1st ODI (D/N), Centurion, Sep 30 2016, Australia tour of South Africa
(36.2/50 ov, target 295)
South Africa won by 6 wickets (with 82 balls remaining)
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South Africa
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8.40pm: Right, that's a wrap from us, you can read all about a special innings from the Mighty Quin in Firdose's report and we'll be back in a couple of days for the second match of the series, in Johannesburg on Sunday. Stay classy!

8.35pm: Time for the presentations, starting with Australia's Steven Smith: "Probably a 370-380 wicket, a lot of guys got starts but couldn't go on to the big hundred like Quinton did. I thought he played magnificently. We wanted 300 after the start we got but we lost wickets in clumps, always difficult after that. We did well to get back into it through the partnership of George Bailey and John Hastings but it wasn't enough tonight. We'll have to get our areas a bit better with the ball. Hopefully the rugby boys can do a little bit better against the Springboks."

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis: "Good toss to win. Strangely, the stats say batting first is better but those of have grown up here know what it's like with the ball skidding on, it was a good chase to pull off. That doesn't take anything away from the seriousness of Quinton de Kock's knock, and Rillee Rossouw up front. When you have a team six down, like we did - that 80-plus partnership, we'd like to be a bit more clinical than that. I went in and asked Quinny to keep doing his thing, keep smashing them. Australia are a very good one-day side, so to put some pressure on them going 1-0 up is amazing."

Andile Phehluk... Just kidding, Quinton de Kock is named Man of the Match: "The wicket felt very nice, it changed a bit in the evening, came on quite nicely. We were able to play freely, not have to do anything extravagant. [Married recently, good for form?] Hasn't been too bad, no downs yet, only ups. [Broken bat?] Hopefully they'll give me another one."

8.25pm: Little Quinny de Kock played a big knock tonight and it saw South Africa cruise to victory and a 1-0 lead in the series. Australia's frenetic innings produced a total that should at least have been testing but, after a century opening stand, de Kock put the absolute tin lid on any thoughts of an upset. Power, timing and a frightening range of strokes gave an inexperienced Australia attack a proper hiding... How to chase 300? With QDK it's QED.

Worrall to Miller, 1 run
tucked off the hips, past midwicket... that's the badger, South Africa win by six wickets
Worrall to Miller, no run
length ball in the channel, Miller drops it towards backward point... no run there!

Dan Worrall returns

end of over 367 runs
SA: 294/4CRR: 8.16 • RRR: 0.07 • Need 1 run from 13 overs
David Miller9 (8)
Farhaan Behardien5 (6)
Scott Boland7-0-67-3
Mitchell Marsh8-0-66-0
Boland to Miller, 1 run
good length outside off, opens the face for one to third man... and the scores are level. Hurrah!
Boland to Miller, no run
full and wide and Miller throws the hands, mistimes it into the covers

"How do you keep the enthusiasm to keep typing after the big moment in the game is gone??" It's a challenge, Siva. If I fall head first into my keyboard somebody please wake me uxvxddddcdaskomgjsorpeBMllllljihnkh

Boland to Miller, no run
pitched up, creeps forward and drives to mid-off. Ho hum
Boland to Behardien, 1 run
slightly back of a length, Behardien waits in the crease and tucks it to leg
Boland to Miller, 1 run
on the body, worked away for a single

One hit will do it...

Boland to Miller, FOUR runs
drops short, slightly wide and Miller swats at it, gets a top edge over the slips and cuts the requirement in half
end of over 354 runs
SA: 287/4CRR: 8.2 • RRR: 0.53 • Need 8 runs from 13 overs
Farhaan Behardien4 (5)
David Miller3 (3)
Mitchell Marsh8-0-66-0
Scott Boland6-0-60-3

Here's Siddharth: "Scott Boland ends up with his career-best bowling figures in ODIs.....on a day when he has gone at 10 runs an over!" One of those days... We did say it was a weakened Australia attack

Marsh to Behardien, no run
bumper to finish the over, Behardien ducks it. Perhaps he wants to savour this one
Marsh to Miller, 1 run
shortish, nudged off the pads in front of square... Getting closer
Marsh to Miller, no run
touch fuller, 130kph on off, pushes along the carpet to mid-off
Marsh to Miller, 2 runs
on the stumps, Miller flips a couple through midwicket off his pads
Marsh to Behardien, 1 run
length outside off, drops back and runs a single to third man
Marsh to Behardien, no run
Behardien comes forward and pushes a full ball into the off side

Twelve needed, let's do this, lads...

end of over 347 runs • 2 wicket
SA: 283/4CRR: 8.32 • RRR: 0.75 • Need 12 runs from 13 overs
Farhaan Behardien3 (2)
David Miller0 (0)
Scott Boland6-0-60-3
Mitchell Marsh7-0-62-0

"The choke is on!!" Aku, among others, can't resist the old gag

Boland to Behardien, 3 runs
pitched up a bit further and Behardien gets going with a drive through the covers
Boland to Behardien, no run
good length outside off, Behardien prods it safely down into the off side

In comes Farhaan Behardien, with a job to finish off. Equal 20th will have to do

Boland to de Kock, OUT
dug in again, de Kock hooks hard - but this time it's his undoing! Head takes another superbly judged catch running along the rope and de Kock has to walk off 11 short of a national record... Centurion stands for the centurion, he gets some handshakes on his way off. A quite brilliant innings that has made a difficult chase look simple
Q de Kock c Head b Boland 178 (142m 113b 16x4 11x6) SR: 157.52
Boland to de Kock, no run
short ball, pushed across and de Kock skips out, swings violently... but misses

David Miller is next in but the batsmen crossed... What can Quinny finish on?

Boland to Duminy, OUT
hooks the bumper, excellent take at deep square leg! So Duminy crashes the party and then ends up falling the pool... Another wicket for Boland, courtesy a low grab diving in from the boundary by Head
JP Duminy c Head b Boland 9 (8m 8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 112.50
Boland to Duminy, FOUR runs
Duminy isn't standing on ceremony for his team-mate, steps forward and launches Boland inside out over cover, that will bounce away, too... The maths are no longer in de Kock's favour
end of over 338 runs
SA: 276/2CRR: 8.36 • RRR: 1.11 • Need 19 runs from 13 overs
Jean-Paul Duminy5 (6)
Quinton de Kock178 (111)
Mitchell Marsh7-0-62-0
Scott Boland5-0-53-1

"Duminy is spoiling the fun here..." huffs Wilson

Marsh to Duminy, 1 run
touch back of a length, 130 kays and nudged through backward square for one more to pinch the strike
Marsh to Duminy, no run
Marsh lands the ball full in the channel, driven to mid-off