Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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Tabarak Dar: The bowlers had got tired [after the early burst]. We were bit disappointed that we couldn't finish it off. The left-arm spinners bowled well and put Pakistan on the back foot and under pressure. I think we won a few sessions of play but we couldn't finish it off. That's the difference between professional cricketers and part-time cricketers.

Man of the Match : Sohail Tanvir : "I was looking for that kind of performance with the bat;. I had not got many chances before, didn't do well in couple of chance I had got but I did well; I think I became an allrounder in this match. We just wanted to play carefully initially and hit out in the end. I was struggling with bat before and it's good for my confidence and for my team that they have found a allrounder.

Malik: We were struggling a bit but Fawad Alam and Tanvir batted brilliantly. These sort of collapses happen in cricket. Every day is a new day and there are lessons to be learnt. Next game is against India and there is no margin for error there. I don't want to lose even one game in this tournament."

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Fawad Alam to Nadeem Ahmed, OUT, Nadeem Ahmed swings a flighted delivery on the legs to deep midwicket. And it's all over. Abbas won't come out to bat and the game is done.

Nadeem Ahmed c Misbah-ul-Haq b Fawad Alam 2 (13m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.28

Fawad Alam to Nadeem Ahmed, no run,

37 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | HKG: 133/8 (156 runs required from 12.4 overs, RR: 3.59, RRR: 12.00)

  • Nadeem Ahmed2 (12b)
  • Younis Khan1-0-3-1
  • Fawad Alam2-0-8-0
Younis Khan to Najeeb Amar, OUT, it lands full on the middle stump, the batsman doesn't connect with the sweep shot and is struck in front

Najeeb Amar lbw b Younis Khan 21 (25m 25b 2x4 0x6) SR: 84.00

Younis Khan to Nadeem Ahmed, 1 run, short and turning away from the off stump, cut through point
Younis Khan to Nadeem Ahmed, no run, full and on the leg and middle line, driven back
Younis Khan to Nadeem Ahmed, no run, pushed to the off side
Younis Khan to Nadeem Ahmed, no run, leans forward to defend
Younis Khan to Najeeb Amar, 1 run, driven to long-on for a single
Younis Khan to Najeeb Amar, 1 wide, misses a stumping chance. It was down the leg side, the batsman fails to connect his flick shot and gets outside the crease but Sarfraz doesn't collect.

36 | 3 Runs | HKG: 130/7 (159 runs required from 12.4 overs, RR: 3.61, RRR: 11.35)

  • Najeeb Amar20 (23b)
  • Nadeem Ahmed1 (8b)
  • Fawad Alam2-0-8-0
  • Shoaib Malik8-0-31-0
Fawad Alam to Najeeb Amar, 1 run, just outside off stump, short of length, flat, pushed to left of covers
Fawad Alam to Nadeem Ahmed, 1 run, flatter, outside off, driven to left of mid-off where Tanvir makes a diving tumbling stop

Hong Kong 2nd innings Partnerships

27Tabarak DarSkhawat Ali
1Skhawat AliIrfan Ahmed
0KH ButtIrfan Ahmed
4KH ButtCK Kruger
13KH ButtZain Abbas
31Zain AbbasJJ Atkinson
16Tabarak DarZain Abbas
10Tabarak DarMunir Dar
24Najeeb AmarMunir Dar
7Najeeb AmarNadeem Ahmed
0Afzaal HaiderNadeem Ahmed