5th Match, Leicester, Jun 27 2017, ICC Women's World Cup
(29.2/29.2 ov, target 215)
ENG Women won by 107 runs (D/L method)
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6.05pm: Play has been abandoned, which means England win by 107 runs on DLS. Thanks for coming, folks! Miller has whipped up a report on proceedings and we'll be back for more later in the week. Cheerio!

5.50pm: No news is not good news in this case - the covers are on and the life force is draining out of this one. The official cut-off time is apparently an hour away but it seems likely we would need most of that just to mop up.

"Is the rule similar for women's cricket as well? 20 overs constitutes a game?" S'right, Sid. It's on (even thought it's currently off)

"Is the Pakistan woman's team as unpredictable as the mens?" wonders osman. "If so we could have a match on our hands after the target has been reduced. Otherwise I might as well get back to my job!" I'd keep pushing that pen, if I were you...

"Wow Woao!!! 377 is massive, @statsguru can you please let us know what is highest total in Womens Cricket?" Here you go, Afsar, it's in the top five. Don't even need much statsguru expertise for that one

"If play not resumed, england will win, right??" asks Vedant, before following up 30 seconds later with: "Cricinfo please Reply on my previous comment." Give us a moment, eh? But, yes, that's right

5.20pm: Still looking pretty grim in Leicester, and we're now eating into the overs. On that subject, here's Joel: "Do you know how many minutes it is per over lost?" Usually it is four in ODIs, so that would mean - roughly - we have about an hour in which to get back on.

5.05pm: Seems to be coming down pretty steadily at Grace Road, which means we can't yet begin to contemplate a restart. We will start to lose overs in about ten minutes...

Here's Morthos, possibly with a cunning plan: "'It ain't over until it's over' - well, unless the next player in to bat is the hitherto unknown (yet strangely familiar) Shahida Afridi, I think we can probably call this one."

"I am from India, nothing to do with this match but still watching and commenting just to get my comment published. At least do it now :(" Come on, Bikash Sharma, you've got to put more effort in than that... I'll give you a pass this time, but the bar has now been raised

4.35pm: We have a rain delay at Leicester, our second of the day. England are well on top, having posted a huge score and taken early wickets... but Ayesha Zafar has posted a career-best, her unflustered, unbeaten innings keeping Pakistan in with the faintest of sniffs. Hopefully the weather blows through quickly - in the meantime, why not check out the county blog, where you can follow the pink-ball games that are underway around the country.

"On any other day, PAK could be pleased with their 'take the 30 over score and double it' position," suggests graybo. Like Sunday, for instance, when there's a fair chance SA would have found 214 beyond them

"'Faintest of sniffs'," scoffs Steppingley Buc, "over 13 an over for 20 more overs is 0% on my wasp!" Now now, don't make the same mistake as CricProf - it ain't over until it's over. Even if detecting Pakistan's chances in solution might test the most optimistic homeopath.

And now the rain does return, the umpires signal for the covers and on trundles the tractor as the players head from the field. The DLS par score after 30 overs is 218 - so Pakistan some way behind that, as things stand. Looks to be fairly heavy rainfall, right now, but we have three-quarters of an hour or so to play with before we start losing overs...

Hartley to Nain Abidi, no run
tossed up on the stumps and tapped away once again
Hartley to Nain Abidi, no run
fired in from round the wicket, Abidi blocks on off stump
end of over 293 runs
PAK-W: 107/3CRR: 3.68 • RRR: 324.00
Nain Abidi23 (41)
Ayesha Zafar56 (77)
Natalie Sciver2-0-9-0
Alex Hartley6-1-13-1

"That's Ayesha Zafar's Highest odi score," points out the helpful Mubashar Rizwan

Sciver to Nain Abidi, 1 run
worked into the leg side for another single
Sciver to Nain Abidi, no run
pitched up and driven into the covers without timing
Sciver to Ayesha Zafar, 1 leg bye
slightly leg side and worked off the pads
Sciver to Ayesha Zafar, no run
fullish, driven along the ground to mid-on