50 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | AFG: 246/7 (4 runs required, RR: 4.92)

  • Samiullah Shinwari23 (19b)
  • Gulbadin Naib0 (2b)
  • Mustafizur Rahman9-1-44-2
  • Shakib Al Hasan9-0-55-1

11:54pm And that is all we have tonight. Thanks for joining us and we hope you had fun. See you again on Tuesday. Good night!

Mahmudullah: Weather was hot and I was feeling a bit dried up. But we did it in the end, credit must go to Mustafiz. We knew they had some good hitters an they held their nerve well but in the end we came out on top, so a good team effort. It always feels happy to contribute to the team. Me and Imrul had a good partnership. We were trying to get to the end. But in the end it was the bowlers who defended it. We have to bring our A-game for the Pakistan match.

Mahmudullah is the Man of the Match.

Mashrafe: End of the match, Mustafiz was a magician. Lost so many matches [where] couldn't score 8-9 runs but we defended it today. Hadn't given up - Shakib bowled really well in his last three balls. After that we told Mustafiz to look for wickets because they would have missed it. But first have to give credit to Mahmudullah and Imrul Kayes. Mustafiz cramped a bit, we wanted him to bowl 10 overs but he couldn't. Couldn't even bowl yorker because he had a cramp in his calf. Hopefully we'll have a good crack at the virtual semi-final.

Asghar Afghan: Congratulations to Bangladesh. Painful game. 8 off 6 is not difficult because Rashid, Nabi, Shenwari can do it. But I will give credit to him, he bowled his variations. Everything was going to plan. Again we lost in the last over. Again the batsmen going for big shots at the end, which didn't work. We have learnt a lot, especially because we are playing against full-members.

Muhammad Awais: "Cricket is a cruel game but we still love it... Afghans played quite well .Happy to see one more emerging side from Asia .. PAKvsBD match is semi final now .. "

Pavankumar: "In both the super 4 matches Afghan was very much likely to win the game till 49.1 overs... Eventually they lost both games in 49.2 & 49.3 "

Karthik R: "Heart break again for Afghan. But they have fought very well and heartening to see a relatively new side make huge strides so fast. Hoping they learn from these close losses and come out trumps in the near future esp with WC2019 around the corner."

Mahneel Musa: "Bangladesh have had way too many heartbreaks in the final overs and probably needed this last over win more than anything else. Fairplay to Afghanistan for a brilliant show. Dhaka will not sleep tonight!"

11:37pm Four off the last over. Bangladesh have held on. What a comeback win for them. They looked out of it halfway through their batting innings. There were moments where they seemed to have given it away with the ball as well, but they've done it. Mortaza was due to bowl the 46th over, but he decided to hand it to Mustafiz to get three overs out of him. Was that the turning point? Sure seems so now. Afghanistan cannot qualify for the final any longer. Mahmudullah, Imrul Kayes, Mashrafe and Mustafiz have got in their way. What a game.

Mustafizur Rahman to Samiullah Shinwari, no run, chucks the bat as he looks to bludgeon this into the leg side! He hasn't made connection before that mind you. Afghanistan have heartbreak again. Short and wide ball outside off. Shuffles, goes across the line. That hasn't worked at all against Mustafiz today, and it won't work in the last over.

Third man moves fine. The rest of the field remains as it is.

Shenwari needs to hit a four.

Mustafizur Rahman to Gulbadin Naib, 1 leg bye, off the thigh as he looks to ramp this. Short of a length outside off, he can only deflect it to short fine
Mustafizur Rahman to Gulbadin Naib, no run, beaten! An offcutter in the corridor, swings across the line and this goes through from under his bat
Mustafizur Rahman to Samiullah Shinwari, 1 leg bye, is that out at short fine? No says the umpire. Leg byes he says! Short ball on the pads, he's cramped on the pull. It has definitely pinged off the thigh guard but was there glove first? Nope, there wasn't.

6 to win off 4. The field has stayed the same. They've crossed over so Shenwari is on strike.

Mustafizur Rahman to Rashid Khan, OUT, chipped back to the bowler. This is good bowling. Cramps him with a short ball at waist height. He's looking to pull and is done by the climb and the angle. Mustafiz barely has to move to get this.

Rashid Khan c & b Mustafizur Rahman 5 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

Mustafizur Rahman to Rashid Khan, 2 runs, nicely done. Anticipates the angle across, anticipates the offcutter, stays deep in the crease and slices it wide of extra cover. Sweeper has some running to his right

Mid-off is in. Extra cover, point, short fine the others in.

Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20Mohammad ShahzadIhsanullah
2nd6Mohammad ShahzadRahmat Shah
3rd63Mohammad ShahzadHashmatullah Shahidi
4th78Asghar AfghanHashmatullah Shahidi
5th25Mohammad NabiHashmatullah Shahidi
6th46Mohammad NabiSamiullah Shinwari
7th6Samiullah ShinwariRashid Khan
8th2Samiullah ShinwariGulbadin Naib