1st Test, Port Elizabeth, Dec 26-30 2016, Sri Lanka tour of South Africa
286 & 406/6d
(96.3 ov, target 488)
205 & 281
South Africa won by 206 runs
Player Of The Match
South Africa
SL 2nd Innings
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South Africa win by 206 runs and have set down a strong marker for the series. Wasn't quite a complete performance, the fielding wasn't at its best in the second innings, but all-in-all a very impressive all-round display from the home side. It was an even game after the first day, but since then South Africa pulled further and further away. Vernon Philander and Kyle Abbott were outstanding, Kagiso Rabada was better in the second innings and Keshav Maharaj did his role ideally yesterday. It many ways it is what we expected before the series, Sri Lanka struggling in these conditions but they'll be disappointed with some of the top-order batting. They only have two days to think about things before the Newlands Test. I'll stay with you and for a little while and hopefully bring the presentation shortly.

Ankit Bakliwal: "It is so boring to see the home team win all the time. What do you suggest should be done to have more balance in these test matches?" Ideally more warm-up matches, but that's tough with the packed schedules these days. Maybe fewer Test - and tours - but with longer build-ups. Quality over quantity? Although I know the number of Tests between teams is already uneven. And South Africa have shown in recent times how it is possible to win away from home.

Presentation time...Angelo Mathews "I thought the bowlers did pretty well but it was hard work for the batters. If we can bat well from the beginning then we don't have to fight back. We've only got a couple of days to regroup. We'll try our best to start well in the second Test. We know we are up against a good-quality side. There were lots of positives but not enough for win."

Faf du Plessis "We had to toil for this one. But from day one we played some good cricket, very happy with how the game went. Last six months has gone very well. Everything went exactly that we would have liked. The wicket was green and we got a hundred stand. Thought we could have got 50 more, but to get an 80 lead was a fantastic effort. Boys worked hard yesterday but got their rewards today. We thought reverse may come into play, but the grass left on meant the ball never really scuffed up. The bowlers were relentless on their line and length. This seam attack, time and time again, has proven they can do it with three bowlers. Puts a lot of emphasis on the spinner, too, and Keshav has been doing a really good job. I feel like as a team were are at about 80% so hopefully we can get better as a batting unit."

The Man of the Match is Stephen Cook for his fifty and a hundred. "It's gone well the last couple of games. You know you will go through tough times. Wanted to make it count in the second innings. Nice to have the family around."

And that just about wraps things up for this Test and for Test cricket in 2016. There is an ODI left to complete international cricket for the year. We'll be back on January 2 for the second Test from Newlands but, for now, from Andrew McGlashan it's goodbye and thanks for joining us. Happy New Year.

Maharaj to Pradeep, OUT
and that's it! A beauty to win the Test. Pitches on middle, spins, beats the outside edge and takes the off stump. A delightful delivery for a left-arm spinner
N Pradeep b Maharaj 4 (13m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 44.44
Maharaj to Pradeep, no run
blocks a full ball to the off side
Maharaj to Lakmal, 1 run
down the pitch, swung in the air straight down the ground, Cook is at long-off but it's short of him
end of over 965 runs
SL: 280/9CRR: 2.91 
Nuwan Pradeep4 (7)
Suranga Lakmal18 (19)
Kagiso Rabada21-4-77-3
Keshav Maharaj30-7-85-2
Rabada to Pradeep, no run
almost bowled him, it's a full delivery, squeezes off the inside edge and trickles wide of the stumps
Rabada to Pradeep, FOUR runs
that goes through everything and everyone...Pradeep moving to leg, it's short of a length, nicks the inside edge onto his back leg and deflects past de Kock who had gone down the leg side
Rabada to Pradeep, no run
at the stumps, Pradeep moving to the leg side a little, defended to point
Rabada to Pradeep, no run
fended in the air, but short of point...didn't play that short ball with any conviction, thrusting his hands in front of his body
Rabada to Lakmal, 1 run
tucks a length delivery wide of short leg