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Commentator: Annesha Ghosh

That's all from us today. Hope you enjoyed the contest in the field and ESPNcricinfo's live ball-by-ball commentary. Three matches are lined up for July 5, and we will see you then. Thanks very much for keeping company.

Mithali Raj: "There were some anxious moments when we lost the top-order. One of the off days for them. The partnership between Sushma Verma and Jhulan was crucial. After we got to 160, we knew it could be anybody's game."

Sana Mir: "This has been our best bowling performance against India. As Mithali said, the last 20-30 runs we gave away helped them. Our fielding was good, Diana brings a lot of spark to the team, she is a great athlete. Nashra Sandhu, who was our best bowler in the qualifier, bowled very well. The top order played too many cross shots, and if you play those shots against disciplined bowling, then you can't do much about it."

4.50pm: Ekta Bisht bags the Player-of-theMatch award for her 5 for 18. Here's what she thinks of her five-for: "It feels good, the plan was to pile on dot balls, because we were confident of the total. I don't face much of a problem bowling with the new ball. The track spun more than it had during our game against England. Irrespective of how the pitch is, my job is to bowl and take wickets, and I hope I can continue doing that for my team."

Pawan Verma : "The beauty of this young Indian side is, they perform as a team. In first few matches, their top order clicked and backed by their bowlers and now in a crucial encounter against the arch-rivals their top order failed but lower order took them to the shore. When it mattered most their bowlers didn't disappoint today and wrapped them in a mere total. " That sums up India's performance today quite well.

Bisht gets three, oh wait, four hugs (in total) from her team-mates. The tally of hugs is lower than her haul with the ball today, though. Lots of high-fives and wide grins on display from the victors.

And there you have it, India win by 95 runs. Some great display of left-arm spin we were treated to through this match. Sadia Yousuf's 2 for 30, Nashra Sandhu's 4 for 26 were bettered by Ekta Bisht's 5 for 18.

Joshi to Sana Mir, OUT, betters the last yorker from the previous over, pitches it on the stumps, the ball swings away slightly, Mir backs away, tries to drill it off the turf, but fails to do so. The ball deflects after kissing her boots and crashes into the stumps. That's it, then

Sana Mir b Joshi 29 (82m 73b 3x4 0x6) SR: 39.72

38 | 1 Run | PAK-W: 74/9 (96 runs required from 11.5 overs, RR: 1.94, RRR: 8.00)

  • Sadia Yousuf3 (26b)
  • Sana Mir29 (72b)
  • Ekta Bisht10-2-18-5
  • Mansi Joshi6-2-9-1
Bisht to Sadia Yousuf, no run, full ball, quicker, defended
Bisht to Sadia Yousuf, no run, on middle, nothing but meticulous blocking from Sadia
Bisht to Sadia Yousuf, no run, flighted on off now, full ball, defended
Bisht to Sadia Yousuf, no run, on middle, industrious blocking on display from Sadia
Bisht to Sadia Yousuf, no run, on middle and off, blocked

PAK Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1Nahida KhanAyesha Zafar
2nd7Javeria KhanNahida Khan
3rd1Nahida KhanSidra Nawaz
4th5Nahida KhanIram Javed
5th10Nain AbidiNahida Khan
6th2Asmavia IqbalNahida Khan
7th18Sana MirNahida Khan
8th7Sana MirNashra Sandhu
9th0Sana MirDiana Baig
10th23Sana MirSadia Yousuf