Player of the Match
Player of the Match
633dThe Report by Mohammad Isam

Sensational Afridi seals final berth

Ahmed Shehzad's fifth ODI century set it up, but Pakistan needed special innings from Fawad Alam and Shahid Afridi to pull off their highest chase in ODIs and book a place in the Asia Cup final, against Sri Lanka

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Best performances - Batsmen

Ahmed Shehzad
Ahmed Shehzad
103(123) 12x4 - 1x6
Control %82%
  • Productive Shot
  • cut shot on back foot
  • 23 runs
  • 3x4 - 0x6
8 8 11 18 16 10 5 27
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque
100(132) 6x4 - 4x6
Control %87%
  • Productive Shot
  • leg glance
  • 25 runs
  • 2x4 - 0x6
4 6 26 9 10 0 24 21

Best performances - Bowlers

Mominul Haque
Mominul Haque
Saeed Ajmal

Scorer: Binoy George | Commentator: Alagappan Muthu

10.15 pm Phew, another nail-biter in this Asia Cup. It's been some amazing fun, but for now we'll have to say goodbye. We know our finalists now. It will be Sri Lanka v Pakistan on Saturday. But there are a few other formalities to get done with. The first is India v Afghanistan tomorrow. Do join us then. This is Alagappan Muthu, signing off

Shahid Afridi is Man of the Match "I tried my level best to perform well. Misbah has great support and it's my type of situation and I had the licence. I was confident that 10, 10.5 an over was possibly so I took a chance. I have to congratulate Bangladesh for the score they put up. We need to do better with the ball. [Who is your batting coach] None, no one. Moin bhai supports me. I knew if I slog I will hit it because it was a very good pitch"

"He's really playing well and he's cashing into his form which is really good for us," says Misbah-ul-Haq. "Everybody knows the kind of players he is when he is in full swing and nobody can stop him. That's really encouraging, we've been playing well in chases and this will give us great confidence in the coming games and years also. We have been playing a lot of cricket here and when the ball starts going, you can't stop it. We have a world class bowling attack and even they couldn't stop it so we knew we can score 10 an over if needed. We have quite a few things in our mind. We don't want to lose the game 260 was also in our mind and we had to distribute our batsmen and that's why we changed the line-up

10.05 pm Time for the presentation. Mushfiqur Rahim says he thought after the last couple of games, we got a good start from the openers and we finished the batting well too. But when Afridi plays like that, he hit our best bowler, Shakib for three sixes in an over, there was very little we can do. They were hoping for a mis-hit and unfortunately he dropped one but thankfully he was out soon after. We bowled a few length balls at the wrong time but overall we played much better than the last few games and we can take a lot of positives from this game

10.00 pm Bangladesh will feel terribly aggrieved at not pulling this off. Their innings was also very similar in the afternoon. A solid ton from Anamul and rampant blitzes from Mushfiqur Rahim and Shakib Al Hasan took them to their highest score in ODIs. Things were looking quite good for them with the ball as well with their spinners stifling the scoring for the early part of the game. But against Shahid Afridi in that kind of form, there was very little the hosts could do

9.56 pm Umar Akmal pays tribute to Shahid Afridi by pulling out hte "star man" post. What a run chase and best of all, now no one can come and say Pakistan have no longer chased anything more than 250. It was set up by Ahmed Shehzad, who was admittedly rather slow, but he picked up the pace and completed an elegant century. And then came the whirlwing. Afridi smacked 59 off 25 balls, took the second-fastest fifty on ODIs and put Pakistan ahead. In between all that, Fawad Alam stayed composed in his comeback for Pakistan provided the foil for the destruction at the other end.

Alam thanks his family and friends. It is a big match. I'm playing for Pakistan after three and a half years. It's a big score but it was still chaseable, we thought. Bangaldesh batted well. The coach and captain said to keep wickets in hand and getting 10 runs an over is possible for us. Its my nature to play singles and doubles and my coach and captain always say dont go for a big hit and finish with singles. Then I spoke to Umar and I decided to go for it

Al-Amin Hossain to Umar Akmal, FOUR runs, slogged to the midwicket boundary and Pakistan complete their biggest chase in Pakistan history to seal a spot in the Asia Cup final! It was length, it had room outside off and it was banished

Two of two as Alam receives handshakes in the dressing room. Akmal on strike

Al-Amin Hossain to Fawad Alam, OUT, 137 kph, Alam was backing away and the bowler bowls it short and slides it across him. Looks to ramp it over third man but doesn't connect. The keeper dribbles the ball through and the bowler breaks the stumps at the other end. There was lots of height on that bouncer though, very close to being a wide

Fawad Alam run out (†Anamul Haque/Al-Amin Hossain) 74 (130m 70b 4x4 2x6) SR: 105.71

Tabrez: "You are a very one sided commentator just like ramiz raja.. Hauling praise only one team but completely ignoring the other" Technically, Bangladesh haven't had any answer in the last four overs, have they? Pakistan have made the play and they're on the brink

Al-Amin Hossain to Umar Akmal, 1 run, opens the face and carves this length ball on off stump to the sweeper in the deep
Al-Amin Hossain to Umar Akmal, no run, races down the track to whack this length ball to the next city. Made too much room to connect and Alam walks up to calm his partner down. Only three needed after all, no need for such rash strokes
Al-Amin Hossain to Umar Akmal, no run, back of a length and just outside off, guided to point.

Three runs to get to seal a spot in the final. Alam is getting a little attention after he fell on his face while completing that second run. A banner from the crowd proclaims, "Tigers, we are still with you"

49 | 10 Runs | PAK: 324/6 (3 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.61, RRR: 3.00)

  • Fawad Alam74 (69b)
  • Umar Akmal9 (5b)
  • Shakib Al Hasan10-2-53-1
  • Abdur Razzak9-0-72-1
Shakib Al Hasan to Fawad Alam, 2 runs, nudged to deep square leg and he is strong enough to run two again. There's been so many things impressive about this innings from Alam and his ability to convert ones into twos is chief among them.

Stunning strike-rates


Afridi's strike-rate today, the seventh highest for a fifty-plus innings in a chase, highest also belongs to him

Fastest fifties


No. of balls Afridi took to pass 50 today. His third half-century off 18 deliveries in ODIs

Most expensive over


The runs conceded by Shakib in his 8th over; it equalled his most expensive over in ODIs



That's Abdur Rehman's strike-rate in ODIs before this game

Half-centuries for openers


No. of ODIs in which all four openers have scored fifty-plus scores, including today

Opening woes


No. of ODIs since Pakistan has had a century stand for the first wicket

Bangladesh flying high


Number of times Bangladesh have reached 200 before losing their second wicket

More opening stats


Number of times in ODIs Bangladesh openers both scored 50+, including today, last such occurrence in 2010

How bizarre


Abdur Rehman's figures after he bowled three consecutive high full tosses and was removed from the attack