Player of the Match
Player of the Match

England win by 330 runs and level the series at 1-1 with two matches to play at Edgbaston and The Oval. Set up very nicely. Small gap before the next Test on August 3. Pakistan have a two-day game against Worcestershire at the weekend to try out a few things. It's been an outstanding all-round performance from England, the only downer being the injury today for Ben Stokes. He looks unlikely for the next Test, at least. They were in control from about lunch on the first day having won the toss. Joe Root and Alastair Cook led the way, followed by a strong display from the pace attack. Now it's Pakistan's turn to dig deep and answer some tough questions. I'll bring you the presentations shortly.

Taha: "And what about the super series..Can u update please.." It's 4-4. All to play for.

Nick: "Seriously worrying that Chris Woakes's form is dropping so suddenly. His last four innings he has got 6 wickets then 5 wickets then 4 wickets and only 3 wickets this time round"

Misbah-ul-Haq "It happens, it can turn around like that. Full credit to England they won a good toss then Cook and Root took the game away. We were nowhere near, below average, we need to improve in every department. We couldn't build the pressure and let them score a massive total. You need to keep the opposition to 350, near 600 it's really difficult to come back. The way we batted in the first innings, we could have scored more than 350-400. We were thrown out of the game. Yasir is used to bowling on second and third day when there is some rough for him, so this different, and he didn't have anything. Credit, too, for Root and Cook who played him really well. [Top-order batting] It's a little bit of a worry, you want your batsmen to fire. Without scoring 300+ runs it's difficult to put pressure on. We need to convert starts. It's the good and bad thing about our team, we can have a result like this after a good game but we can also bounce back from it. Mentally they are capable of coming back."

Alastair Cook "We were really good, there wasn't too much that could have gone better. Really pleased about the character, the manner in which everyone batted, we had a better tempo. We left it to the individual about how we'd play Yasir, playing him a little straighter seemed to work. [Root's promotion to No. 3] I can't claim too much credit for his 250, but it seemed the logical step to put your best batter at No. 3. We talked about going big, that was as good as I've seen. [Pitch] We knew if we got a bit of pace and bounce it suits our bowlers. We feel as we have some good momentum with the ball. I thought a bit of time off for the bowlers if I'm honest. [Follow-on decision] Rest up, come in hard today. Didn't think it would cause quite the stir it would for 12 hours. [Bowlers] Jimmy is fine, your first game back you are a bit sore, but Stokesy looks in a bit of trouble with his leg. Mark Wood is coming back, Steven Finn, Jake Ball...Stokesy balances the side, but we have Woakes at No 8 or 9."

Man of the Match is Joe Root, no surprise there. "Very special feeling, I enjoy playing here. Nice to have some support when I come here. You had to earn the right, Cooky set the example. Everything we talked about before the game, was nice to go out there and do it. You put the hard yards in and work hard, and I had a good think to myself, and nice to turn it around quite quickly. I don't look to No. 3 any differently to No. 4, but taking some risk out will help. Both sides have played some strong cricket but we are confident going into Edgbaston."

That just about wraps things up for this Test match. David Hopps' report will be updated here shortly and we'll have plenty more from the ground as the evening goes on. A very impressive win for England. We'll be back for the third Test at Edgbaston on August 3. For now, though, from Gnasher, Andrew and Alan it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

Woakes to Mohammad Amir, OUT, that's it, all over! Woakes finishes it off. Amir drives on the up and picks out Broad at mid-off who suggests he didn't really pick up the ball. But he held on anyway. Another first-over-of-a-spell wicket for Woakes!

Mohammad Amir c Broad b Woakes 29 (42m 43b 5x4 0x6) SR: 67.44

Woakes to Mohammad Amir, no run, square drives to deep point...yes, deep point is out there
Woakes to Rahat Ali, 1 run, short ball on leg stump which he manages to pull away so he gets off strike...that will annoy England

Well, there is a change. It's Woakes...

70 | 6 Runs | PAK: 233/9

  • Mohammad Amir29 (41b)
  • Rahat Ali7 (17b)
  • Stuart Broad14-3-37-0
  • Moeen Ali18.4-1-88-3

Sarah: "So, half an hour ago I was asking where Broad was. Now he's back, I want Root on again..."

