27 | 11 Runs | AUS: 152/8 (35 runs required, RR: 5.62)

  • Nathan Bracken3 (3b)
  • Brett Lee10 (7b)
  • Paul Collingwood4-0-26-2
  • Jamie Dalrymple4-0-25-1

Well, that's the end of a long series and for Australia a defeat which is not the end of the world but which does raise some questions so soon before the World Cup. And a sad home farewell for Glenn McGrath, and a losing one also for John Buchanan.

England have not become world-beaters overnight, but they will be confident heading to the Caribbean. A fortnight ago they were a shambles, now they look a unit.

Australia now head to New Zealand for three more ODIs starting next Friday in the Chappell-Hadlee series, games which are now more important than they were a week ago. If they lose that series then concerns will continue to grow.

From me, Martin Williamson, and from my fellow commentators Andrew Miller, Jenny Thompson, Will Luke and Andrew McGlashan, thank you for staying with us through the summer and for your kind comments. We are off to have a rest and will be back for the World Cup in a month's time.

Presentations These are, to quote Mark Taylor, in the "bowels of the Bradman Stand". Surely they are not in hiding?!

Player of the Finals Paul Collingwood. "Australia taught us a lesson in the Tests but it's good to end on a high."

Player of the Series Ricky Ponting.

Andrew Flintoff clutches an uber cheque ... makes the usual platitudes. "The lads in the dressing-room are cock-a-hoop. It's been a tough trip but to take something home is a great thrill. The past four games are as good as I've seen an England one-day side play. I'd like to thank Duncan Fletcher. he's taken knocks and it's nice to pay something back to him."

10.50pm England's dressing erupts into celebration as the announcement comes through confirming that they have won this match by 34 runs and with it the CB Series 2-0.

10.45pm The Barmy Army are singing in the rain but there is now a report that the umpires are saying there are 10 minutes to go before the game can be called off! Utter confusion and a PA announcement would be nice.

10.42pm It's got heavier ... I suspect that is it. England are not celebrating yet but the grins are unmistakable.

10.41pm Still raining, covers are on and the stands are emptying fast.

10.39pm This is bad for Australia. They should be 187 to win the game if it ends now. And if they are not playing in six minutes time (10.45pm/1145GMT) then it's all over. The countdown begins ...

It's raining again and the umpires are consulting ... the crowd boo and all that happens is that the ball is changed. Liam Plunkett into the attack for his last over. Loud boos around the ground as the umpires take the players off as it gets heavier.

Collingwood to Bracken, 2 runs, hit high towards cow corner and although it hangs in the air for what seems like an eternity it drops between two incoming fielders

Lee implores the square-leg umpire to call that as a no-ball ... nothing doing

Collingwood to Lee, 1 run, full toss, smashed to deep midwicket
Collingwood to Lee, FOUR runs, full, hit straight and well for a one -bounce four. he really got hold of that

Collingwood moves some men to leg as that;s where Lee is aiming

Collingwood to Lee, FOUR runs, waist-high full toss heaved over midwicket, Mahmood makes a sprawling dive on the boundary edge ...but it's in vain
Collingwood to Lee, no run, speared in at Lee's legs and he is slow to get his bat down
Collingwood to Lee, no run, that was a real mow, which he missed by some way

26 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 141/8 (46 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.42, RRR: 46.00)

  • Brett Lee1 (2b)
  • Nathan Bracken1 (2b)
  • Jamie Dalrymple4-0-25-1
  • Paul Collingwood3-0-15-2

And the crowd is heading for the exits in large numbers ...

Dalrymple to Lee, 1 run, full toss smacked to Bell who has to dive for a second time in as many balls to stop it
Dalrymple to Bracken, 1 run, driven to the right of Bell at extra cover and he throws himself forward and makes a really good stop
Dalrymple to Bracken, no run, pushed back, Dalrymple sprints to his right to field

Nathan Bracken with a lot to do. 72 runs from 45 balls.

Dalrymple to Hodge, OUT, full length, Hodge drives well but uppishly and straight to Ian Bell on the 30-yard line at extra cover. He hurls the ball into the night sky as Hodge's head sags ...

BJ Hodge c Bell b Dalrymple 49 (85m 46b 5x4 1x6) SR: 106.52

Dalrymple to Hodge, no run, Hodge shapes to hit another bigger hit but misses

Apparently D/L is an algorithm, not a logarithm. Told you it was beyond our ken!

Dalrymple to Hodge, SIX runs, a big swat over midwicket about 20 rows back

Jamie Dalrymple back on for Andrew Flintoff who bowled just the one over

25 | 7 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 133/7 (54 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.32, RRR: 27.00)

  • Brett Lee0 (1b)
  • Brad Hodge43 (43b)
  • Paul Collingwood3-0-15-2
  • Andrew Flintoff5-1-10-1

And for about the first time in this one-day series the Barmy Army can be heard

Collingwood to Lee, no run, Lee turns that round the corner, looks for a single but is sent back

Collingwood trots back to get some sawdust and keep Lee waiting that little bit longer.

Collingwood to Hodge, 1 run, short, pulled past a diving midwicket but there's a man in the deep

Lee strides purposefully to the middle ... he won't be on strike

A lot of readers grumbling about the Duckworth-Lewis calculations. "Can someone explain how losing 17 overs only equates to 35 runs?" says Bernad Law among others. Well, it's all to do with a jolly clever logarithm that takes into account wickets lost and momentum surrendered and all sorts of things that are beyond our ken.

Collingwood to Hogg, OUT, Hogg tries to repeat the shot but Collingwood bowled that wider and he had to reach for it ... he didn't get hold of it and it looped to Flintoff at wide midwicket and he took an easy catch

GB Hogg c Flintoff b Collingwood 10 (17m 14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 71.42

Collingwood to Hogg, FOUR runs, full toss, smashed over cow corner and it bounces a yard inside the rope
Collingwood to Hodge, 1 run, Hodge gives himself room, doesn't time it and it bobbles to Flintoff at extra cover
Collingwood to Hogg, 1 run, Full toss, thumped to Panesar at long-on and as a sign of the times, they don't risk one to his arm

Rate required 9.44

24 | 6 Runs | AUS: 126/6 (61 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.25, RRR: 20.33)

  • Brad Hogg5 (11b)
  • Brad Hodge41 (41b)
  • Andrew Flintoff5-1-10-1
  • Paul Collingwood2-0-8-1

England will be happy to have him on strike

Flintoff to Hogg, 1 run, yorker, Hogg steps to leg and chops the ball into the covers
Flintoff to Hogg, no run, short and fast, Hogg swings at thin air
Flintoff to Hodge, 3 runs, turned to backward square leg, Panesar gets to the ball, flicks it back into the feet of Ed Joyce who in turn scrambles to keep it in play. Ugly but effective

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st25ML HaydenAC Gilchrist
2nd8RT PontingAC Gilchrist
3rd6AC GilchristMJ Clarke
4th1BJ HodgeMJ Clarke
5th23BJ HodgeMEK Hussey
6th46BJ HodgeSR Watson
7th23GB HoggBJ Hodge
8th7B LeeBJ Hodge
9th13B LeeNW Bracken

Australian Tri Series (CB Series)