Only ODI, Benoni, Sep 27 2016, Australia tour of South Africa
(30.1/50 ov, target 199)
Australia won by 9 wickets (with 119 balls remaining)
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4.10pm With that scrambled clip into the legside, Australia complete a nine wicket win with 119 balls remaining. A comprehensive win, which was never really in doubt once both Warner and Khawaja put on 73 for the first wicket. Ireland weren't threatening enough with the ball, they just couldn't stop the batsmen from scoring. Sure, dropped catches did not help their cause.

At the top level you have to take every chance that comes along and once again Ireland didn't do that today. For Australia this was a perfect start of their South Africa tour, all of their bowlers took wickets and all top order fired. What more could you ask for?

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William Porterfield, Ireland captain: "We got off to a great start but to lose three wickets in 8-10 balls isn't ideal. So its obvious that we didn't get enough runs. The wicket was a little bit up and down and when we lost our way in the middle of the innings it meant that we weren't going to be able to come back from that against good sides. We feel that we have done a lot of good things in today's game, we need to be kicking on from 20s, 30s and 40s. That shows where we need to go on from now. We don't have anymore international cricket this side of Christmas and so we are going home to practice for our tour of India, when we are playing Afghanistan in Feb-March. That's our next major cricket"

Steven Smith, Australia captain: "Pretty good performance in the end, the way that we started with the ball, let them away just a little bit too early and to bowl them out for just under 200 was good. No excuses, we gave too many freebies at the start and we need to work on this before we face South Africa. They wont let us back into the game as easily as Ireland did. We need to continue to improve at the front and take wickets in the middle, just like we did today. I'm happy at the way that Zampa bowled today, he started off nicely and hopefully can continue this. It's an international game today and to win by nine wickets, I'm very happy with that. It's always great playing over here in South Africa and it should be a quality series against them."

Usman Khawaja, Man of the Match: "Yeah it was really good to get out there. great to have a win and it was pretty comfortable in the end.The surface was a little slow, still good though and the outfield is fast. I like playing here at altitude. We got off to a good start and it was good to watch David Warner batting from the other end."

So that brings to an end the Ireland visit to South Africa, you would think that there will need to be a lot of hard thinking to be done before they visit India in March for their series against Afghanistan. For Australia, this is only the beginning. On Friday, the five-match series starts against South Africa. So please join us then. So thanks for following our commentary today and this is Justin wishing you a goodnight. Bye

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Dockrell to Khawaja, 1 run
Dockrell bowls the ball on legstump and its clipped to square leg again. Terry can't gather the ball cleanly and they decide to run. Australia win! With that scrambled clip into the legside, Australia complete a nine wicket win with 119 balls remaining.
end of over 305 runs
AUS: 198/1CRR: 6.6 • RRR: 0.05 • Need 1 run from 19 overs
Steven Smith59 (74)
Usman Khawaja81 (76)
Kevin O'Brien7-0-30-0
George Dockrell5-0-35-0
O'Brien to Smith, no run
a good length ball again from O'Brien, Smith turns the ball into the legside and its straight to the fielder again
O'Brien to Khawaja, 1 run
clips the ball into the legside and the scores are tied.
O'Brien to Smith, 1 run
Smith turns a good length ball up towards Terry at mid-on. Its wide enough to get a single
O'Brien to Smith, no run
wide outside off-stump, Smith doesn't move his feet and misses the ball.
O'Brien to Khawaja, 1 run
stump-to-stump again from O'Brien. Khawaja stays in the crease and hits the ball back to the bowler
O'Brien to Khawaja, 1 wide
goes down the legside and Ireland are sure that Khawja has got something on the ball. They review it, no harm in doing so with only 5 runs needed. Doesn't look like there is anything on Ultra Edge. So its just a wide then.
O'Brien to Smith, 1 run
a short ball and Smith pulls it into the legside, stopped on the boundary
end of over 298 runs
AUS: 193/1CRR: 6.65 • RRR: 0.28 • Need 6 runs from 19 overs
Usman Khawaja79 (74)
Steven Smith57 (70)
George Dockrell5-0-35-0
Barry McCarthy7-0-57-0
Dockrell to Khawaja, FOUR runs
short and wide and Khawaja has all the time in the world to cut the ball through point. Goes to the boundary
Dockrell to Smith, 1 run
turns the ball round the corner and its another simply taken single
Dockrell to Smith, 2 runs
goes short and its pulled down to long leg by Smith
Dockrell to Smith, no run
yorker from Dockrell, Smith hits the ball back to him
Dockrell to Smith, no run
hits the ball to Stirling at cover
Dockrell to Khawaja, 1 run
gets onto the front foot and clips the ball through square leg again
end of over 2812 runs
AUS: 185/1CRR: 6.6 • RRR: 0.63 • Need 14 runs from 19 overs
Steven Smith54 (66)
Usman Khawaja74 (72)
Barry McCarthy7-0-57-0
George Dockrell4-0-27-0
McCarthy to Smith, no run
a good length ball from McCarthy and its knocked back to the bowler