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3rd ODI, Bristol, Jun 26 2016, Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland
(4/50 ov, target 249)
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ENG Innings
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end of over 45 runs
ENG: 16/1CRR: 4 • RRR: 5.06 • Need 233 runs from 46 overs
Joe Root11 (16)
Jason Roy5 (7)
Angelo Mathews2-0-8-0
Suranga Lakmal2-0-8-1

5.29pm: Match abandoned, the umps have bowed to the inevitable. Think the ground had simply absorbed too much water and, with only 40 mins to get back on, they've thrown in the (rather sopping) towel. Thanks for coming, everyone. England remain 1-0 up in the ODI series, go to 14-4 in the Super Series (with six points still to play for) and everyone will head back to London for Wednesday's fourth match at The Oval on Wednesday. Cheerio for now!

5.25pm: Raining as steadily as it has done all day, reports Gnasher. Umpires are heading out for a look, though... Might be curtains.

From the You've Got to Laugh Dept, exhibit 17,873, courtesy Aditya: "Brexit could be followed by Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Outsria, Finish, Slovakout, Latervia, and Byegium. Only Remania will stay."

5.10pm: Sounds like it might be easing off a bit in Bristol... although Wato has this: "I live a bit further out at Yate (8 miles) and its raining that hard I can't even go out and pick the strawberries for tea. Looks in for the duration."

"What about Andrew Strauss as the other candidate for the prime minister post along with KP," chirps Dinuka K. Suppose it could hardly be any worse than it currently is.

And here's KW: "If you want politicians, in Sri Lanka we have a bunch we would certainly like to trade-off..." Ah, well, what an offer... What's my old friend Mahinda Rajapaksa up to these days?

4.55pm: The super soppers are tracking mournfully back and forth across the square, the groundstaff sweeping water away in front of empty stands. Umpire Rob Bailey is out in the middle, under an umbrella. Sadly, with the water table already very high at the ground, this is looking like a terminal delay.

Ram suggests a unity candidate: "Kevin Pietersen as England Prime Minister. He'd do such an innovative job in a post that surely needs some innovation or two."

Here's supun again (two in a day): "Okay, let's move to shree's backyard with 2 teams to resume play... " If the two teams were willing, I can tell you the target on DLS after 20 overs with one wicket down would be 64.

4.50pm: In the absence of any footage or updates from Bristol, here's Shree: "I stay in Bradley Stoke, about 5 miles from the ground, weather here looks promising!!"

I'm not sure if George Macphers is having a laugh here or not: "Anyone to be become Britain's prime minister? There is one person. That person is none other than Jeremy Corbyn." I think he's got enough problems on his hands...

"Pakistan's PM is already there, u can have him definitely," offers Zeeshan Usmani

Danish: "Go get your haircut Rucheek.." Probably good advice. It's looking a bit of a haystack.

4.35pm: Still raining, I believe. Does anyone want to be prime minister of the UK?

"You might as well pack up your stuff lads the forecast is pretty grim." Thanks for the advice, Scott. I'm actually typing this in on my phone as I take the train home...

Here's Darshin: "Just in case, it becomes a 20 overs game, what will England be chasing? Do you have D/L experts at Cricinfo :P." Don't talk to me about "experts"... But, yes, someone will work it out for us. Just not me.

4.20pm: Sounds like the rain is getting heavier... We are now losing overs, FYI. The cut-off time for getting back on is 6.11pm.

"Will England lose by D/L if match is abandoned now?" No, Krishnan, it will be a no result. Need 20 overs for a game in ODIs.

"Late to the crease but is this a day/night game?" wonders Jonathan. "If not can they agree to extend to make it so? On a rather topical note not sure if max European working hours come into this." It is not a day-nighter, no - and Gloucestershire don't have permission to the use the floodlights today, in any case (the ground is in a residential area and they can only turn them on a set number of times a year, I believe). On the latter point, I think the considered answer is: no one has a sodding clue about anything right now.

4.10pm: The big covers are being brought on to protect the square. Bristol is right under a great big curtain of rain, according to the radar

"I guess rain would manage to win more than Sri Lanka in this tour. We all miss Sangakkara." Rain is a powerful foe, Matanat. Although it can also be an ally. Not even King Kumar can control it.

"I always have a chuckle at the 'why are my posts not published' comments... and ironically why those ARE published. Maybe the wonderful commentary team are too busy publishing comments about not being published!" It's tricky job, Jon, but someone's got to do it...

4pm: So we have another delay for rain, the covers being rolled on and the groundstaff having to earn their corn again. Why not go and check out the Euro 2016 latest over on ESPNFC while we wait further weather updates? All looking quite grim around Bristol right now, so could be a while.

Does publishing amit's comment prove his theory? Who knows... "My experience shows that rain interruptions, drinks break, innings change are the best time to get your comments published on espncricinfo."

John: "Don't fret, supun. Even comments as brilliant as mine don't always get published." This is also true.

And at the end of the over, the umpires meet again and decide to take the players off. Disappointing scenes but it seems as if the rain is just a smidge too persistent for all involved.

