Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That is it from us for this game. Have a look at Nitin Sundar's match report. Abhishek Purohit signing off for the moment, Cheers.

Dhoni: "I always smile whether we are winning or losing, it is good to be on the winning side. Ashwin had to bowl out of his comfort zone in the Powerplays and the slog overs. He did well and batted well. We have confidence in Jadeja to bat at No 7 and bowl well. You have to be ready for these circumstances [Virat's cramping], you have to hydrate yourself well, you do not get a runner nowadays. People commit mistakes, it happens."

R Ashwin is Man of the Match. Ashwin: "It was gripping a little bit, I got a few wickets and at the end, finished it off with the bat. One victory on the board is very important, I was desperate to get a win today. i would rather rate myself to unfold as the game goes on, will like to be considered as an offie first. I told Jaddu that we have to bat 60 balls here and that is what we did."

Mahela: "We were probably 30-40 runs short. We had our chances but they played better than us. We kept wickets in hand, we did not play their spinners well, we got bogged down in the middle period. We need to get runs on the board."

Turned out to be a comfortable win in the end. Sri Lanka did not attack enough after they had India at 181 for 6, and Ashwin and Jadeja were calm enough to guide them home. Ashwin's game all the way, brilliant with ball, cool with the bat

zakaria: "Ashwin's batting is so unSehwagisc. Just love it."

Dinesh: "Still disappointed with India .They didnt learn from the test series.Lot of batsmen got good starts but none converted it to a big score."

Mathews to Ashwin, 1 run, three men, one ball, and none could catch it, they stood and watched, Ashwin wanted to finish it with a loft over mid off, mistimed it, the ball looped up wide of mid off, there were three men converging on it, each thought one of the other two would get to it, and none did, Ashwin smiles broadly as he completes the single
Mathews to Ashwin, FOUR runs, ho ho, he shows the specialist batsmen how it is done, he steps outside his crease, takes on the short ball and clatters it to the deep midwicket boundary, again, completely in control

jose: "Sensible batting by this pair. That was all what was needed."

Mathews to Jadeja, 1 run, works through midwicket for a single
Mathews to Jadeja, no run, surprised as he this one bounces from a good length, and somehow jabs it down the track

46 | 5 Runs | INDIA: 228/6 (6 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 4.95, RRR: 1.50)

  • Ravichandran Ashwin25 (36b)
  • Ravindra Jadeja23 (26b)
  • Dhammika Prasad10-0-47-1
  • Lasith Malinga9-0-49-1
Prasad to Ashwin, FOUR runs, he even pulls, he gets four, he can't do anything wrong today, a short-arm pull, in the air, and down to the deep midwicket boundary, no desperation at all against the short ball, not even a hint
Prasad to Ashwin, no run, pushes harder this time but mid off gets around to it
Prasad to Ashwin, no run, he has time to get across and push the length delivery to mid on

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14SR TendulkarV Sehwag
2nd75SR TendulkarV Kohli
3rd33RG SharmaV Kohli
4th35SK RainaV Kohli
5th10MS DhoniV Kohli
6th14RA JadejaV Kohli
7th53R AshwinRA Jadeja