Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Time for the presentation:

Elton Chigumbura: Outplayed, as simple as that. We have to keep working hard and play a different game next time. The main focus is on our batting but we keep losing wickets, we have two more games so have to keep working hard. Need to lift our spirits up and hopefully things will change in the next game.

George Bailey: Outstanding stand from Finch and Haddin and great innings from Mitch and Maxi took us to a huge total. And great work from our bowlers too. Plenty of things to improve on - no hundreds within our group. It was a good one-day wicket and there was a bit there with new ball, slowed in the middle and the ball got soft later. Maxi' shots showed the quality of hitting, it wasn't so easy to bat on.

Man of the Match is Mitchell Marsh: I didn't start slow on purpose, it took time to adjust to the wicket and we had wickets in hand so that helped. I like the No. 3 position, it was a great opportunity and hopefully I can play there more. When the wickets are flat, I'm definitely a batter.

That's all we have from the tri-series opener. Join us for the second match between Australia and South Africa on Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed our coverage, until the next game it's goodbye on behalf of Abhishek Purohit and Vishal Dikshit. Ciao!

4.45pm Australia have started the tri-series with a massive win and hence a bonus point. 198 runs is the margin after Australia piled on 350. It was always going to be tough for Zimbabwe even though Raza and Masakadza resisted with a stand of 82. But once that was broken, many soft dismissals led to an easy win for Australia. Masakadza fought till the 34th over but was running out of partners. There's not much you can do when Maxwell hammers you for a 46-ball 93.

Mitchell Johnson: The pitch was a bit slow and they bowled really well early on. It was toughish wicket and Maxi played the way he's been playing for the last 12 months. I felt good and happy, there was a soft outfield. I had five weeks at home to get ready and that played a role, I was anxious to get out there and play.

I was very happy with that [six] because I tried to hit it as straight as possible. I'm not going to apologise for that (laughs).

Smith to Nyumbu, OUT, it's all over now, Smith takes three! It was pitched up on middle and leg, Nyumbu went for a slog and a leading edge ballooned to point for an easy catch to end the match

J Nyumbu c Faulkner b Smith 1 (10m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66

Smith to Nyumbu, no run, looks to cut it off the back foot after the turn but misses the outside edge
Smith to Nyumbu, no run, sharp turn outside off, swished off the back foot to extra cover

39 | 3 Runs | ZIM: 152/9 (199 runs required from 10.3 overs, RR: 3.89, RRR: 18.09)

  • John Nyumbu1 (3b)
  • Tendai Chatara6 (5b)
  • Mitchell Starc6-1-23-2
  • Steven Smith4-0-16-2
Starc to Nyumbu, 1 run, on length and angled in from outside off, tapped wide of mid-on for a quick single
Starc to Nyumbu, no run, bangs in a short ball outside off with some swing, the batsman sways out of the way
Starc to Nyumbu, 1 wide, down the leg side with the angle for a wide
Starc to Nyumbu, no run, on length on off stump, Nyumbu defends it back
Starc to Chatara, 1 run, angled sharply into the batsman, tucked to deep square leg and that takes them to 150
Starc to Chatara, no run, low full toss, nearly in the block hole, on middle stump, blocked again with an inside edge
Starc to Chatara, no run, right in the block hole again and Chatara blocks is back

Starc continues from round the wicket

38 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | ZIM: 149/9 (202 runs required from 10.3 overs, RR: 3.92, RRR: 16.83)

  • Tendai Chatara5 (2b)
  • John Nyumbu0 (0b)
  • Steven Smith4-0-16-2
  • Mitchell Starc5-1-20-2
Smith to Chatara, 1 run, wider outside off after the turn, swatted towards long-off in the air this time for one
Smith to Chatara, FOUR runs, short and flat, he's bowling too many of these, and the batsman swats it to the long-on boundary for four since there's nobody in the deep
Smith to Utseya, OUT, he hands a simple catch to mid-on from outside off! It turned away again from the batsman, Utseya went back to pull it but failed to middle it and handed an easy one to Starc at mid-on

P Utseya c Starc b Smith 9 (36m 27b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Smith to Utseya, no run, short and even wider, he packs another punch off the back foot but can't clear the packed off side
Smith to Utseya, no run, short and flat just outside off, cut off the back foot to point
Smith to Utseya, no run, flighted outside off, pushed off the front foot to cover

37 | 2 Runs 1 Wkt | ZIM: 144/8 (207 runs required from 10.3 overs, RR: 3.89, RRR: 15.92)

  • Prosper Utseya9 (23b)
  • Mitchell Starc5-1-20-2
  • Steven Smith3-0-11-1
Starc to Panyangara, OUT, what a yorker, the stumps go flying! It was coming in sharply with the angle, Panyangara tried to defend but it went right through him and sent the middle and leg stumps for a walk

T Panyangara b Starc 1 (14m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11

Starc to Panyangara, no run, full and outside off, he drives and misses it
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A rare occurrence


This is only the fifth instance of a team scoring 350 without a batsman making a hundred

A solitary victory


Number of times in 28 ODIs that Zimbabwe have beaten Australia - in the 1983 World Cup, their first ever ODI