6th Match (D/N), Dhaka, Mar 2 2014, Asia Cup
(49.4/50 ov, target 246)
Pakistan won by 1 wicket (with 2 balls remaining)
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10.05 pm Pakistan did extremely well to blunt India's batting line-up but then almost made a hash of the chase against the spinners. But Hafeez and Maqsood were just what the doctor ordered and even as wickets tumbled in the end, Shahid Afridi has scripted another nail-biting chapter into his legend. That is all we have for you on commentary, but do stick around for the post-match pieces that would be flying in soon. This is Alagappan Muthu, signing off

Mohammad Hafeez is the Man of the Match The way Pakistan won it pleased him. The management says they wanted him to be No.3 and he's happy to be performing. Whenever there is a left-hander, he is happy to bowl. The captain asks him and he is happy to deliver. he had a chat with Maqsood about playing normally because the run-rate was not too daunting. And then Shahid Afridi finished it in the end. Want to dedicate the victory to the Pakistan people

Misbah-ul-Haq says it was a really important win and he's very happy because Pakistan played really well under pressure. He knows they have a label of being bad chaserst but Hafeez and Maqsood did well and Afridi finished it for us perfectly. We knew there was a dew and we just wanted to keep ourselves in the game. I'd be happy to keep getting out if Pakistan win. We are not looking ahead to the final yet, just taking one game at a time

10.00 pm Not letting them get used to one bowler was the idea says Virat Kohli. The guys put in a good effort after a modset total. Mishra was getting it to turn and I kept him for the end. Ashwin was confident of bowling in the death as well. It could have gone either way, but he thinks India were 20-30 runs short with the bat. He's proud of the way India have played in the last two games and praised his young bowlers for their efforts in the last two games

9.50 pm Shahid Afridi is drowned beneath the entire Pakistan squad. Neither of those hits were off the middle of the bat, neither of those were particularly good balls either. And Pakistan have sealed a thrilling win. India fought hard despite posting a sub-par total especially with a returning Amit Mishra, who was exceptional with his flight and guide. But there were a couple of batsmen they could not stop. Mohammad Hafeez was very cool during his half-century partnership with Sohaib Maqsood, who also gutsed it out despite poor form. They kept Pakistan in sight of the required rate and Afridi's final flourish was just about enough. Another see-saw encounter between these two storied rivals. Do stay tuned for the presentation.

Shahid Afridi: Really under pressure, didn't perform well. Hit some bad shots. "Expectations were high. We all know how importat this game was and I am glad I did it. The captain told me to take my time and I did that. Whenever we play against India it's a great occasion and I'm very happy. Gul was talking a lot with me, we wanted singles as well and we needed a hit as well. When we arrived here, our goal was to win this competition. Very important for my country and team and I want to thank Bangladeshi crowd for supporting us"

Dave: "As much as I would like it to have gone the other way, credit to Pakistan, there were chances for us to get ahead, the missed stumping by DK springs to mind, but now time for India to focus on getting the last win out the way, and hope against hope that Sri Lanka lose there next two fixtures, and Pakistan lose their final fixture"

Ashwin to Shahid Afridi, SIX runs
goes again and he has cleared the long-on boundary! Afridi has won it for Pakistan! This was off a leading edge, it looked like it was going to be swallowed at long-on but Afridi's power takes this over the ropes. And to make this even more memorable, he inadvertently kisses Junaid Khan on the cheek!
Ashwin to Shahid Afridi, SIX runs
makes room outside off and Ashwin pitches this one short. Afridi goes for a wild slog and thoguh he gets this off the very bottom of the bat, it clears the man at the deep extra cover boundary!
Ashwin to Junaid Khan, 1 run
anothe carrom ball, but this is short and allows Junaid to get off strike with and little dab towards square leg. Afridi on strike now, with the game on his shoulders

Junaid Khan is the last batsman and will be on strike

Ashwin to Saeed Ajmal, OUT
carrom ball and Ajmal's bowled around his legs! Kohli is beside himself, so is Ashwin! This was amazing flight outside leg and lures the tailender into a sweep shot, but this dips on him and turns viciously to take middle stump
Saeed Ajmal b Ashwin 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

10 needed off the last over and here's Ashwin to bowl