3rd Final (D/N), Adelaide, Mar 8 2012, Commonwealth Bank Series
(48.5/50 ov, target 232)
Australia won by 16 runs
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McKay, is the Man of the Match: "The batting was important to the situation in this game. It's great to be back in this squad. I had to keep the six by Dhoni (at Adelaide) out of my head."

The Man of the Series is Dilshan: "We played very well throughout but today we didn't finish well. We've played great cricket after SA. I took the wrong option against Lee, but they bowled and fielded well. I'm enjoying my one-day cricket. Thanks for all the support and the fans who've come from Melbourne."

Jayawardene: "Initially if we were given 231 we would have taken it. They put a lot of pressure on us, one of those days. Very proud of the boys against two quality teams. The objective is to rebuild for the next four years and we've learnt a lot and I'm proud of the youngsters."

Clarke: "Much better team without me I reckon. All the boys have a few more grey hairs. Hopefully I will get to Windies at the back-end of the one-dayers. Watson's done another good job. I think we continue to see the strength of our domestic set up, getting guys ready for Australia."

Australia pose with the trophy. That ends the Australia home season. Will they revert to the tri-series concept? Nobody knows.

So Australia go to Windies, Sri Lanka go to Bangladesh. And the rest of us go home. Thanks for joining us today. Sri Lanka, don't despair. You did great getting to the finals despite all the off-field tension about payments. Continue the good work. Cheers!

End of match: That concludes one of the most open tri-series in Australia in recent times. Sri Lanka probably never expected to hold the edge over Australia coming into the first final, but they made Australia sweat. In the end, the visitors were made to work hard and also pay for those soft dismissals at the top.

McKay's showing has added to the depth to Australia's bowling attack, with Pattinson and Cummins around. In the final analysis, it brings to an end a very rewarding home season after the Ashes drubbing last year.

There will be an extended presentation today, given it's the final. It's these middling totals that make ODI cricket more watchable. Sri Lanka's resurgence has also made this tournament more watchable, and of course Kohli's blinder, which gave the final league game some context.

Some comments:

Squirrelson: "Clint McKay is much much better than Hilfenhaus and Harris. They are one dimentional and one trick ponies. Poor McKay is always the one getiing dropped after losses even if it's not his fault. How id he suppose to get into rhythm if he keeps on getting dropped? He should be picked in the Test XI as well. When things are not going Australia's way, he's got a bag full of tricks and a great team man. Slower balls are under-estimated and under-used in test

Saradhi: "It shall be long time before I forget this series, thank you SL for fond memories."

McKay to Malinga, OUT
McKay hits the timber, he takes five and Australia take the CB Series! He bowls it full and straight on the stumps, Malinga exposes all three of them, fails to get his bat down and the ball hits the middle stump
SL Malinga b McKay 6 (12m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
McKay to Malinga, no run
that slower ball again! Ever considered walking down the track? Swish and yet another miss
McKay to Malinga, FOUR runs
he made contact this time and good one too! Swings this one past square leg and it beats the man in the deep, raw power
McKay to Malinga, no run
Malinga's chopping wood but making no contact, these slower balls are annoying the batsmen no end
McKay to Maharoof, 1 run
Maharoof makes room and slams a length delivery straight to sweeper cover, not much pace on the ball to work with

Australia's lower order resistance proving so crucial here.

end of over 483 runs
SL: 210/9CRR: 4.37 • RRR: 11.00 • Need 22 runs from 12b
Lasith Malinga2 (5)
Farveez Maharoof17 (23)
Shane Watson7-1-13-2
Clint McKay9-1-23-4
Watson to Malinga, no run
pounced down towards long-on but Maharoof refuses the single
Watson to Maharoof, 1 run
another desperate heave and Maharoof can only just beats the bowler
Watson to Malinga, 1 run
steps down the track and tries to hoick it over the on side and he ends up mistiming it
Watson to Malinga, no run
the yorker outside the off stump is too good for Malinga to dig out
Watson to Maharoof, 1 run
makes room to slam that away and he ends up mowing it along the ground to long-on
Watson to Maharoof, no run
Maharoof takes a bit off his bat, literally! He tries to dig out a full delivery and jams the ball on the pitch, a big chunk off the toe of the bat goes flying
end of over 473 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 207/9CRR: 4.4 • RRR: 8.33 • Need 25 runs from 18b
Farveez Maharoof15 (20)
Lasith Malinga1 (2)
Clint McKay9-1-23-4
Shane Watson6-1-10-2
McKay to Maharoof, 1 run
short and pulled and there are two fielders patrolling the deep on the on side to pick that up, Australia really applying the choke
McKay to Malinga, 1 run
chipped in the air as he tries to work it to the on side, Sri Lanka live to fight another delivery
McKay to Malinga, no run
the slower ball and Malinga nearly spoons it to the keeper! We've seen so many slower ones today

Australia really holding their nerve here

McKay to Herath, OUT
Australia are one more death rattle away from the Cup! Herath decides to go for broke over the on side, swings and the ball pegs back the off stump from round the wicket
HMRKB Herath b McKay 0 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
McKay to Herath, no run
Herath shuffles across his stumps to work that away but the ball clips his pads and dribbles down the track
McKay to Maharoof, 1 run
slower ball and a touch short and Maharoof thinks of clubbing it away and ends up flat batting it down the track

Tharanga still hasn't taken his helmet off. He's still dazed

end of over 462 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 204/8CRR: 4.43 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 28 runs from 24b
Farveez Maharoof13 (18)
Shane Watson6-1-10-2
Daniel Christian8-1-21-0
Watson to Tharanga, OUT
big relief for Australia! Angles it close to the off stump and Tharanga tries to drive and gets a thick outside edge and Wade takes the catch low, the captain himself gets the vital breakthrough
WU Tharanga c †Wade b Watson 71 (158m 122b 3x4 1x6) SR: 58.19
Watson to Maharoof, 1 run
doesn't try anything brave this time, decides to punch this down the ground to long-on
Watson to Maharoof, no run
swing and a miss and Maharoof plays out another dot ball
Watson to Maharoof, no run
Maharoof misses a boundary opportunity! Drifts on the pads and the ball clips his pads and dribbles to the keeper
Watson to Tharanga, 1 run
stays beside the line and squirts it wide of sweeper cover

Justin: "Dont see the point of saving the best bowlers for the last overs in situations like this. Even your best bowler will struggle to stop the opposition score 4 off the last over. Put them on now and put pressure on the opposition so that your not so good bowler has more runs to play with."

Watson to Tharanga, no run
nice punchy drive off the front foot but straight to short cover

30 off 30! Watson brings himself on...