player of the Match
Player of the Match

10.42pm Sri Lanka have gone 1-0 up, and that's set up this series perfectly. This young Sri Lankan side will be full of confidence now. And India, who were expected to win this series easily, now have to come from behind. An unusual sort of T20 game to begin the series, but a very watchable game. Do join us for the rest of the series, and keep your comments flowing in. Until next time, good night!

Kasun Rajitha is the Man of the Match, on his debut. Sanjay Manjrekar doesn't interview him, for some reason.

Dinesh Chandimal: "I'm over the moon. I thought toss was important. I saw some fresh grass on the pitch. Credit goes to bowlers, they did a really good job. It's a young team. Every time we tell them to back themselves and do what they are capable of. We miss a lot of senior players, the youngsters have put their hands up and grabbed the opportunity."

10.35pm Presentation time. MS Dhoni: "The wicket was completely different to what we have been playing in the last one month. It was more like an English wicket. There was spongy bounce, and variable pace. We played quite a few big shots. Maybe not the kind of shots we should be playing on a spongy wicket. This was a 135-140 kind of wicket because there was some help for the fast bowlers. It was more English conditions than Indian conditions. Our shot selection should have been better. Looking at the positives, everybody got a chance today, and we kept pressing hard."

DanielAlexander: "Sri Lanka regain the No. 1 T20I spot" -- Yup. India slip down to No. 3.

Dhanuka: "I can see Siriwardana is going to be the next captain,, mark my words.."

AB: "Sunil Gavaskar should be full from having had to eat his words relating to the pitch."

Shantanu: "So Ashwin, Nehra didn't finish their quota and Bumrah bowled an in consequential over at the end. While Raina and Pandya bowled too many. Dhoni really should have attacked more."

Wilson : "Partnerships, folks, in any form of the game...!"

10.30pm The Sri Lankan seam attack looked to have more depth - and looked a little more threatening - than India's on this green pitch. And Sri Lanka's top order played fewer silly shots than India's did. They knew what their target was, and got there reasonably easily even if there were a few nervy moments during their chase.

Bumrah to Siriwardana, FOUR runs, back of a length on off stump, and that's another interesting-looking short-arm whip/pull to win it for Sri Lanka. Opened up slightly and hit it firmly to the midwicket boundary
Bumrah to Siriwardana, SIX runs, short ball, and Siriwardana has just paddle-pulled it for six. Goes deep in his crease, maybe expecting the short ball, and just swivelled at it. Checked his shot a little, but he middled it and cleared the square leg boundary
Ashwin to Shanaka, OUT, taken! What a catch from Raina! Jumps to his right from square leg to grab a full-blooded sweep with both hands. Wasn't too far from him, so he didn't throw himself at the ball, just jumped sideways and judged it perfectly

MD Shanaka c Raina b Ashwin 3 (6m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.50

Raina to Chandimal, OUT, quicker ball, and he's gone! Looks to shuffle across and flick, it was on the stumps, and he missed. Ball hits his front pad in front of middle and leg, and I have a feeling this might also have been missing leg stump. But replays suggest it might just have been hitting. He had got a long way across. First replay I saw was from a mid-off angle, and that might have deceived me a little

LD Chandimal lbw b Raina 35 (57m 35b 1x4 2x6) SR: 100.00

Chandimal has called out to the dressing room for something. Not sure if it's equipment-related or some sort of injury.

Raina to Chandimal, SIX runs, down the track and that's a slightly miscued six. Was a little too far inside the line of it. Went through with the shot anyway, finished with a full follow-through to send it soaring over long-off
Ashwin to Siriwardana, FOUR runs, loose ball, short, and he pulls it away to the left of midwicket
Ashwin to Kapugedera, OUT, Given! Sharp turn to hit the front pad as he comes forward to drive down the ground. It dipped on him and he had to reach for it, and then spun past his inside edge. Hit him in front of middle stump, but he'd taken a long stride forward, and I have a feeling it might have been missing leg stump

CK Kapugedera lbw b Ashwin 25 (25m 26b 4x4 0x6) SR: 96.15

Jadeja to Chandimal, SIX runs, this one's a bit slower on middle and leg, and he gets his front leg out of the way and sinks down low to slog-sweep firmly over the square leg boundary
Jadeja to Kapugedera, FOUR runs, shortish outside off, and that is a lovely shot, waits on it and cuts it away to the right of backward point
Pandya to Kapugedera, FOUR runs, short ball outside off, gets steep bounce, and Dhoni applauds as he watches the top-edged pull sail a long way over his head
Pandya to Kapugedera, FOUR runs, down the track, and that is hammered. Lands on the perfect length for an attacking shot, and he flat-bats hard down the ground and Chandimal did brilliantly to dive out of the way of the shot
Pandya to Kapugedera, FOUR runs, full and wide and the ball doesn't do much at all. Kapugedera can get forward, free his arms, and flat-bat merrily to the left of the diving Yuvraj at sweeper cover
Nehra to Gunathilaka, OUT, another short ball, another miscued pull, another wicket. Skidded on outside off, and it hit high on the bat, went off it without too much power, and Dhawan leaped up to catch it over his head with both hands at mid-on

MD Gunathilaka c Dhawan b Nehra 9 (21m 18b 0x4 1x6) SR: 50.00

Nehra to Gunathilaka, SIX runs, another bouncer outside off, another batsman looks to pull, and he doesn't quite middle it but gets enough bat on it to get it to carry over the square leg boundary, to the right of Ashwin chasing from long leg
Nehra to Chandimal, FOUR runs, short and wide, goes for the slash away from his body, and gets a thick edge that flies over the slips. Rahane leaps up at first slip, gets his fingertips to it, but can't hold on to the half-chance. It went very quickly off the edge
Nehra to Dickwella, OUT, and he's gone. Bouncer outside off, looks for the pull, and that isn't the cleverest shot given the line and given the fact that he's watched India getting out to the steep bounce. Top-edges it, and pops up a simple catch to mid-on

N Dickwella c Dhawan b Nehra 4 (2m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Nehra to Dickwella, FOUR runs, down the track, and Dickwella is off the mark in style. Gets his front leg away from the line as Nehra follows him, and lifts it up and over cover

Not the lowest, at least


No. of lower all-out totals for India in T20Is than the 101 today - 74 vs Aus, MCG, 2008-09 and 92 vs SA, Cuttack, 2015-16.

Resistance by No.9


Previous highest score for Ashwin in T20Is, vs Eng, Kolkata, 2011-12. Batting at No.9 in this match, he is the highest-scorer for India.

Collapse mid-way


No. of times India lost 6 wickets in their first 10 overs in T20Is, before this - vs NZ, Christchurch, 2008-09 and vs Aus, Bridgetown, 2010 World T20.

Youngsters doing the damage


No. of Sri Lanka bowlers who took 2 wickets in the first over of their T20I career today - Kasun Rajitha and Dasun Shanaka.

50 up


No. of India players who have played 50 or more T20Is, including Suresh Raina who his playing his 50th match today. Dhoni has played 56 matches.

Worst start


No. of times India had lost teir first 2 wickets in the first over in T20Is, before today. Their earliest was in 7 balls, also vs SL, Colombo (RPS), 2008-09.