12th Match (D/N), Melbourne, Feb 29 2008, Commonwealth Bank Series
(48.1/50 ov, target 222)
Sri Lanka won by 13 runs
Player Of The Match
• The Bulletin by Brydon Coverdale at the MCG

Gilchrist fires but Sri Lanka get consolation win

Adam Gilchrist provided the fireworks but Sri Lanka's seamers had the extinguisher at the MCG, where Australia's blistering start of 0 for 107 in the 15th somehow turned into their first loss in nearly three weeks

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Scorecard summary
Sri Lanka221(50 overs)
Australia208(48.1 overs)

Jayasuriya loves that, clenching his fist and if that's his last contribution in a game on Australian soil, as it is likely to be, well, that was a fitting ending. What a game at the MCG, it had everything and Sri Lanka are jubilant with their second win of the tournament. It's not enough for them to stay in the tournament of course, but this was the most live of dead rubbers. Handshakes all round now as the Australia team come into the tunnel.

10.20pm Here's Jayasuriya. "We badly needed this win today. Overall we didn't bat well. The bowlers have been bowling well and the fielders have backed up well."

And here's another who won't be back to Australia, Murali. "It's going to be the last tour for me definitely, good on us for finishing like that. I enjoyed myself always, sometimes ups and downs in Australia but I enjoy the cricket."

And their departure will be swift, as Jayasuriya explains. "We are flying out tonight, a 12.30 flight. Should be able to do it, a wash and then on to the airport."

Great work from the pair who have given so much to the game over so many years.

Here's Ponting. "It looked like a couple of us got done off the surface rather than anything else. These sort of wickets, and chasing runs, you can't affort to lose groups of wickets. Gilly struck the ball beautifully. He's showing some great form going into the finals. I'd rather that performance come tonight rather than on Sunday.

"It's always painful when you lose, especially when you seemingly have the game in the bag like we did. Sri Lanka bowled well and took the chances when they came."

Tonight's Man of the Match is Gilchrist, although Jayawardene must have come close there. "I had that game by the throat, so I feel a bit silly," he says. "I should have seen it through, I got carried away. When you get out like that you think 'No big deal' but then it changed.

"I'm very proud of the time I've had here. The crowd were fantastic, just a shame they've got to leave with a loss. Hopefully this will sharpen us up, it was a reminder."

Here's Jayawardene now: "Guys are all ready to head to the airport. We showed a lot of character today and can take a lot of positives. We had a lot of opportunities in this tournament but we didn't take them. We have to learn to take them."

Thanks for joining me for this cracker today. Do tune in again on Sunday when we'll be back with coverage of the sold-out first final from the SCG when Australia will take on India while Sri Lanka are leaving on a jet plane... in a few hours. They'll be able to have a celebratory drink then, though after today.

Jayasuriya to Lee, OUT
another inspired decision by Jayawardene! Jayasuriya strikes with his first delivery of the match at a crucial time, the batsman trying to pull across the line and he got an inside edge back on to leg stump and all the stumps wobble
B Lee b Jayasuriya 37 (80m 59b 2x4 1x6) SR: 62.71

Jayasuriya into the attack. No pressure then on the man who has not bowled all day. Jayawardene has a word with him and a pat on the shoulders

end of over 485 runs
AUS: 208/9CRR: 4.33 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 14 from 12b
Brett Lee37 (58)
Nathan Bracken14 (26)
Ishara Amerasinghe10-2-44-3
Nuwan Kulasekara10-3-36-2

Now then, does this match have a final twist?

Amerasinghe to Lee, 1 run
on off, driven out to mid-on and they looked for the two, Bracken says 'No' and that means Lee is back on strike

The batsmen meet to consult

Amerasinghe to Bracken, 1 run
on the legs, pushes out deep square where Malinga fires it back in
Amerasinghe to Bracken, no run
right up there on off, a dot ball builds the pressure there as Bracken defends back into the turf
Amerasinghe to Lee, 1 run
outside off, cut into the ground off the back foot and they hasten through

That far away, the ball was

Amerasinghe to Bracken, 1 run
another yorker, this time slightly outside off, and driven to Jayasuriya at mid-on who would have got him out with a direct hit
Amerasinghe to Lee, 1 run
yorker on off, clipped out to short midwicket

It's Amerasinghe time, he'll be on from the Members End

end of over 477 runs
AUS: 203/9CRR: 4.31 • RRR: 6.33 • Need 19 from 18b
Brett Lee34 (55)
Nathan Bracken12 (23)
Nuwan Kulasekara10-3-36-2
Ishara Amerasinghe9-2-39-3
Kulasekara to Lee, 1 run
yorker, dug out by Lee to the covers
Kulasekara to Lee, no run
full delivery on off stump, dug back out to the bowler
Kulasekara to Bracken, 1 run
outside off, rising and Bracken waits on the back foot, and opens the face to guide the ball to third man
Kulasekara to Lee, 1 run
outside off, a good drive through the covers for one, meaning it's exactly a run a ball required
Kulasekara to Lee, no run
stabs down on it in defence, a great yorker that one
Kulasekara to Lee, FOUR runs
not much wrong with that delivery, but Lee stabs out through third man to bring up the 200
end of over 462 runs
AUS: 196/9CRR: 4.26 • RRR: 6.50 • Need 26 from 24b
Nathan Bracken11 (22)
Brett Lee28 (50)
Ishara Amerasinghe9-2-39-3
Muttiah Muralitharan10-0-42-2
Amerasinghe to Bracken, no run
outside off, driven into the legs
Amerasinghe to Lee, 1 run
on off, driven out wide to mid-on
Amerasinghe to Lee, no run
outside off, close to the inside edge, the batsman whooshing out at it to mid-off
Amerasinghe to Lee, no run
on the legs, pushed out to mid-on this time
Amerasinghe to Bracken, 1 run
low full toss on the legs, tucked off in front of square
Best performances - batsmen
AC Gilchrist
83 runs (50)
11 fours
2 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
18 runs
2 fours
1 sixes
TM Dilshan
62 runs (70)
3 fours
0 sixes
Productive shot
pull/hook on back foot
20 runs
3 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
NW Bracken
MKDI Amerasinghe
Match details
Melbourne Cricket Ground
TossSri Lanka , elected to bat first
SeriesCommonwealth Bank Series 2008
Player Of The Match
Adam Gilchrist
Match numberODI no. 2687
Hours of play (local time)14.15 start, First Session 14.15-17.45 Interval 17.45-18.30, Second Session 18.30-22.00
Match days29 February 2008 - day/night match (50-over match)
Daryl Harper
Tony Hill
TV Umpire
Bruce Oxenford
Reserve Umpire
Tony Ward
Match Referee
Jeff Crowe
PointsSri Lanka 4, Australia 0