2nd Test, Brisbane, Dec 17-20 2014, Border-Gavaskar Trophy
408 & 224
(23.1 ov, target 128)
505 & 130/6
Australia won by 4 wickets
Player Of The Match
AUS 2nd Innings
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4.45pm End of an extremely entertaining Test match. It's been a pleasure bringing it to you, as always. We'll be back for the Boxing Day Test, and I hope you'll join us for that. Until then, ta ta!

Last comment of the day - we usually don't publish the praise we get, but I'll make an exception here: Boll: "Notwithstanding the "iffy" Dohni LBW call by comms (Karthik?), I can`t remember a better Cricinfo commentary than this match. Great to have the additions of "Questions for the stars", but just fantastic to have this sort of service. Really appreciate it. It used to be ABC radio and the TV on mute. Now it`s streaming and Cricinfo comms. Love your work...from here in Japan."

Mazhar: "Australia will be happy to cross the line but wont be happy with Watson, Haddin, Marsh at all. None of them justified their position in the team. But I dont expect wholesale changes in boxing day test as the team won this match. If they lost it, there would have been at least 2 changes for sure"

Akash Singhal: "After the first innings, if somebody would have told me that this Indian bowling attack can restrict Australia to 122/6, I would have laughed! Wish we had a 200+ target to defend."

Steve Smith is the Man of the Match. "Extremely satisfying," he says. "The boys played some very good cricket the last four days and it's very satisfying to come out with a win. First day was very tough, the boys were dropping like flies. Credit to how they came out and bowled on the second morning. First innings runs are crucial here and getting a lead of 90 was handy. Josh Hazlewood is an outstanding bowler and he's started extremely well for Australia. Mitchell Johnson, Mr. Reliable, as always. I don't think it was advisable [winding up Johnson], and that partnership really set the game up for us. It's always tough playing against India, they've played some extremely good cricket and we just won the key moments. It's been an amazing thrill over the last week to captain this side, the boys have been outstanding and backed me up nicely."

Presentation time. MS Dhoni: "It's not about how near you are, it's about what actually happened. The first session today was a big debacle for us. There was a lack of communication in our dressing room over whether Shikhar will go into bat or Virat. We did not handle that situation well. We were having a bat at the nets, the wickets were not very good and he got hit. Didn't react too badly so we thought he was fine to bat. By the time he came in he was in a lot of pain and unable to bat. We were only able to give Virat 5-7 minutes to prepare. That created some unrest in the dressing room. I think Mitchell batted really well. Once you get close to the new ball, the ball goes soft and the bowlers get tired. He played his shots and he was a little lucky too. Nothing went to the fielders and he was able to score. I'm pretty happy with how we have played. We have shortcomings but I'm happy how the bowlers have shaped up. We have tried both five bowlers and an extra batsman, but neither has really grabbed the opportunity. They are a talented side and they have self-belief. For a few of them they are coming here for the first time and they haven't really succumbed to the pace factor. It's a pleasure playing in front of a big crowd in Melbourne. It's a special day as well (Boxing Day) and hopefully it will be good for us."

Avnish: "I want MSD to say this in the post match interview - "Well at least we all got an extra day to do the Christmas shopping!" "

Phalgun: "Who has won this session? Is it India for picking 6 wickets or Australia for chasing the 128?"

Don: "15 wickets fell in the day, with batting collapses galore, as an Indian fan it was horrible, nostalgic and entertaining at the same time."

4.24pm Australia deserved to win this, but India exposed the wobbliness of their batting in both innings. At 247 for 6 yesterday, with Australia 161 behind, they could have seriously pressed home the advantage and gotten into a winning position. Instead, they conceded a lead of close to 100, and their batsmen simply couldn't bail them out from there. Cracks opened up on the pitch and Johnson - who had played the decisive innings yesterday - flicked on the switch that turns him into one of the world's most terrifying bowlers, and the target that India finally set - 128 - was never really going to be enough. This is only the fifth time that a team has lost in four days after scoring 400 in the first innings. Australia have been the winning side in four of those matches. The run rate over this Test match was an eye-popping 4.12 - the fastest ever in a Test match in Australia, the ninth-fastest overall.