Broad to Mohammad Amir, no run, length ball outside off, pushed to Rahat is facing next
Broad to Mohammad Amir, FOUR runs, close! Inside edge flies past leg stump as Amir aims to drive again...scoots to fine leg. Don't think that was a smile from Broad
Broad to Mohammad Amir, 2 runs, full delivery, and he's driving again through the off side, Vince comes around from deep point
Broad to Mohammad Amir, no run, angled into the pads, deflects down in front of short leg
Broad to Mohammad Amir, no run, full outside off, defended to the covers
Broad to Mohammad Amir, no run, round the wicket, full delivery, Amir defends solidly...he's shaping up well, he's always had batting talent

69 | 7 Runs | PAK: 227/9

  • Mohammad Amir23 (35b)
  • Rahat Ali7 (17b)
  • Moeen Ali18.4-1-88-3
  • Stuart Broad13-3-31-0
Ali to Mohammad Amir, 3 runs, another flowing cover drive as Amir unleashes at a full ball, Hales manages to flick it back but Amir will have the strike
Ali to Mohammad Amir, no run, full on middle and leg, blocked
Ali to Mohammad Amir, no run, tossed up in the block hole, driven to cover
Ali to Mohammad Amir, FOUR runs, threads this through the gap between cover and mid-off...nicely played
Ali to Mohammad Amir, no run, played into the leg side
Ali to Mohammad Amir, no run, round the wicket, defended to the covers

68 | 2 Runs | PAK: 220/9

  • Rahat Ali7 (17b)
  • Mohammad Amir16 (29b)
  • Stuart Broad13-3-31-0
  • Moeen Ali17.4-1-81-3
Broad to Rahat Ali, no run, backing away a touch but manages to defend a short-of-a-length delivery
Broad to Rahat Ali, no run, another short one which Rahat turns his head away from as he ducks...skims close to his helmet
Broad to Rahat Ali, 2 runs, driven through the off side, Broad offers a touch of width...feels as though he's trying to force it at the moment
Broad to Rahat Ali, no run, goes back and defends a short ball down in front of short leg
Broad to Rahat Ali, no run, full and straight, he forces it into the leg side
Broad to Rahat Ali, no run, short ball, well-directed at the ribs, fended towards short leg but downwards

67 | 2 Runs | PAK: 218/9

  • Rahat Ali5 (11b)
  • Mohammad Amir16 (29b)
  • Moeen Ali17.4-1-81-3
  • Stuart Broad12-3-29-0
Ali to Rahat Ali, 1 run, tickles a full ball off the inside to short fine leg
Ali to Mohammad Amir, 1 run, launches this over mid-off with a free swing of the arms but the ball plugs in the outfield
Ali to Mohammad Amir, no run, touch shorter, plays back
Ali to Mohammad Amir, no run, forward and blocks

Huge win for England


Runs England won this Test by - their second biggest win against Pakistan by margin of runs. Their biggest win came at Trent Bridge in 2010, by 354 runs.

Woakes' special knack


Number of times Chris Woakes has struck in the first over of his spells in his Test career. He has done so four times already in this series.

Younis' lean patch


No. of consecutive Test inns in which Younis Khan has been dismissed without scoring at least 50 runs - equals his worst streak. His first such streak since 2003.

Jimmy at home


Wickets taken by James Anderson in England - the most by a fast bowler in home Tests beating Glenn McGrath's tally of 289 wickets.

Missing opening act, again


Runs Pakistan's first wicket has averaged in this series. In their last series in England Pakistan had averaged 11.62 for their fist wicket in four Tests.

Tall order


Target set by England - the second-highest ever Pakistan have been set to chase in Tests.

Cook's quickest


Balls taken by Alastair Cook for his fifty in England's second innings; this is his fastest fifty in Tests. Previous fastest came off 56 balls, v India in Mohali, 2007-08

Tall order for Pakistan


Highest 4th-inngs total in Tests at Old Trafford, by Australia in 1981. In terms of overs faced, the best is 145.1, by India in 1959

Where's the follow-on?


Instances of England not enforcing the follow-on despite a lead higher than 391; in 1930 v WI (lead 563), and v Aus in 1928 (lead 399)

Huge lead


England's 1st-innings lead, their 2nd-highest in a Test v Pakistan. Their highest is 401, at Trent Bridge in 1954

Misbah's hot streak


Fifty-plus scores for Misbah in his last 10 Test innings - two hundreds and five fifties.

Iffy top order


Instances, in 51 Tests in England, when Pakistan have been seven down for less than 120