Mathews to Root, no run
wicket-to-wicket line of attack, blocked back towards mid-on

"Am I on your blacklist..?? That may be the reason to not to publish my comments." Have you contributed anything worth publishing, supun? Ask yourself that

Mathews to Roy, 1 run
touch fuller, 77mph outside off, Roy leans on to the front foot, opens the face to guide one more to third man
Mathews to Root, 1 run
stays back in the crease and glances one of Mathews' dobblers through backward square leg
Mathews to Root, no run
on the stumps, defended back on the leg side

The umbrellas are popping up again in the crowd

Mathews to Root, 2 runs
drops a touch short, width for Root to happily slap a couple more through backward point
Mathews to Roy, 1 run
length ball, sliding in with the arm, clipped off the pads through square leg
end of over 37 runs
ENG: 11/1CRR: 3.66 • RRR: 5.06 • Need 238 runs from 46 overs
Joe Root8 (12)
Jason Roy3 (5)
Suranga Lakmal2-0-8-1
Angelo Mathews1-0-3-0

"Root is due big!!" exclaims Saurav. It's been a bit of a rut for him, relatively speaking... Just that 80 at CLS to show for his England summer so far

Lakmal to Root, no run
shortish outside off, Root chops down on it, the ball bounces towards point
Lakmal to Root, no run
gets forward and blocks into the covers
Lakmal to Root, no run
tighter line from Lakmal, blocked back down the pitch
Lakmal to Root, FOUR runs
back of the net! Root gets a bit of width this time and hammers a cut through point the fence for England's first boundary

Ramchandra: "Eng 1-1 SL ... soccer match score ?" England now running away with it

Lakmal to Root, 2 runs
slightly short of a good length, on off stump but whipped away through square leg for a couple
Lakmal to Roy, 1 run
back of a length outside off, Roy swats a cut down to third man
end of over 23 runs
ENG: 4/1CRR: 2 • RRR: 5.10 • Need 245 runs from 46 overs
Joe Root2 (7)
Jason Roy2 (4)
Angelo Mathews1-0-3-0
Suranga Lakmal1-0-1-1
Mathews to Root, no run
come forward on off stump and taps in front of square
Mathews to Root, 2 runs
goes a little straighter, this time Root turns the wrists and deflects a couple through square leg
Mathews to Root, no run
on the stumps, again pushed back down the track
Mathews to Root, no run
tight lines from Angie, nibbling in a fraction, defended back down the pitch
Mathews to Roy, 1 run
comes forward, opens the face and runs a length ball down to short third man

"Career best to career lowest. Funny game." Indeed, Ankit. Treat those imposters just the same...

Mathews to Roy, no run
good length in the channel, Roy steps out and lets it through to thud into the gloves

Angelo Mathews is fit to trundle in today. Chandimal up to the stumps

end of over 11 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 1/1CRR: 1 • RRR: 5.06 • Need 248 runs from 46 overs
Joe Root0 (3)
Jason Roy1 (2)
Suranga Lakmal1-0-1-1
Lakmal to Root, no run
shuffles across the stumps and taps down to the on side
Lakmal to Root, no run
shortish, Root attempts to pull and splices it in the air towards midwicket, lands short of the fielder

"How likely is it that there will be result today? I am debating between staying home and watching the game versus going for a haircut." Don't go anywhere, Rucheek. That shaggy mop will hold for another day...

Lakmal to Root, no run
back of a length, 82mph on middle stump, blocked down to the leg side

In comes Joe Root, England 1 for 1. Quite a difference from Friday

Lakmal to Hales, OUT
back of a length, Hales plays away from his body - and nicks to the keeper! Big, thick deflection, the ball skidding on, Hales trying to force off the back foot. From an unbeaten hundred to a golden duck in the space of two days! SL have the early breakthrough they needed
AD Hales c †Chandimal b Lakmal 0 (4m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Lakmal to Roy, 1 run
short and a touch wide, drops back and frees the arms to chop one past backward point
Lakmal to Roy, no run
starts on a shortish length over off stump, Roy cramped for room blocks down the track

Right, against the odds, we're going to get some crickle... Jason Roy and Alex Hales heading to the middle, Suranga Lakmal marking out his run-up. Still a few spots of rain in the air

3.35pm: The players are warming up again, covers are off. Sounds like some rain possibly still int eh air but they are attempting to dry the outfield and get things going again.

"Looks like Crexit to me." Not so fast, Jay. At least 48.1% of respondents think we'll still get a game.

3.25pm: Now hearing it will be a 3.40pm restart. Stick with it...

"Looks like we have awful weather forecast for today," says Kapil. "What's the probability of us having a result of this game?" To be honest, not that high. Rain was forecast for this afternoon and it seems to have arrived early - but, for now, we live in hope of squeezing in another 20 overs.

3.24pm: We were supposed to be playing again in about a minute's time - but there is still some faint drizzle in the air and the pitch is being covered. The umpires are heading out for a look. "Suggestion is that the outfield can't take much more water after all the recent rain, so anything heavier could cause problems," says Gnasher. "Some slow hand claps now starting the crowd."

3.15pm: Gnasher reports from the ground that the covers are being rolled out again, although it might be a precaution: "Just the main ones for now...players still warning up." While you wait for the mopping-up to be completed, here's some pics of the action so far.

3pm: We have optimistic news! Play will restart at 3.25pm, assuming no more rain, with no overs lost. The covers are off and there is plenty of activity from the groundstaff to get the pitch and outfield ready for the resumption.

"The rain radar doesn't look good? You must be joking. This is excellent news for Sri Lanka." You cheeky, Eusha. Although I suppose half of you may take a similar view... Surely everyone just wants to see the game played to its conclusion and the winners - whoever they are - acknowledged in a sporting manner?

2.55pm: Ah ha, looks like the covers are being removed from the pitch - although they remain on the square. Stay tuned. As an aside, the rain radar doesn't look great.

While we wait, here's Rohan with a talking point: "Small ground, rain in the air, another 10 wicket victory on cards?? I find it irritating when they declare the chasing team as winners by __ runs if their innings is cut short, what does Cricinfo stats people think of such spurious reporting?"

2.45pm: Hello, folks. We should be getting back underway around about now but, sadly, the covers are on in Bristol and it looks like we are going to sit out a period of drizzle...