5th Match, Harare, Sep 2 2014, Zimbabwe Triangular Series
(44/50 ov, target 283)
Australia won by 62 runs
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SA Innings
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end of over 442 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 220/10CRR: 5 • RRR: 10.50 • Need 63 runs from 36b
Aaron Phangiso3 (9)
Glenn Maxwell4-0-22-2
Mitchell Johnson9-1-30-2

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AB de Villiers: Looked like we didn't compete, that's most disappointing. Having won the toss we thought we'd put in a competitive game. Felt good during the first 40 overs, especially the spinners. But Mitchell played very well and it showed the pitch got better for batting once you spent some time there. We were found wanting in the slog overs, he deserves credit for what he pulled off there and batsmen are getting really dangerous these days. We were poor in patches. I'm not worried about the middle order. Disappointed that we lost too many wickets, including mine, at the wrong time. And we'll have to ask our batsmen to bat for longer. One of the best hundreds I've seen in a very long time, from Faf, proud of the way he batted for his incredible knock and he has cemented his No. 3 spot.

George Bailey: Very happy today. Luckily some great hitting form Marsh helped us put up a pretty competitive score. We were probably near the par total. We lost Hughes and myself at key times and Marsh got us to a big total. Early wickets are important on these wickets, and Maxwell got us the first one. Faf's in unbelievable form and I was impressed with our energy and our players did the right thing at the right times. We got to get better with adjusting to conditions and we are looking forward to the final.

Mitchell Marsh is Man of the Match: Very happy and hopefully I can keep things going like this. On this wicket you need to put in some time to bat big at the end.

That's all we have for you today, so Zimbabwe can still make it to the final. Do join us for that match on Thursday when they play South Africa for a bonus-point win. It's goodbye from Vishal, ta ta!

4.50pm A bonus-point win means Australia have made it to the series final, despite losing to Zimbabwe a couple of days ago. They were jittery today as well but Hughes and Marsh charged them to a very competitive score on this pitch. Their bowlers never allowed South Africa to get on top. No batsman could even score 25, barring du Plessis who ran out of partners before falling for 126. Most of their bowlers chipped in and when it looked like McLaren was giving them a chance with du Plessis, Johnson broke the stand and took it away. It means Zimbabwe still have a theoretical chance to make it to the final, with a massive bonus-point win, in their last league game against South Africa. Presentation coming soon

Maxwell to Imran Tahir, OUT
it's all over, Tahir has been caught at deep cover and Australia enter the finals of the tri-series with a bonus-point win. He freed his arms and lofted to ball over cover but only got as far as Mitchell Marsh
Imran Tahir c Marsh b Maxwell 2 (4m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
Maxwell to Phangiso, 1 run
the length is short once again, the batsman goes back and works the ball through midwicket
Maxwell to Phangiso, no run
defended towards midwicket
Maxwell to Phangiso, no run
not short enough to cut but he tries it anyway, ends up playing it awkwardly on the off side
Maxwell to Phangiso, no run
defended on the back foot towards the bowler
Maxwell to Imran Tahir, 1 run
short on the pads, the batsman moves back and tucks it behind square
end of over 434 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 218/9CRR: 5.06 • RRR: 9.28 • Need 65 runs from 42b
Imran Tahir1 (2)
Aaron Phangiso2 (5)
Mitchell Johnson9-1-30-2
Kane Richardson8-0-38-2
Johnson to Imran Tahir, 1 run
angled in towards the leg stump, it's tucked towards midwicket for a single
Johnson to Imran Tahir, no run
brings this one in sharply from outside off, thick outside edge goes to the off side

Round the wicket again

Australia will get a bonus point if South Africa can't cross 225

Johnson to Morkel, OUT
that's gone through, bowled'im! What a difference pace can make! the length delivery came in from just outside off and it didn't give Morkel any time to move his feet, he tried to drive it down but missed it completely
M Morkel b Johnson 0 (5m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Johnson to Morkel, 1 wide
another wide - this one down the leg side and Haddin does very well to save four more extra runs with his right hand

Back to over the wicket

Johnson to Morkel, 1 wide
bangs it in short from wide of the crease and that's gone over Morkel's head for a wide

Round the wicket to Morkel

Johnson to Phangiso, 1 run
fuller on the stumps, pushed down to mid-on for one
Johnson to Phangiso, no run
short again, tapped to the leg side off the toes
Johnson to Phangiso, no run
that lands in no man's land! It was a bouncer from Johnson, the pull came a little late and a top edge went high towards the backward short leg area, the keeper ran, square leg ran but it fell in the middle
end of over 423 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 214/8CRR: 5.09 • RRR: 8.62 • Need 69 runs from 48b
Morne Morkel0 (1)
Aaron Phangiso1 (2)
Kane Richardson8-0-38-2
Mitchell Johnson8-1-26-1
Richardson to Morkel, no run
short of length outside off, pushed down to mid-off off the back foot
Richardson to du Plessis, OUT
oh, he's hitwicket, what a way for that innings to end! Faf went back in the crease to turn the ball to deep midwicket from outside off and set off for a single too, but his right heel touched the base of the off stump and he has to walk back. He has a word with Phangiso before leaving the field
F du Plessis hit wicket b Richardson 126 (177m 109b 8x4 6x6) SR: 115.59
Richardson to du Plessis, no run
makes room again and he survives again! He went a long way down leg to push the short of length ball on off, he missed and the ball also missed the stumps
Richardson to du Plessis, 2 runs
outside off and Faf stays back to whip it to deep midwicket, who's pretty deep and he called early for two
Richardson to Phangiso, 1 run
short of length outside off, runs it down to third man for one
Richardson to Phangiso, no run
on length well outside off, tapped straight to cover point