Aaron to MR Marsh, FOUR runs
and that is it. Full outside off and he flows into a lovely cover drive that puts Australia 2-0 up in the series

Aaron. Around the wicket to Marsh

end of over 234 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 126/6CRR: 5.47 
Mitchell Marsh2 (6)
Mitchell Johnson2 (3)
Umesh Yadav9-0-46-2
Varun Aaron5-0-34-0
Yadav to MR Marsh, 1 run
short ball, pulled away to deep square leg
Yadav to Johnson, 1 run
shortish on off stump, pulled towards mid-on

back over the stumps to Mitch

Yadav to MR Marsh, 1 run
back of a length outside off, angling away, steered away to third man

around the wicket to Marsh

Yadav to Johnson, 1 run
back of a length, top of off, defended with an open face through backward point

Taj: "I tell you what, from a cricketing point of view this has been a sloppy intensity from India, no focus from Australia. We're just meandering to the end here."

Yadav to Johnson, no run
sees him making room and fires it full and wide. Left alone

And here comes Mitchell Johnson. Would only be appropriate if he scored the winning runs. Aaron is back over the wicket

Yadav to Haddin, OUT
and it's 122 for 6. The bouncer gets Haddin again. He goes for the hook and can't control it, hits it uppishly, down Kohli's throat coming in from deep backward square leg
BJ Haddin c Kohli b Yadav 1 (10m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Australia are 122 for 5. India must wonder how much of a difference it would have made had they not lost the plot against Johnson yesterday.

end of over 226 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 122/5CRR: 5.54 
Mitchell Marsh0 (4)
Brad Haddin1 (1)
Varun Aaron5-0-34-0
Umesh Yadav8-0-42-1
Aaron to MR Marsh, no run
and again. Bouncer, duck, rinse, repeat.
Aaron to MR Marsh, no run
another bouncer, Mitchell Marsh ducks again

around the wicket now

Aaron to MR Marsh, no run
banged in short, ducks under it
Aaron to MR Marsh, no run
length ball wide outside off, a bit of swing away. Left alone
Aaron to Smith, (no ball) 1 run, OUT
ooh, do we have a run-out here? length ball, angling in towards middle stump and he shuffles across to tuck it away towards deep backward square leg. Smith goes for the second, and has to run around Aaron just after he turns, and that means he can't beat the direct hit at the striker's end. They go to the third umpire but he's well out. Smith points out the Aaron situation to the umpire, but the bowler was only standing his ground, and he's allowed to do that. Aaron flinched to avoid the collision, and both bowler and batsman ended up moving in the same direction. Dhoni played a part too, deflecting the throw onto the stumps with his gloves
SPD Smith run out (Yadav/†Dhoni) 28 (75m 39b 4x4 0x6) SR: 71.79
Aaron to Smith, no run
back of a length outside off and he goes back and across to defend
Aaron to Smith, FOUR runs
short ball, and Smith plays a Smith special. Gets his front leg out of the way and smacks that like a topspin forehand to the midwicket boundary
end of over 215 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 116/4CRR: 5.52 
Steven Smith23 (36)
Brad Haddin1 (1)
Umesh Yadav8-0-42-1
Varun Aaron4-0-28-0
Yadav to Smith, 1 run
back of a length outside off, dabbed to the right of the diving Rahane at gully. Very coolly played
Yadav to Haddin, 1 run
short ball, predictably, and he's across his crease to pull that towards deep backward square leg

Brad Haddin's walked out to bat. Mitchell Marsh hasn't been fielding, so I guess he can come in only at No. 7. (Correct me if I'm wrong, like I was in the first innings). Umesh is around the wicket straightaway

Yadav to SE Marsh, OUT
down the leg side again and it's given! Dhoni appealed as soon as it was in his gloves, and the finger went up immediately. Looked to nudge it off the hips and HotSpot shows a tiny mark as it passes the glove
SE Marsh c †Dhoni b Yadav 17 (20m 17b 3x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
Yadav to SE Marsh, no run
short down the leg side. Marsh ignores it
Yadav to SE Marsh, 2 runs
in the blockhole on off stump. Marsh is a little late bringing his bat down, and inside-edges it past the stumps towards fine leg
Yadav to Smith, 1 run
on the pads and Smith happily tucks it away through square leg
end of over 209 runs
AUS: 111/3CRR: 5.55 
Shaun Marsh15 (14)
Steven Smith21 (34)
Varun Aaron4-0-28-0
Umesh Yadav7-0-37-0
Aaron to SE Marsh, no run
length ball outside off. Marsh slaps it to point